Princess Party ~プリンセスパーティー~ Review

Cough. Yes. Record time i know. This is why i love good Fridays (ignoring the fact I was born on Good friday). Holidays = galgaming.

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Pretty decent game from Circus (screw DC already dammit) this time round. Short, sweet and funny galge.

Anyone else hates DC here. Cause I do. But sometimes Circus does pull off decent stuff and Princess Party can be considered one of them. There were a few flaws but all in all it was a pretty good experience.


The story starts off with the usual protagonist Yuuji going to school as a transfer student. He (unfortunately) meets a drunk loli under a huge sakura tree. She blabbles on and some jokes were cracked here and there. Then he realises…. She’s his teacher >.> . Loli teacher ftw?

There’s a lot of content after this which is best you read the story for yourself. I’ll summarise the middle part. He meets the student council president who somehow thought he was playing with the loli teacher’s feelings and forced him to work under her.

One day, a crappy speech was made by the principal about celebrating the history of the school. Suddenly, the school EXPLODED. WHEEEEE. More accurately it was blasted by almost every type of weapo non earth. A new school was dropped from the sky by helis. A girl wearing the school uniform walks in and says “私こと白凰院綾香が、本日発令します今日から “青春禁止”です” Holy effing crap. What will happen next?

Interesting starting point lol.

The story in this game is pretty interesting and there are a few dramatic moments. Prety good for a short galge like this. Don’t expect anything too deep from this galge though.

Character Teim

(i know it’s wrong spelling ok?)

白凰院 綾香 (Hakuoen Ayaka)


Not exactly your average really really rich and powerful girl character. Same class as Yuuji. She does everything her way. When she sees something she doesn’t like, she’ll ban it. For example she banned big breasts once. Oh and also childhood friends lol. Hilarious. But she’s cute and takes battles with Yukari seriously. She doesn’t mind using all the stuff in her arsenal though… Which means tanks her SP force and even the police ._. She doesn’t read the atmosphere though.

鬼咲 ゆかり (Onisaki Yukari)


She’s the president of the student council. Does come from a rather rich family (she has a maid so pretty obvious there). Tsundere. Nuff said. Golden hair, twintails Tsundere. Fetish time. One year younger than Yuuji. She totally detests Ayaka since Ayaka is taking over (more like taken over) the school. Always gets into battles with her. Somewhat skilled with a sword. She’s also pretty dangerous =D

坂上 沙夜 (Sakagami Saya)


Yukari’s maid. She’s doesn’t really show much emotion but can be really funny at times. She always tries to stop Yukari from challenging Ayaka with little success. She’s pretty much perfect. Her swordsmanship is better than Yukari’s. She has a dark past though.

厳島 絵梨 (Itsukushima Eri)


The childhood friend. As you can see she has the biggest boobs in this galge. A very very my pace person and seems to be somewhat slow on the uptake. She’s older than Yuuji by one year but because of some reaons she’s studying in the same year as him. She seems to like eating. And cooking.

So on with the system.


Not sure about you but personally I feel that the text box is bigger for this galge than the others. Just a feeling though. Nothing special about the text though.


The choices IMO were straightforward. And there wasn’t really many choices (thank god). So you can’t really go wrong here.


Music was pretty good, some tracks caught my attention.


Not that many Cgs since it’s short but there were quite a few funny ones and there were SD ones too.


There are also chapter transition screens which begin with a bad drawing


and then turns to a penguin’s summary of the chapter


There was a decent amount of H scenes for it’s length. 3 I think was the usual count. Were pretty decently written at least. Won’t turn you off XD.

Last Word

So if you want a short and funny galge to pass the time take this up. If you plan on playing a long one I suggest W.L.O. Princess Party wasn’t bad nor was it very good, but it has it moments. Romance and hilariousness was the focus of this galge at least.

Screenie Teim





6 thoughts on “Princess Party ~プリンセスパーティー~ Review

  1. “She’s older than Yuuji by one year but because of some reaons she’s studying in the same year as him. She seems to like eating. And cooking.”

    She tried to walk/swim across to school, which resulted in her being absent for the whole year which meant she had to redo her school year.

    But wow you went through it fast.

  2. @Algester: I don’t think you should buy this… I mean it’s pretty short for a galge… Unless you have very little time to play and can make this game drag for ages, I really don’t think you should buy this.

    @Warum: Uhhh… I didn’t write the reason cause I wanted people to play it… Kinda like a joke spoiler you know XD.

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