ヘリオトロープ-それは死に至る神の愛- Review

Sooo…. I finished this not too short but not too long galge by the new Hatena.

This was somewhat interesting but i didn’t exactly like this title very much.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Hatena

Scenario = 沙月with企画屋 (Previous works includes Xcross Scramble and one upcoming one with Alcot)

Artist = やすゆき、黒石りんご、あおいうめ

Genre = Special power action galge (i have no idea what to call this)

What’s so special = Quite a lot of different weapons and nice concepts about the special powers, unexpected twists, talking starfish


This title caught my eye because of it’s theme (action) since I do like this kind of title sometimes. I mean look we got special powers and fight scenes! WOW! -_-

Oh well what is done can’t be undone. At least the op movie was interesting. Let’s get on with the review.


A new company Hatena. I heard they used to do doujins at first but the quality seemed to be pretty crappy. I will still keep an eye out for their releases but i’ll uhh choose wisely.



Best if we talk a bit about the inhuman stuff first. Some time ago, an island rose from the depths of the sea. Then somehow, some people from all around the globe started to be able to use special powers, some having psychic powers while other the ability to manipulate the elements. They are called “神玩者”. There are two different forces that these people go to mostly. One is the government controlled special force while the other is a group called banner that are made up of people who oppose the special force.

You start off as Yashiro, a normal high school dude. There is a problem though, he live by himself because his family is currently missing. His osananajimi takes care of him everyday by going to to his house and doing all the housework and sometimes cooking.


One night, as he walks along the beach, he finds……………… a talking starfish. No really. And like things aren’t weird enough already, he hears the sounds of fighting.

White hair + white moon = Epic shit

He then sees a girl (Yuzuka) fighting with some guys.  She was covered in blood and had a weirdly shaped weapon in her hands. She slices the guys to bits with a huge whirlwind, Yashiro was caught in the storm but somehow some sort of barrier came up and his life was saved.

The girl however thinks that he’s one of her enemies and attacks him. Blown back from the impact, he drops into the ocean. When all hope seems lost, a nude girl (=_=) appears above him. Somehow, a sword was in his hands and he swam up. The girl attacks him again but this time he blocks it with the sword. The girl, amazed, tries to attack him again but then she hears footsteps closing in. She leaves, and Yashiro collapses.


The next morning, he wakes up in his house. Nothing seems to have happened and everything yesterday seemed like a dream. But then he felt the pain of the injury he got yesterday. Somewhat confused by the chain of events he goes to school. Then a new transfer student came in. She was Yuzuka.

There ya go. A long and tiring intro.

Problem with this game is not really with the concept but rather with the way they went about telling the story.

For example, they tried building up the tension by using fighting, but the fighting itself is repetitive and will grow old on you since they look exactly the same. The fact that Yashiro looks like he could be killed by a falling brick and that the power he holds in the sword totally doesn’t match. And I don’t get why they didn’t put in bad ends. This game totally shouts for a bad end seriously.

And then there’s the problem with them writing engrish. I mean really I know most Japanese don’t have a good english base since they don’t use english everyday but at the very least if they were going to put english in a commercial work at least make sure it isn’t something that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. For example,

Engrish power =_=

Someone tell me what this means -_-;

The routes were all decent but they were not all happy endings as well. They weren’t exactly boring but in the end you’ll find that there are some things that doesn’t add up and that characters appear in the most coincidental times that irritate a lot. The last wrap up route did wrap up the story nicely (if not a bit too nicely).

Be prepared though since the endings are not all good. Try not to destroy the keyboard when it happens XD.



淵堂 ヤシロ (Endou Yashirou)

Unlike the picture, he’s pretty much a gutless protagonist and really 鈍感. he is more caring to other people’s lives than himself (talk about typical). He doesn’t have special pwoers nor does he have the insignia that is supposed to be on the people who has it. That said, he IS strong. Just that he is a little too typical for my liking.


皇海 柚香 (Sukai Yuzuka)

She’s MINE ALL MINESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Get your hands off her Zen. She’s MINE.

*Cough* She’s the mysterious transfer student that came one day out of the blue. She’s VERY CUTE. Loves chocolate. Her family is apparently very rich and very powerful. But she’s also one of the strongest (if not the strongest) special power user in the world. She is under the special government (military) force.


射手 三葉 (Ide Mitsuba)

Yashirou’s osananajimi. She takes care of Yashirou since she is asked to by Yashirou’s little sister before they went missing. She looks like a normal girl but is in fact the current leader of Banner and has quite impressive powers.


アイリス・ラーゲルゲーヴ (Airis・Raagerugevu)

Name is probably wrong since I have no effing idea how the hell to spell it. Someone shed some light.

She’s the mysterious girl that was on the island when it rose up. No one knows who she is or what she is doing here. Her boobs are a little too big for my taste. Her route was somewhat draggy but it was decently interesting. I didn’t realise until nearing the end of the route that effing iris was her father -_-.


Well this game didn’t have any revolutionary systems so I’ll just go over the basics quickly.

First up is of course the title screen

Title screen

Nothing special happens until you finish a route which is when it’ll change

Zomg SUN!

The last title screen is very nice and personally I loved it.


The config was simple. Very simple. You couldn’t adjust sounds for individual characters. I was pretty surprised at it being this simple really. Galges nowadays normally have a decent amount of options to play around with.

Text box

Text box was good. Not obstructive and the words were stroked to make it stand out more.


There’s one thing I found out about the Log though is that if you replay the voice in the log, the voices don’t stop even after you click off the log and continue with the story. So you get like two voices speaking at the same time =_=. They probably forgot about it.

Save screen

Save screen is really simple with no additional options except from saving. Load is exactly the same so no point showing it.

Nothing much to write here since they didn’t even have an advanced system so it’s all really simple and clean. At least it didn’t irritate me I guess -_-;

CG and Animation

The CG is decent but it’s nothing special. It’s not…. striking. There are some I really like though. For example


Or maybe just because im a huge sucker for stuff like this.

The battle scenes were not animated but rather they went and vibrated the screen and put the same old Cg over and over again. Though they did have some variations they were slight and the whole feel didn’t change at all so it’s kind of…… obvious.

The unbreakable sword.

At least the quality is decent I suppose. I haven’t really seen a good fighting galge for a long time now. They need to make more.



The music was nice but after some time, I realised the music repeated too much. There isn’t enough variation and you get bored after the 5th time listening to the same battle scene music that you have already memorised.

I did however like the title screen track which is the first track you see in the music mode. It’s pretty nice.

H scenes

GYYAAAAHHH YUZUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were 2 H scenes for each character which were all pretty… ok i guess. Some of the times the voice acting was downright terrible while other times it was decent. It’s not a good thing to look at a h scene and the voice is just……. irritating. Doesn’t fit the H scene.

Shit this scene is too hawt, imma go replay it again.

Last Word

Well I wouldn’t recommend this unless you want to play a action galge. I do get urges like that. Sometimes. Maybe.

It’s decently written and drawn but they should have changed their way or going through the story and tried reducing the amount of repitition it had. I mean seriously the fight scenes are nearly identical and so are the animations. And it DRAGS. God.

Other than that it’s still around the average mark. Well I suppose you know your own taste so you can choose for youself =D.


Gun Vs Sword. Kinda obvious who should win.


can this be............ Yaoi?


4 thoughts on “ヘリオトロープ-それは死に至る神の愛- Review

  1. Ahahah now that I finished my review I went to read yours and I ALMOST used the same picture for Iris you did. Would have made them all almost exactly the same. I suppose we did not have a lot of choice with this one as the CG is lacking in diversity. Especially images that do not give details away.

    I realized what you meant about engrish now. To be honest I completely ignored it when playing. I do not even glance at english in eroge. I just assume it is all bad and wrong, then move along.

    Glad to see I am not the only one that did not like the game though.

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