聖剣のフェアリース Review

Soooo………………. It’s been a long time since i’ve played something so…. hardcore.

Not that im complaining much.

Official site



I do think this opening is done very very well…

Rawr so on with the review.

In case any of you do not know, 聖剣のフェアリース is made by Littlewitch Velvet which is probably a branch off Littlewitch (not too sure). They are most well known for their unique art. If anyone is searching for another game by them, I would recommend Quartett!. It’s very much well written.

Ok so no moar small talk.


You start off as Narumi, a teacher in an all girl’s school. He teaches history, one of the most boring subject on earth (no offence). His cute not blood related imouto, Yuri, is also studying in the same school.


He goes home with his cute imouto one day as usual. After Yuri went her own way into the dorm, he heads back to his house. Out of no fucking where, a monster springs out and attacks him. The first blow narrowly misses him. As the 2nd one comes down, he braces for the impact. But the blow didn’t fall. Instead, one of his students, Chizuru, appeared blocked off the attack with a long katana. After she finished her job with the monster, she was ordered by a man beside her to kill Narumi.


And then it happened. A car skids to his rescue and out comes a small petite golden haired and extremely cute girl comes out waving a huge ass 2h sword (Ingrid). Caught in the middle of their fight, Narumi fails to escape. Then he sees Yuri running towards him. He calls out to her to run away. She ignores and moves forward. The mysterious man orders Chizuru to kill Yuri. As Chizuru swings her sword towards Yuri and all hope seems lost, a sword appeared from Yuri’s hands and warded off the attack. What will happen next? Find out yourself lazy people.

This was pretty surprising for me as I didn’t expect a game that focuses on ero (a lot) actually has a pretty decent story. There were twists and turns along the way, especially in Ingrid’s route. Story plays quite an important role in this eroge so do read and not skip.


So on with the characters



雪輪 成深 (Yukiwa Narumi)

Go to getchu if you wanna see him better. Cause I don’t. Lucky bastard. So like i said. He teaches History. Your same old same old good guy. He, however, does have a stigmata which is called the grand claw. Apparently he’s stigmata can do quite a lot of useful stuff. Including him giving more gunosis which i will explain later. Just think of it as an excuse for him being able to the fuck the girls for now.


小花川 ゆり (Kobanakawa Yuri)

Imouto character. She loves origami. A lot. Happy and a bit uhhhh slow. Follows Narumi around A LOT.  She has one of the most powerful sword in existance, Georgius. But it does more than just pew pew. It lets her kinda have a future sight when battling. And other wonderful stuff. =P. She and Narumi share the same dark past that they can’t shake off.


九澄 千鶴 (Kuzumi Chizuru)

Pretty dangerous picture but since nothing is shown im crossing my fingers that it won’t be considered 18+.  She’s the tsundere (well I consider one at least.) in this game. She seems quite cold to everone at first but softens after a contact (ice cream!). Or you can portray her as the cool character. In any case she is also very proficient in fighting. The main skill of her sword, Simeon,  is to be able to slice. Anything. It also blasts lightning. My favourite character =D


イングリット (Ingrid)

Your really cute and really lovable golden haired loli. She doesn’t have any memories before 10 years ago. She was found in the ruins with her sword. She also doesn’t have any stigmata which is needed to actually be able to link with the sword, Swedenborg (and the guardian but whatever).  She’s really active and reallly curious (about sex yes). About the cat ears… they are apparently her hair. In any case her sword is epicly big. Her specialty is making illusions of herself in fights.


Now this is going to be lonnnnnngg. The system is very lonnngggggg.


Let’s start with the bars on the left. First one is the level. Level 5 is the max. You have to have a character hit level 5 before turn 20 or you’ll lose.

2nd column is the Energy. Sex needs energy you know. If one of them runs out of it (like my Yuri) you either have the take a rest or go fuck another girl(e.g. Chizuru) to let her recover some energy.

3rd one is Gunosis (i think). It’s the power needed to use the sword power. Only Narumi has the ability to increase their Gunosis and the fastest way is thru sex.

4th is the requirement for the next level.


Here’s what happens when you right click. It zooms in. If you’re wondering why I don’t have any bars, I closed them just to let you have a better view.


And when you click one of the round spots, something like this will come up. Notice the + signs on the Energy and Gunosis. They tell you how much the other characters recover if you choose that particular scene.


And here’s something extra.This is a combined sex option. You need to clear some required points before you can get it. FYI there are 3 3p scenes and one 4p scene.


In case you don’t get it here’s a Haruna explanation =D


I like the text box. Not too obscuring. The characters also blink (i like that) after a while.

Also the auto system is changed by pressing ctrl. It’ll go from X1 all the way to X32. Pretty nice.


Music is the usual littlewitch style… Classical touch. Me like. Especially the ending song. Damned. Effing good.

Can’t show the choices cause… all the choices are either uhhh inside or outside. You should know what i mean.

H scenes were incredibly varied. You have everything from SM to continuous sex. Just collecting all of the scenes gave me a headache. They were all well done (i mean it’s littlewitch ._.).

Last Word

As i’ve said from the start, this eroge focuses a LOT on ero. If you can’t take it I suggest you don’t play it. Though I think it’ll just be an attract factor to most of the people.

All in all I do think it’s a great eroge, if only it doesn’t focus THAT much into ero. The system and Cgs just make it even better. Some people may give this a miss but personally im glad that I played this.








5 thoughts on “聖剣のフェアリース Review

  1. Hmm, the story looks quite interesting… though you said repeatedly that it focuses much on ero… Hope it won’t come too disturbing. I still haven’t got the whole idea of eroges yet… though I’m slowly growing to like ’em. And the thing is – I really can’t read in Japanese yet – well, kana is fine but kanji is pretty much a no-no.

    More to the topic – a nice review, you teased us well. 😀 And thanks for the screenies.

  2. @ragnar: yeah it’s focusing mostly on ero so… Best to let people know. Not sure about this but you can probably use agth or whatever it is called to play it with translation I think… Uhh Algester would be bettar at explaining it.

  3. …. i did tell you <_< seriously i know games that i have lurked in my current life for the sake of lulz and info leech

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