Like a Butler Review


Axl’s latest galge, Like a Butler. Pretty damnned well done i would say…



here we go into the review!

Let’s start with a short overview.

The main character (Kazuki) was living alone in an apartment that is owned by his childhood friend (Kanade) . This particular childhood friend applied to go into the most prestegious school choke full of famous and rich people. Obviously she thought she didn’t get in. Especially since she lost her way while going there. But who knew it… She got in.

Here’s a problem… She needs a butler to be with her in the school. And she doesn’t like strangers being her butler. So guess what? She asked Kazuki to be her butler. He didn’t agree at first but caved in after she begged. So thereon starts his butler life.

Imma just rip pictures off getchu since im lazy about the characters.

和樹 (Kazuki) (i forgot his full name ._.)

So our unlucky main character with as usual a 鈍感 personality, when motivated he’s epic. He only has his father who is never at home.

Nothing very special here so let’s move on.

弓野 奏 (Yumino Kanade)

She’s the childhood friend type character who harbours feelings (doh) for the main character. She’s pretty timid at times… Since she’s poor, people around her in the celeb school are shocked at the way she does things.

御星 更紗 (Mihoshi Sarasa)

The queen character in this story. Extremely high pride. She’s the daughter of the Mihoshi family that owns the school. Obviously that family is filthy rich and does a lot of stuff all around the globe blah blah blah. But she’s always pretty lonely since she has no real friends.

セーラ・アップルトン (Sela/Sera Appleton) Im not sure about this ._.

Her father is the hotel king, so you can guess that she’s also rich. She loves challenging people. She’s not exactly the best in japanese so she makes cute mistakes about it. Me likes. Her personality would be…. Lively and cute? Probably. Oh and she has the best curves and bewbs in the game. NOT the reason i chose her i swear. No rly.

秋津原 瑞穂 (Akitsuhara Mizuho)

The maid character =D. She’s working for a very traditional japanese family (you know those that take katanas while walking around and wears those traditional clothes). She’s practically perfect as a maid. She does have a darker side, eg. telling her master to die with a smiling face. But she hides many secrets. Not going to reveal them here but she’s prolly the cutest character in this game.

笠置 霧子 (Kasagi Kiriko)

This one is actually a teacher ._. Well she’s also a maid though. She’s ummm… a bit dumb. Kinda. Carries around weapons (wtf) and threatens people who she think are dangerous (even students ._.). Sometimes seen when running away from the police in the school (lol). She’s pretty mysterious though… Nothing about her background is said in the story (dammit)

So there goes the short intro of the characters.

let’s move on to the system

It has a interactive main screen which means every time you complete the particular girl’s route, the character will be coloured in the main screen. Too bad I completed mine. If i hadn’t it’ll all be black white characters =D

And there are cute chibi versions of the characters appearing sometimes. Choices are nothing special… Though this game actually has bad ends so failing IS an option.

So now for the actual review. I don’t believe in giving points. Only what i felt about it will be written =D.

1) The routes were interesting to say the least. They should have extended Kiriko’s route though.

2) Contains a LOT of comedy as usual from AXL’s games. Just playing this made my day a lot better.

3) AXL’s style has not changed one bit (it’s a good thing) and is as unique as ever.

4) The existance of bad ends. Since life doesn’t always go the way you want does it.

5) There are extra line arts after you complete the game

6) Voices were sounded pretty good and conversations weren’t boring at all.

7) Background was done very well no complaints there.

8) Music isn’t bad though it’s nothing too special.

9) H scenes were all right but since this isn’t exactly an eroge focusing on ero content so I won’t really say too much.

Conclusion. Play this if you like romance comedies. Or if you’re an AXL fan. Or if you’re trying to find an above average galge.

So some screenies from the game.

6 thoughts on “Like a Butler Review

  1. Another title added to my ever expanding backlog.(>_>) I suprisingly have never played AXL’s games so I’m not too sure what their style is apart from the art.

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