How do you play your vns?

I’ve been wondering about this since I got the info that one of my friends only play eroges at night ._.

Personally i play it with beer + my Beyer DT880 with dac and amplifyers (im a sound whore as much as a graphic whore) . No time limit though… I play it anytime any day.

What is your playstyle?

4 thoughts on “How do you play your vns?

  1. Hmm, I play it on the bed with my laptop on top of my lap which is way more relaxing than sitting in front of the desk although my lap does get hot from the heat of the laptop lol.

  2. I play during the afternoon or late evening when I’m alone, with headphones. I don’t like people watching when I play anything nor do I disturb others. Just a glass of water and a nice comfy chair.

  3. @momochi wow laptop… you should try playing with a macbook pro on your lap… I think it’ll act as a hot water bottle ._.

    @micchi comfy chairs are nice =D

  4. i play in the office of my father so you know my reason about being a slow reader YES!!! and my setup is the standard office PC only with 1.5 GB of ram

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