Flyable Heart Review

Yes people I have once again finished another galge (ZOMG).

So in the meantime since there are no releases for now I thought of writing up another review. (still wondering if i should take up つくしてあげるのに!!PLUS to pass the time… Any recommendations?)



Im pretty sure most of you know what unison shift/softpal (i don’t get why the names are different)  have done before…  Their most famous work is probably Nanatsuiro Drops. Followed by the more recent Alice parade, ChuxChu and Unity arrange. This time it still keeps up the standard (except for one route which i really can’t forgive).

So let’s go on to the story.

The main character this time around, is a HUGE eater. He got a brochure about a particularly special (as in amazingly good) school and also, he got admission to the school. Which means he could transfer. More importatntly the only reason he went there is because the canteen is free flow… At first there were problems regarding his transfer, but they allowed him to continue and he became a part of the seitokai or school council. He also lives in the ryourankai female dorm because there’s no room for a sudden student transfer to live in. He lives with a robot btw.

Little did he know what is in store for him… Robots, ghosts and huge ass ridiculous school events. (btw nanatsuiro characters makes a cameo appearance… watch out for it.) There is also a huge problem surrounding the main character himself.

So here we have the characters… (for more information you can go to the character’s page in the official site… They have something like a long composition about the character ._.)

葛木 晶 ( Katsuragi Syo)

Your average kind guy main character. This time he has the ability to eat eat and eat. Bottomless pit as I call it. There are a lot of things that get messy about his life in the later stages but you gotta dig them up not me =D.

稲羽 結衣 (Inaba Yui)



She’s probably the bright girl, sunny whatever girl in this galge. Share the same passion to eating as Syo… She loves samurais and… her greatest wish is to have a chonmage?… don’t ask me why… i don’t get it either lol. Same class as Syo.

皇 天音 (Sumeragi Amane)



Tsuntsun deredere princess… Sister of the really annoying seitokaichou. She’s also the daughter of the uhhhh i think they call it headmistress(im not very good with school terms). Well she does everything a tsundere does… and more. She does amazing kicks and stuff (with panty shots). She is also the head of the ryourankai (does calculations of money and stuff me not sure). Also the same class as Syo.

水無瀬 桜子 (Minase Sakurako)



(sorry for the ummm almost nude photo… I had a hard time finding one that she has her clothes on and looks good… The others had spoilers ._.)

She’s  kind of not active but refined and kind. The kind that believes whatever you say lol. Usually seen together with Mayuri. In any case she doesn’t have many friends and is very very happy to have met Syo. She’s in the ryourankai.

白鷺 茉百合 (Shirasagi Mayuri)



Senpai character. She’s refined and intelligent. Usually seen together with Sakurako. She and Sakurako together are the flowers of the school. I can only tell you she’s not what she seems. But her route i hated most. Not cause of what happened but because of how it ended. Totally unacceptable.

九条 くるり (Kujou Kururi)



A total genius. One year younger than Syo. She has a lot of weird inventions. She also invented the robot that lives with the members of the dorm. When angered she has the ability to shoot beams with the machines that may or may not be connected with her head gear. Also quite the tsundere.

雪代 すずの (Yukishiro Suzuno)



A really really clumsy girl. She apparently is sick and haven’t gone to class until one day where Syo noticed her. She’s really pure and shy. For some reason only 2 people besides from Syo who can see her. She thinks she’s a  “ghost”.

Sooo that conclues the intro of the characters…..

Let’s get on with the system.

The starting menu background changes sometimes if you move to a screen and go back to the title screen…



Like so…

Also there is the profile data page where it updates after you finish some part of the story and it adds to the facts you have collected. Im gonna show you the least interesting person since the others are all totally unlocked… Spoilers ftl.


Nothing really special about the talk system except that there are a lot of moving effects that is pretty close to what tapestry did.


Now for the choices… They are pretty well defined except for some parts of the story where there’s a “event” chapter going on. In those chapters you can hit a dead end. And i will say those choices are pretty nonsensical lol. But there will be a restart screen asking you to restart so no biggie.


They also have something really cute called the SDCG which is not the event CG but the all the cute and funny cgs that are kinda like the chibi versions.


H scenes were pretty well done but again they aren’t the focus of this galge…

Music was hilarious at times but I really like the piano pieces used in this galge… They fit really well.

One really lol thing is whenever something realy bad is happening… It rains ._.

What I thought about this galge was that it’s hilarious, really fun to play and quite the surprise maker. I was totally unaware of something like that will happen in the ending. It was quite some ride to the end and I suggest you not stop the story even if you didn’t like some routes. Play it to the end. You’ll be surprised.

So… Play this if you…

1) Like surprises

2) Like funny galges

3) Like to play a galge with elements of fantasy

4) are trying to find a very decent eroge.

So here are the screenies:








13 thoughts on “Flyable Heart Review

  1. Wow it’s amazing how you’ve already completed this 3 days after its been released, I’ve only just got to my first route (well I have been slacking off I guess lol).

    As for recommendations how about trying one of Lump of Sugar’s games (Itsusora is recommended) as I’ve heard that Lump of Sugar is a sister brand of akabeisoft2 and I’ve heard great things about their games.

  2. Yeah but I have never really been interested in Canvas games…since i was bored i just sat through 3 routes on my third day lol…
    Itsusora…  itsusora…. ZOMG I REMEMBER THAT… I played it for one day and I quit because something else got released and never went back to it lol…. XD

  3. You, play, too, fast..
    Give me your free time!
    Well, I guess it’s a risk for a working man who still wants to keep along to play these kind of games on his free time. But looking at your speed really make me jealous. >_<

  4. Uhhh…. I am working as an intern now XD… but hey i play in all my other free times (no i don’t pub nor make out nor date or anything).
    Wouldn’t say galges have ruined my life though… I finally found something which I actually like and can stick to. All the other times i was just jumping through different stuff trying to keep my bored self interested.

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