花と乙女に祝福を Review

The first eroge I completed for the new releases.

I miss this genre. It’s always good to have a laugh over eroges like this.

Hana to otome ni shukufuku o




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ensemble

Scenario =  じんべい、籐太 (Ayakashi makers)

Artist =  武藤此史、igul

Genre = Gender hiding princess school life romance

What’s so special = Animeish art, Classy girls (maybe -_-;), TRAP PROTAGONIST, flowers

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殻ノ少女 Review

There we have it, Kara no shoujo. One of the best eroges ever created (totally my biased opinion).

One of the few rare eroges that actually sticks very much to slice of life (gore version).

You gotta agree, it’s rare for eroges to have this genre. Absolutely wonderful.

Without further ado.

Kara no Shoujo




Some Rubbish Infomation

CompanyInnocent Grey

Scenario =  鈴鹿美弥

Artist =  杉菜水姫 (Catagura’s artist)

Genre = Abstract detective slice of life  gore romance

What’s so special = Excellent art, Absolutely gripping story, Gore, Detective gameplay

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Cute planet wallpaper

So here’s something I made while I wasn’t tanslating (imma lazy bastard).

It’s supposed to be a small planet and it turned out quite nicely. Made using a Vue tutorial.

Totally 3D. Didn’t even bother touching it up with photoshop (work came in T.T).

40 Minutes render. Vue 7.


つくもの ~やどりぎロマンス~ Review

Before I start, I’ll like to share with you guys something I found on otaku.fm.

As you guys can obviously see im a total eroge freak (I admit) and so I really can’t take it when something about an eroge is… wrong.

Over at this page for the eroge ranking I was extremely shocked at what I found. Look at it. At my time of writing, number 9 is 女体狂乱~これが私の望んだボディ~ and G senjou is somewhere at 35. And if you would scroll all the way down, you’ll find世界でいちばんNGな恋 at around 146.

This is kinda unacceptable. I have no idea where the info comes from (probably amazon since the links lead there), but it’s so inaccurate and I am serverly saddened by the fact such a popular page has such misleading information. I do sincerly hope there isn’t anyone who buys eroges just by judging them with that page. Not trying to attack danny choo or anything if you guys are wondering. The ranking is just unacceptable to me. That’s all.

That said, venting a little of my frustration since I was looking down the whole list and trying to figure out why the list was so wrong, let’s go on with the review.

So I found out that list was outdated for some reason…  This looks a lot better so yeah. Ignore what I said.

I seldom play tentacle eroges. Not because it’s tentacles but rather because they tend to lack in story and becomes a huge f*** fest.

It was somewhat interesting to see such a different concept, but still… I was somewhat disappointed with this.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Xuse

Scenario =  黒瀧絲由 (of 魔法少女アイ fame, ew)

Artist =  人丸 (artist for 永遠のアセリア)

Genre = Tentacle rape school life fantasy

What’s so special = ……..Tentacles, Tentacles, Tentacles, Rape, A talking white snake growing out of your ass

Click for moar. Totally NSFW

ツンな彼女デレな彼女 Review


So we got tsun na kanojo dere na kanojo…

Somewhat interesting I guess. Refils my Tsundere meter anyway.

Tsun na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Peassoft

Scenario =  やも、来夢みんと、八延

Artist =  さとーさとる、姫宮葵

Genre = School life romance

What’s so special = Lots of cute girls, デレデレ, decent length

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Translating G線上の魔王 ? – SCRAPPED

So I talked to Asceai who’s currently doing the translation for G Senjou no Maoh.

The translation is currently somewhat on a hold because translating is a pain in the a** and Asceai personally prefers hacking.

So I offered to help him with the translation. Since it is my FAVOURITE eroge after all.

No promises yet though, I haven’t got the scripts yet and Im not sure whether or not Asceai actually needs help. Both of us have been kinda busy (him with uni and me with….. well いろいろ)

So just a heads up on what im doing if you’re wondering why there aren’t any new reviews up yet (Since im busy planning a 3D shot of an Aneimo 2 snow background and Tsun Kano is somewhat draggy)

UPDATE: Got the Script files from Asceai… So… I think im gonna start translating tomorrow XD

2nd Update: So apparently someone else is doing a translation and therefore Asceai and I decided to close down the project and go on with our daily eroge lives… Yes. Now for more reviews =D

3rd Update: So now im the TL checker for the G senjou project.



Here’s a title to look out for in july.

Bengarachouhakubutsushi. The new eroge by raiL-soft.

It looks extremely promising and I am placing my hopes that it would be one of the best this year.




Oh btw Fault’s OP turned out to be pretty decent but somehow I feel that it’s going to have major plot holes…. I hope it’s just a feeling though… Tony drawn eroges  aren’t usually linked to great stories…

はらみこ Review

Hmmmm next up is probably tsun na kanojo dere na kanojo…

Ah well =D Im having fun at least XD





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Selen

Scenario = 松原和也、遙音駆

Artist = 奥間まさみ、鈴森ほたる

Genre = School life romance with lotsa smex

What’s so special = Lots of fap material, cute girls, mikos, harem

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Eroge Recommendations

There we have it a new page…

After I surfed my blog, I found one thing missing… No one knows which eroge to choose just by glancing!

So I went around and made this list (needs quite some tweaking I know) but the top few are my favourite picks… Feel free to comment….. No wait I mean. COMMENT PLZ! /me smacks Zen =D

Planning to do a monthly recommendation too but since I dont play everything it’s going to be limited to those I touch.

Also in case you are blind and can’t find the link which is right smack at the top of the blog, here’s a link to it.

Haramiko review will be up in a few days since im almost done with it… Wondering if I should replay kara no shoujo and write a review on it. Suggestions anyone?

桜吹雪~千年の恋をしました~ Review


Not to say it’s so bad or anything but the only route that is actually interesting in terms of story is…. read on to find out =P





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Silver Bullet

Scenario = 日野亘、有梨つかさ

Artist = 桜沢いづみ、江森美沙樹

Genre = Sakura School Life Fantasy ADV

What’s so special = Nice sakura drawings, Decent story (Only one route though -_-;)

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