So after a ridiculously long time… (i’ve been playing too much monster hunter frontier with my friends >.>) I finally COMPLETED the whole of DEVILS DEVEL CONCEPT.

So heres the not so lengthy cause im lazy review of it.

Official sitey


Im not sure if all of you out there know Akatsuki works. The only famous eroge they made was rui wa tomo o yobu. It contained a very good storyline and i started to check if akatsuki made any other new works after it. DEVILS DEVEL CONCEPT was the next work.

As you all can see from the video it’s a dark eroge… Much more than everything else they have done before. And it contains a SHITLOAD of fantasy and terms that will make your head spin around.

Let’s start with the story.

The world is nothing so different from ours. Just that it has a side that no normal humans know about it. Devils appear into the world time after time, seeking something. Obviously they kill humans too when they want to eat. So the only actual resistance is from Enjyas (im not sure if this is a short form for agents) . They are humans who have some form of weapon which is the same as devils. Both devils and enjyas share a hatred towards each other. It’s in their blood.

The main guy in this story is neither enjya nor devil. He is something else altogether. He comes from what they call the oldest and thickest bloodline from the originator. He’s so strong that he can probably take on an army of enjyas and still come out alive. He kills devils at night when he can’t sleep bacause that is his contract with “her”. He cannot ignore the contract nor can he break it.

Enjyas and Devils fight in a “branch world”, someplace similar to the current world but only people with the powers can go there. It is almost the same as what 11eyes portrays, a world with practically only red and black as the color.

Moving on to a girl’s route will show what connections he has with her, her powers and her problems.

Nothing really much to say since the routes are pretty damned diverse ranging from personal problems to death ._.

So on to the characters (just a word that most of them don’t have CG of what they originally look like so probably some of them look a bit different from getchu)

時雨 楚良 (Shigure Sora)


The main character. He is in a way “broken” as he says it. He’s doesn’t understand most of the human emotions… e.g. love. Even with his extradinary power, he’s doesn’t care anything about the world, people’s life or anything else really. He just lives on. To him the world is made up of only evil. He lives alone, his parents were killed by an enjya. His body is also compatible with any enjya. That means if he has sex with the enjya, the sex would probably be better than any she had or will ever have.

天津 伽那多 (Amatsu Kanata)


The seitokaichou oh the school Sora is going to. Also the same class as he is. Beautiful and cunning is what i’ll describe her as. She harbours feelings for Sora. She is also the only one who really confessed to Sora. She’s an enjya.

向日 未空 (Mukou Misora)


A teacher. Sora has known her for quite some time. Her big boobs are prolly her best asset (lol). Her cooking is apparently extremely good. She is also an enjya working for “houjou” (a group) and her current mission is to keep watch over Sora.

七祇 紅音 (Nanagi Akane)


(left Akane right Akari)

She’s childhood friends with Sora. She loves only sora and ignores affection from anyone else. She’s  member of the Kendou club in school but she actually knows much more on the sword than what the club can teach. She’s an enjya with a considerable amount of power.

七祇 紅莉 (Nanagi Akari)

Sora knows little about her existence since she hasn’t been in contact with him much. She is the twin sister of Akane.

美波 睦月 (Minami Mutsuki)


She’s apparently petite (reasons will be shown if you play her route) but she’s older than Sora. Also Sora’s sex friend. She’s very cute IMO XD. She also hold a considerable amount of power since she used to be in the special team working for “houjou”. She quit due to an event that is related to Sora.

粟生野 鳴 (Aono Mei)


She only appears in the secret route and is the mysterious character. But her existance itself breeds more battle than any other route. The way she speaks is also very cute.

So here’s the system.

One of the most helpful things in this game is prolly the glossary. Some descriptions even have pictures!

This is like the most important function in this game cause there are a LOT of terms used and unless you have ridiculous memory, this function saves your mind from getting confused every 2 seconds.


Text wise it’s a lot like G senjou no maoh. Both long full screen passages and the classic 1/5 screen text.



I like the choices since they actually bothered to design the choice menu. Choices in this game are relatively easy but im pretty sure bad ends exist. I only hit one bad end though.


The sounds and music were all right at first to me. But in the secret route, that’s the place where it was really good. If only they put more work to the other routes ._.

Uhhh about the H scenes… Well let’s just say there’s a LOT of them. I think Kanata had 10 +. That to me is A LOT.

Ohhh and before i forget if you ever play this, remember to update it because version 1.00 has a LOT of problems. I updated after i FINISHED the game ._.

Conclusion: Play this if,

1) you like dark themed games

2) you like really fantasy storylines

3) you like superpowers

4) you like confusing yourself

5) you need to fap on something that has a decent story.

I enjoyed it but I probably will never replay it. It’s a touch and go thing.

A few screens…








8 thoughts on “DEVILS DEVEL CONCEPT Review

    • To be absolutely honest, I’m not a fan of Dark translations since the translator takes cash before he starts on a project.

      That isn’t passion for the eroge.

  1. Interesting…
    MC seems a lot like Dexter Morgan from the (Western) TV Series Dexter.
    I wants it.
    And Accany, you can afford to not like DT, but I love him, mainly because he tls a lot faster than most people. And seriously, he’s put so much time into this while he could have been making a lot more money actually working. Just that, I feel, makes it fair for him to ask for money. Basically, I don’t care where the translation comes from, as long as it comes and I can get it. And at least he doesn’t charge everyone who wants the patch…

  2. I’ve never played the game and im trying to find out how to download it but ive discovered this character Nanashi, shes very cute and im even concidering doing the cosplay of her….can you tell me more about her?

  3. Is this still in progress of translation? I saw on some website that this translation was dropped and I really hope that it isn’t the case.

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