How in the world did you learn your Japanese?



Ok rubbish over.

So how did you guys learn to read jap. I mean there are countless of ways to learn the language and different motives.

Mine was actually pretty pathetic. I watched anime for an entire year (that’s 400+ series.) And somehow I can understand jap by listening to it. Then I moved on to eroges and started reading. Since there were voices and I know chinese it was pretty easy.

You know now that i think about it… The main reason i learnt japanese was to play eroges……………………………………………….. 駄目人間。。。。。。ま。。。自覚ありますけど。。。XD

Oh and i forgot to mention. RYOU IS MINE. MINE. ALL MINESSSSSSSS. *turns off high switch* back to W.L.O.

6 thoughts on “How in the world did you learn your Japanese?

  1. Hmm… Well, I started learning it independently in HS, then followed it up with classes through university. I guess reading manga was part of the original reason. It helps anime, manga, eroge, games and whatever, but using these sources isn’t the best way to learn the language. If you wish to be proficient at it, the best way is to talk/write with Japanese people. Knowing Chinese also helps a lot.

    That being said, I mostly use my knowledge for random anime-related stuff nowadays (aka eroge). I still got a lot more vocabulary to learn.

  2. @Micchi…. Taking classes are always good………… I never really liked taking them though cause they cost money >.>……
    I keep thinking about how many figurines i can buy with the money and in the end i never bothered to really learn the language through someone teaching XD

  3. Well, everything I know of Japanese I learned on my own via books etc… but I definitely need to study much much much much more, in last few month my learning process has kinda halted 😦

  4. My Japanese still pretty much sucks – and I don’t have the advantages of know Chinese either – I’m from north-east Europe. Though I am trying really hard to learn it – I kind of feel slow. I mean, why couldn’t one progress faster, right? ^^;

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