水平線まで何マイル? + すまいるCubic!-水平線まで何マイル? アフター&アナザーストーリーズ- Review

So you ask why the effing long title that you’ll probably die from reading?

Because personally I feel that you totally need to play  suiheisen + smile cubic together to get the entire feel of the eroge.

Oh did I mention this is one of my favourites… Actually I think it’s right next to G senjou. Epic shitz.

This is IMO one of the best eroges ever made. But that’s just me. No one likes slice of life as much as me =/

Suiheisen Made Nan Mile?



Walk through


Smile Cubic!



Walk through

Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ABHAR

Scenario = 南総鐵道 for Suiheisen and 神楽坂あお、奈落ハジメ、おざきれい、中村劉河、伊吹秀明 for Smile Cubic

Artist = 深崎暮人、黒谷忍(SD原画/衣装デザイン)

Genre = Slice of life school life romance

What’s so special = Extremely slice of life, very very very very nice art, incredibly cute girls, 16:9


So here we have another review (You guys wonder if I ever sleep don’t you).

You got to understand that this eroge is not for everyone. I’ve asked some people and they think don’t think this eroge is good. After pondering for a while, I reached the conclusion that it’s because this eroge focuses more on school life than romance itself. There’s isn’t as much icha icha going on as compared to the amount of the normal school and club life that this eroge has.

So yes consider seriously if you want to play this kind of genre. If not go play Kara no Shoujo or something. That’s epic as well. or better yet G senjou. But im sure most of you have played that. If not, go kill youself nao.


This is a new company. Very new. In fact I am totally blown away by the fact that a new company actually made something like this. I didn’t expect anything near this level of quality. Totally going to keep my eyes glued on their website for news of a new eroge.



You start off as a totally normal school guy (Sorata) (who is somewhat kind hearted but at least he’s terribly average which means he ain’t TOO kind to save the whole effing world) in his normal school dude life. Meetings his friends, cracking lame jokes and stuff like that. The club he’s in, is the Astronomy Club (only by name actually). They don’t do anything thing actually related to astronomy but kinda does anything fun.


One fine day, they get a notice that the Astronomy Club is going to be torn down because they have done nothing useful nor related to astronomy. In panic (except for the totally my pace president), they tried searching for ways to save their club. After a few days and all hope seems lost, the club president (Sayoko) walked into the room and pronounced that they were going to join the world’s first light motor glider competition. That includes making the plane from scratch and piloting it. They obviously have no experience in it. But with no way out, they give it a try. From there, their adventure towards the skies begin.

I loved the story for this eroge. Unlike the the others, it doesn’t just focus on romance and the problems, but rather it branches to walking home together and just talking. It’s really something literally like reality.

The romance parts were very well written too and there were the usual climaxes the stuff like that. Most importantly it’s down to earth and it’s much better. Their feelings really develop throughout the whole length of the story. Not just like jump to ZOMG I LOVE YOU BBQ MARRY ME! kinda thing.

I didn’t get a tad (just a tad) irritated the the slight variations of the same scene of them flying the plane in the end, but I guess they had to show it if not the story wouldn’t make sense. But at least it’s just that one scene.

Oh and there aren’t any hidden routes (but there a yaoi route -_-;) so target your favourite girl first and FIRE AWAY!

Remember to replay the route though, since the new choices will spring up after you finish a route to give you access to the FD stuff (more H or alternate routes).

My personal favourite is Hinata so get your hands off her =_=;

If you’re talking about routes however, it’ll be Sayoko hands down. Her route was just AWESOME.




宮前 朋夏 (Miyamae Tomoka)

The really bright and active osananajimi. She’s more sports oriented and just a little bit on the slow side. She’s in the Astronomy club too. She’s pretty flat. Not that it matters much.



名香野 陽向 (Nakano Hinata)


She’s the head of the student council. She’s very skilled in pretty much everything. She was just supposed to warn the astronomy club about them being in danger of being disbanded but somehow, she began to help them. One year older than Sorata. She’s effing cute. No really. Damned. God lemme go look at her H scene again.



津屋崎 湖景 (Tsuyazaki Kokage)

The weak and fragile 1st year that is in the astronomy club. Yes she calls Sorata senpai. She’s the quiet and a bit dere kinda chara. But she’s also a genius programmer. -_-;



古賀 沙夜子 (Koga Sayoko)

The head of the Astronomy club. One year older than Sorata. She’s really my pace. She’s also pretty mysterious and somehow very powerful in the sense she can get whatever she wants or do whatever she wants. In school anyway. Word of warning though, she ain’t what she seems.



花見 麻里矢 (Hanami Mar’ya)

The head of the club that’s actually doing stuff related to flying. She’s also the pilot. She’s half jap and half i have no idea whatever blood. She’s a flying freak and her name is pretty big in the flying world.



千鳥 水面 (Chidori Minamo)

1st year. In the Journalism club (i have no idea what they call it in english). She loves getting scoops and is chasing the astronomy club because it’s apparently big news. She acts before she thinks, not a bad idea but she met with some trouble because of it.  She knew Tomoka for quite a long time now and knows stuff Sorata don’t =D



We start off with the title page. Nothing too special but do take note it’s 16:9. That means you should play it on widescreen or on your TV. The latter is just incredible. Try it. I even went and connected it to my sound system. Holy shit.


Then comes the config menu. It’s a really nice and clean menu. And it’s english. Moving your mouse over it makes it jap though.


Most important the Extras which includes the following

Extra mode

They went and seperated the pictures for the original and the FD so you get two sections which you can switch between by clicking on the logo

Cg mode Suiheisen

Cg mode Smile Cubic!

They also have this really cool encyclopedia that includes a lot of information about… everything. They even kept memos about the storyline.


Now let’s look at the systems inside the eroge itself

text box vert.

This is the vertical text box which is used mostly. It’s a very nice setup IMO since it’s widescreen so you get half text and half characters.

Then there is the Cg text box which is the usual horizontal bar on the bottom. Probably not to obstruct the view of the CG.

Text box Horizontal

Right clicking on the screen gives you a load of options. It’s a really cool pop up animation too. This company sure works hard =D


Then we got the Backlog which is the typical voice replay and story backlog. They don’t let you go back to that particular point in the story like Tayutama does though. Sad.


The save screen background is a bit different from the load screen. No special features though just plain save. Though it’s a pretty well designed save screen

Save screen

Nao… let’s go on to my favourite section..

CG and Animation

YES CG TIME. Well this eroge doesn’t include much animation so yeah scratch that.

Now as you should have been able to see from the screenshots above, the art is absolutely stunning. It’s like a mix of computer coloring with water color. It’s just… amazing.

I mean look at this.


That’s just. Bliss. Epic Bliss.

The closest I can think of in terms of artistic style is little witch, but the artist there tends to make the characters look more animeish. The art here is proportional and the watercolor feel really makes it look like a work of art. Damned. Imma print a poster of hinata and hang on my wall. Brb.


There’s also this really cute explanations about the glider that makes my head spin since they talk about pretty advanced stuff and i have absolutely no idea about mechanics (unless you mean rigging my own computer). Physic Freaks would like this though, they use a lot of it in the explanations. They have quite a lot of this too.


Suiheisen Music

Smile Cubic Music

The music is very impressive since it fits the theme. This theme isn’t easy to fit really. The tracks are really good too. There’s a classic feel to quite a lot of the tracks. I got the soundtrack and it’s great just to listen to it and relax sometimes.

They seperated the tracks for Suiheisen and Smile Cubic, as you can see.

The amount of tracks made for this eroge is quite a decent lot. A lot more than the average ones.

H scenes

That's just... hawt.


There wasn’t a lot of H scenes in Suiheisen. Inly one for each character. Though the quality was mindblowing and the drawings were really nice.

After the Smile Cubic addon though, there were a lot of H scenes added on that I actually lost count. Fap your hearts (or dolphins) out.

Last Word

I would recommend anyone to play this unless they hate slice of life. The storyline just makes you feel at home. Not to mention the amazing art quality.

Just… Play it. It’s that good. You deserve it.



I wish I was in situations like this....


I wish that was my dolphin

Her shoes helped her. +5 cm skill!

18 thoughts on “水平線まで何マイル? + すまいるCubic!-水平線まで何マイル? アフター&アナザーストーリーズ- Review

  1. hmmm a very elusive possibly related post lol <_< hmmm why is the art so deceiving from the main site <__>

  2. :X you sir just answered by doubts but the problem is even if get the game i wont have enough time to read it lolz

  3. WHAT YA MEAN AN IDLE PERSON :X sure i maybe bored im bored for the sake that i cant play on office hours plus i have no rig of my own to play with

  4. Hinata and Sayoko are really beautiful, but I give up…since my feeling are unable to accept a senpai… =(

    Well, at least Kokage are the really cute one, and Minamo aren’t bad too! =)

  5. The craziest part about this is that all the physics information, down to the equations, is COMPLETELY CORRECT. =/

    Source: Instrument-rated helicopter pilot, university junior majoring in aeronautical engineering.

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  7. Man, it’s almost cruel of you to refer to Sayoko’s greatness as a character, and yet have no real details on her route. I would certainly like to know, given how in my view she’s the best-designed character in the game.

    I wonder why Abhar folded after publishing this game. It certainly had some good elements according this review–did it just not sell enough?

  8. Hi im curious from what anime or say eroge is that main image banner in this web is xD! I mean the guy with the blue hair and eyes and girl with a blond hair with green eyes in school uniform with red mini skirt kissing xD im curious! BTW ! NICE website 😀 bloggy xP

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