暁の護衛 Review

This is a pretty unique title IMO. Not exactly the best but unique in some ways.




They all look yummy... *NOM*

Now…. I’ll be honest. Im not familiar with this company so I can’t really say much about it. Their only previous work 僕と極姉と海のYear!! didn’t really catch my eye nor anyone I’ve asked. This however is unique (not shitting you) because of mainly the main character and also the reversed roles of the typical bodyguard and the person guarded that are usually present in galges/eroges of this sort. Let’s go deeper.


A little more and we can see eett......


The story starts with Kaito witnessing a girl getting kidnapped. Then he goes on a reroll 2 weeks back in time. He was going to school as usual with his usual retardedly funny bunch of friends. it was the last day and all the would be bodyguards were getting assigned to some girl they have to guard. 24/7 yes. And they’re all rich girls. In any case because Kaito is a little….. different I should say, he didn’t get assigned one. Not being assigned one after 2 weeks, he readies himself to quit school or bodyguarding and go his own way.


He haz sad lifez

The problem in on his way walking through the streets, he sees this girl (we go back to the starting yes) getting kidnapped. She get’s crammed into a car in broad daylight and got driven off. Kaito chases after the car into their hiding place and beats the shit out of them. The girl, impressed, wants to hire him as her bodyguard. He refused but she only made one phone call and all the paperwork about him quitting school got destroyed. He was cornered (in various ways as she’s really evil =D) and in the end he gave in. From there on starts his incredible bodyguarding life.

The endings IMO were not very satisfying (that’s why they have the FD probably). They did a god job with hiding the pasts and revealing them slowly so that it’ll pique your interest. The fighting scenes however are NOT interesting and usually ends with the enemy being shit scared peeing in his pants and begging for mercy. This probably adds to Kaito’s personality of being a downright thug but it’s not exactly the best personality you could have lol =/.

There were quite a lot of unanswered questions that you’ll practically kill to have answered and they left it HANGING there. Also there are some questions they brought up midway in the story which were also never answered. There is however no best route in this galge (ok tsuki’s my fav) and there is  no true end. So yeah… You get what I mean.

Character teim

Im looking down on you. Literally.

朝霧 海斗 (Asagiri Kaito)

One look from the cg and you can tell how he is. He hates bothersome stuff. He’s really strong but never reveals his real strength to others. Hides a dark past. He does actually has a kind soul but hides it outside his uncaring exterior. 何?

二階堂 麗華 (Nikaidou Reika)

The girl who Kaito is supposed to protect as a bodyguard. She’s smart. No rly. Also a tsundere (dah). She hates bodyguard’s since they always intrude into her private space. Apparently she thinks Kaito doesn’t though. She loves studying (<—— impossible for me). Also has an extreme complex about her small breasts. Don’t worry though. She isn’t exactly completely flat. Her family is… uhhhh… No idea what they do but they’re considered really wealthy. She is also the older sister of the two. The colors are wonderful on this one.

二階堂 彩 (Nikaidou Aya)

Younger sister of the twins. She’s quite different from Reika. In anycase if you can’t diffretiate between the two just look at the busts. Back on topic, she’s the cute and kind type. She seems to have a hidden otaku side to her. She’s also somewhat shy and a lot more timid than her older sister. That said, it seems like she unknowingly/knowingly makes her sister angry by aplogising about her bust being big. Hilarious stuff. I havez star! You do nawt!

倉屋敷 妙 (Kurayashiki Tae)

She’s the lively 馬鹿. No really. She’s dumb. But energitic. So energeticly dumb. Anyway, she considers Reika as her greatest rival. So you can guess their relationship. Also has a weird bodyguard, a cyborg/android. She’s pretty uhhh ドジ but you can’t bring yourself to hate her really. She’s that kind of character. Her family pushes the boundaries of technological development. But because of that, Tae has been alone quite a lot since her mother is always researching in her lab/office/wherever.
Unfortunately this broom doesn't fly......

ツキ (Tsuki)

She’s the maid leader in the Nikaidou mansion. She’s a freak when it comes to cleaning. Nuff said. Her emotions are really hard to read since she never really shows any or just fake her emotions. She is somewhat more attached to Kaito though since she talks to him (even though they only talk about rubbish). No one knows the kanji to her name. She hides many mysteries. I’ll leave it to you to find out. I like her hair. *Sniffs*

神崎 萌 (Kanzaki Moe)

FINALLY SOMEONE CALLED MOE. Jokes aside, she’s not really moe in the normal sense. She the kind where she only talks when she has to. Also eats a damned lot. She’s really strong when it comes to fighting.And yes she has big boobs. She is somewhat the slow kind where you talk and you get answers 2 seconds later. Her family I have no idea but it seems that they hold considerable power.

System Teim

So you got your text box. Actually I like this text box. It doesn’t obsruct your view, doesn’t feel weird in the design sense and it has all the neccesary buttons. Choices
Don’t be fooled by this screen. Some of the choices are actually hideiously pointless. But they do make you laugh.  Probably the whole point really =D

A total of 100 Cgs. Pretty decent for a game like this.

ang10 nothing too special in the music corner. Pretty typical soundtracks. H choices?
I was puzzled at first by the way they presented the H scenes. You get something like this after you get to the 2nd H scene. You get to choose A pattern or B pattern, each leading to different sex positions but nothing really changed in the story. Kinda pointless to me… Just lump them all together IMO ._.

Last Word

This galge is actually pretty interesting. Be warned though that it is not very rewarding in the end and there are a few loopholes here and there in the story. Knowing you guys you’ll probably finish one route and quit =/. They didn’t write the story long enough to satisfy me. I do hope that there will be some story in the FD. Since it’s supposed to make up for all the questions this galge posed in the end and NEVER answered.

Screenie Teim

ang12 ang141 ang13 ang15 ang16

3 thoughts on “暁の護衛 Review

  1. apparently almost all of the characters here are influential families for example the twins as we know has a zaibatsu family business as for Moe her dojo if one of the well known in the city as for the rest its up there already so yeah

  2. and i forgot to mention that kaito no matter how twisted his past is he is just one of “the shit” (otacon’s term for snake) yeah hes badass

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