マジスキ~Marginal Skip~ Review

Cough. Unfortunately my internet was down this few days and so I couldn’t post anything.

The ISP in my country is really terrible. After telling me to do the exact same thing for 1 hour he then told me he’ll be sending a technician over. Something I told him from the start =_=

In any case enough of my misfortunes. I know you guys aren’t interested in it.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Moonstone

Scenario = 呉

Artist = Mitha、ひなた睦月、稲垣みいこ、伊東ライフ

Genre = Magical School Life Romance (yes i just invented this genre =_=)

What’s so special = Talking animals, A lot of animated magic, Cool effects, 16:9, Nice and unexpected twists in the story


Not sure if you guys know this but im not exactly a fan of magic themed galges because they tend to make the story of the galge really unreal and somewhat irritating. It’s just my opinion so if you’re like an absolute fan of magic, uhhhh don’t kill me T.T

Oh and mouse over the pictures to look at the titles lol XD


I haven’t been looking at Moonstone much since it isn’t like what im really looking for. At least that was the reason. Im pretty sure most of you have at the very least heard of the titles they have made. Stuff like Gift and Clear.

From what I heard they seem to love the fantasy theme a lot. But this time, they really outdid themselves with this galge. Really.


*Blush* (don't puke yet -_-)

So you start off as Takayuki (young version). It’s night and there’s a full moon. A young girl is beside him. She’s leaving.  So being the f***ed up kind guy he is, he made a promise to her that he’ll save her whenever she’s in trouble. Then she disappears through the tree (yggdrasil).



After a few years, Takayuki is going to school as usual with his 3 osananajimis, his non blood related sister, his next door childhood friend and the childhood friend that saved his life. Everything is as usual. Not too far away, the tree shimmers and a portal opens. Out comes four girls. One of them resembles the girl Takayuki has made the promise with years ago.

Well that’s just a very sad verson of the prologue but hey im no good at translating  anyway =_=

That said, this game’s story is pretty well written and there were plenty of twists I didn’t expect. BUT be ready for a very confusing and fantastical ride. This galge dosen’t just have magic. It also have stuff like time leaps and robots. Be ready because this game practically defies reality. Not a bad thing but there are people who don’t really like stuff like these.

You gotta admit the biggest loophole is probably that all the girlss are his osananajimis. I mean they have all met him when they were young and have somewhat interacted with him.

The routes are all pretty detailed and go through all the past you need and should know. They did a good job explaining and at confusing stages they have diagrams to help you. But since there isn’t a secret route, you can just go for whichever girl you want and quit.

I don’t have any problems at all with the stories since they planted the seeds of the routes early and curiosity is already piped at the prologue. You don’t really have to worry about the story being boring. It isn’t.

Personally im gonna tell you to take shiela’s route first since her route explains almost everything at first so you can get the whole idea about the magic and different world stuff.

So we got a good fantasy story going on but what makes marginal skip special? That is of course the animation. But let’s get to know the chars first.











Your typical main character. Kind to the point you could puke and seriously 鈍感. As usual he has a dark past which resulted into him being this way. He’s the vice president of the student council.

I like the sea more than the girl


シェーラ=エル・エリス (Sheila El Elise)

The girl that met with Takayuki when he was young. The princess of the magic world 神魔界.  She’s cute and just a little わがまま. She’s very proficient in magic. After the prologue she studies in the same class as Takayuki. The reason she came to the current world is to meet Takayuki. Her route is probably the most interesting and the one with the most effects. Talk about being biased. Oh and she’s goddamned scary when she’s angered.

















ニースライト・ヒースラヴァー (Neithright Heithlover)

Sheila’s sister. One year younger. She used to be a princess too but because of some issues, her parents divorced and she’s now a normal girl. She’s not active ad avoids talking to people more than she should (Excluding Takayuki). More of an introvert. She gets jealous very fast and very easily. Then she’ll go on tsun mode. Also really scary when angered. Since her name is really long, everyone calls her Ni-su.



宮崎 由紀菜 (Miyazaki Yukina)

She has known Takayuki from young. Yukina is an orphan and she lives (at least in the prologue) in an orphanage. She has apparently “saved” Takayuki when he was young (more than once) and so she always claim that she’s Takayuki’s 命の恩人. She works in ラヴァージュ・デ・クール a cafe managed by Kanade’s mother. She lives next door to Takayuki after the prologue and goes to the same class as he does. Likes wearing a straw hat.

I'll hit that.


天津 冬子 (Amatsu Touko)

Idol/Osananajimi. One year older than Takayuki. She’s the head of the student council. Her idol name is Amatsu Risa. She hides her identity(i have no idea HOW) by wearing specs. She’s quite the tsundere type. Never honest with what she says XD. She’s like the older sister type of osananajimi. She’s really popular as she’s the lead singer of the group “Date Course”.

I'll go to jail for that.


御狭霧 かなで (Misagiri Kanade)

Loli ALERT! Takayuki lives with her family because his parents have both passed away. Unfortunately they aren’t blood related. She’s one year younger than Takayuki. Takayuki treats her as a little sister but it’s pretty obvious she has feelings for him. Calls Takayuki Onnichan. She’s also very much wanted by the guys in her school.

Sub Charas




リッタ (Ritta)

Sheila’s Tsukaima. She’s rash, crazy and quite dumb. Loves eating. Not much of a support character but she is the source of quite some jokes. Tosuku loves bullying her.

Loli Hawt


トスク (Tosuku)

Ni-su’s  tsukaima. She usually acts neutral but with your guard down, she starts cracking really lame jokes. As with Ritta, she’s addicted with what the human world has to offer, food, manga and tv.


町田 小町 (Machida Komachi)

Mad scientist. In the same class as Yukina and Takayuki. She’s a little mad since she always talks about destroying the earth or wiping out mankind. She seems to have a huge arsenal of weapons and her inventions are all very lol.


ジャイロ (Jairo)

The bird that is almost always on Komachi’s shoulder. Komachi doesn’t know however that this very cute bird actually talks (he’s afraid of what will happen since she’s a little bit mad).



左京 みやこ(Sakyou Miyako)

Touko’s friend and also the vice president of the student council (yes they have 2). She’s pretty nice to the protagonist and occasionally crack jokes. She (as you can see) has the ability to dispell ghosts.



梅谷 小雪 (Umetani Koyuki)

Kanade’s friend. For some reason she always have the binoculars with her in which she uses to find Takayuki (after which she will then run towards him and body slam). She knows stuff that’s going around the school (the girl that most guys like and stuff like that). Very obvious that she likes Takayuki.

That was a really long character intro. Im on a roll i guess.


So here we have the basics of basics. The title page.

Title page

Nothing really too special except for the animated butterflies.

And also here’s something you should do before you play the game (if you’re full screening)


Pressing alt and pressing the down button will bring up this which you should then select the window options (exhibit)

Which you will then get this lovely window

Window Options

This are my options but what you choose should depend on your computer speed. I lagged a bit when I played with this options but the quality was superb.

We then have the ever so elusive TEXT BOX (it’s a joke ok a JOKE)

Text Boxxy

It’s simple, but it’s nice and effective.

The buttons on the bottom are all the typical ones…. But wait. Where’s the save button!?

You got to right click on the Q.Save to get to the save menu or you’ll be quick saving. Which will bring you to this.

Save Menu

And of course you can always change the name of whatever you wanna call the save by clicking on the pencil.

Save name changing

And then we have the load screen. Two additional tabs come out which are your auto saves and quick saves.

Load screen

Somehow I always MANAGE to click on the quicksave buttonw ehnever im on a h scene. Maybe im too excited.

Clicking on the system gives you the normal options that you’ll get.


The config menu (can also be broght up by right clicking on system) has very little options which somewhat surprised me. I thought they’ll have tons of options.

Config Menu

Sound options are good nuff but this game doesn’t let you choose your font or ignore animations.

Back to the game itself, there are some funny stuff that happens like showing the same thought.

Rofl. I died.

Then there’s the cute scene changes that have tosuku or ritta pulling the transitions screens


There are also specific screens if the scene is mostly about one character for example kanade’s screen


There’s also this really cool effect on the time notice when it says it’s break time. The green coloured scribble SCRIBBLES onto the screen which is really fun to watch.


The day changes are made with ritta and tosuku too with them flying off on a broomstick and then the date appearing.


Day change

And the way this game shows that you’re on a character route is when the day changes has her portrait on it.

Route day change

There’s also the choices.


Best choice on earth. The choices are pretty small and I didn’t realise until I found that it didn’t move after I clicked.

CG & Animation

Now the category in which this game really shines at. This game has too many animated elements and incredible perspective for the CG that im totally blown off my chair. Let’s get started.

You guys should know already by now that this galge has a lot of magical elements. So obviously the stuff animated would be the magic itself.

For example the magic insignia thing (whatever you call that)


The whole thing is animated (coming out in different cicles and then combining to be one)

Then there’s the magic that Sheila uses. It displaces behind her (if you know AE it’s something similar to Turbulent Displacement)


Also there are other spells in which they need to chant. What’s amazing is that they even animated the words that are chanted.

Animated magic words.

Holy shit this guys must be bored. I’ve never ever seen anything close to this in terms of animated quality.


Of course, what would be the point of animated words if the lightning isn’t animated? Guess that’s why they really went and animated the lightning =_=;

There’s the really lame TV in Kanade’s house where it shows Clear’s opening movie.

No really why Clear?

Why Clear? It’s nowhere near epic IMO. And just when you thought they wouldn’t be stupid enough to do another advertisement…


Imma be serious here. Get a life Moonstone =_=.

Ignoring those really irritaitng stuffs we continue.

There are some SD cgs that are also animated which are really cute.

Ritta! Tosuku!

When the story involves walking and talking together, there are animated walking scenes.


There are TONS more animated stuff.

But I think you had enough of the animation haven’t you. So let’s go on to the static cgs.

Normally I don’t really bother looking at Cgs which are just good, in which I would say that this is the case for Majisuki. But that’s when I found out about some of the perspective warped CGs which really made me go wow.

Im a huge fan.

Epic Shitz

Imma be frank. It’s this particular CG that made me want to play this. It’s just amazing.

What’s more the background drawings are just my type. Take for example the sakura trees


I can totally fap to that.

There is also a very very nice long CG which I had to take two pictures of and sew together (took about one minute of my life). It’s animated but they didn’t put the animated version in the album)

I love this one.

Ok enough of the good stuff. here are some thing I noticed which I really can’t forget.

First up the character designs. Look at the body and face shape.

They must be twins =_=;

I mean seriously can you please try harder to change them. They look so similar that I can’t even laugh.

Next up is one Cg that I feel is really really wrong.



Am I the only one that thinks that she’s drawn somewhat half happy and half sad. That’s just weird. I hope it’s just a mistake or overlook on their part.

So with the world count already over 2000 and having a very painful hand, imma finish the review quickly so i can get back to heliotrope.



There isn’t really anything too special or amazing about the music in this galge. Most galges of this  theme just have decent soundtracks. So can’t really say much here.

H scenes




 There are 3 H scenes for every girl with the exception of Kanade having four (Lolicons =_=). They all felt pretty natural and they still had their characteristics. They had some plays but it didn’t contain anything more than cosplay smex. Nothing too hardcore that would make you fap until your dolphin bursts.

Last Word

Well well well. Let’s see.

This galge is probably one of the best releases this month (if not the best next to smile cubic cause I absolutely adore Abhar). It’s very well animated, well drawn and well scripted. You won’t find it winning any awards but you’ll certainly see it being at the top. Because of it’s theme, there’s bound to be people who dislike it. Therefore I seriously think you should consider whether or not you can accept it.

It’s certainly not H driven. It only starts getting story driven after you get into the specific routes. So please. Don’t give up until then =_=;

Funny screenies




And the reviews ends with a pantsu shot

8 thoughts on “マジスキ~Marginal Skip~ Review

  1. This game, the plot is ok, but the magical part is terrible, there is just no concrete magical concepts, most names were taken from Norse mytho.

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