桜吹雪~千年の恋をしました~ Review


Not to say it’s so bad or anything but the only route that is actually interesting in terms of story is…. read on to find out =P





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Silver Bullet

Scenario = 日野亘、有梨つかさ

Artist = 桜沢いづみ、江森美沙樹

Genre = Sakura School Life Fantasy ADV

What’s so special = Nice sakura drawings, Decent story (Only one route though -_-;)


Won’t say anything too bad upfront but…. the whole entire point of this eroge is summed up in one route.

So yeah… It’s not BAD but there are a lot of better titles out there so… Well you be the judge.


Haven’t exactly liked any of the past works they have done since they were all pretty mediocre looking (and were actually pretty mediocre from what I heard). Guess they need to find a better scenario writer since they do have the potential but have been doing nothing special.


You start off as Isei, your common daily dude who’s just a little too kind (this time this dude ain’t donkan). He’s walking towards his new school that he just transferred to. What’s amazing, he’s the only dude in the school! Wow! Apparently it’s a school for the rich girls, but somehow he managed to transfer in.


So he walks towards the gate and sees a girl swinging her katana. Suddenly, she looks at him and says “おまえを殺す” (I’ll kill you) . Not a very good situation I must say.


So after that minor setback he continues and with his life and we go to 1 month after he has entered the school. He walks along the road as usual and then he hears a sound from up above. Raising his head, he sees a black pantsu loli jumping down and the drop course is right at him. He catches her (and saving his life in the process). They look at each other for a while (熱い視線) and then her pursuers showed up. What happened after this was incredibly funny so I shouldn’t spoil it for you.

After scolding the loli for what she did, he went on with his school life. Few days later after the incident, Isei was in his class for lunch break and then suddenly, the loli showed up. No wait that’s still fine. She walks up to him. And of all the things she could do, she kissed him. Yes I know that’s sudden.

Then a few more days after the kissing scene, he meets her again and this time she leads him to a really nice room. There, she corners him with all sorts of methods and forces him to join one of the student council kind of club called the 花園会. What’s more, only he and the loli are in the club. That’s…… bad right?

There ends my messy and terrible translation which you don’t have to remind me about.

There aren’t any fantasy elements out here yet. But they come smashing into you suddenly. I swear. I didn’t expect it at all. And like I always say, when you use fantasy elements to end up a story, it just becomes an easy excuse to sum up everything. Badly. They put in the element too suddenly that it was pretty… shocking.

Oh and there’s the really REALLY classic big sakura tree in the middle of nowhere that wouldn’t ever wilt or die or actually have any other leaves other than pink. There’s a reason for it I know but there are such a LOT of stuff with that concept (DC, Magustale) or at least close to it that they should have tried something NEW. SERIOUSLY.

We go on to the routes which like I said in the foreword that only one route mattered. You could play that route and just finish the game because the other routes are USELESS. They don’t forward the story much if they even do. Just finish Akasha’s route if you want to complete the eroge in terms of story. Unless you’re aiming for one of the other girls.

The story did piss me off a bit because of the overused theme and the sudden fantasy elements.

But here’s something interesting I found.


A parody?




桜森 紅紗 (Sakuramori Akasha)

The ultimate loli. She’s a 3rd year which means she’s one year older than the protagonist. She’s…. weird. In too many ways. Also she’s really clever but doesn’t seem like it. The top of 花園会 but she doesn’t do much work and instead rolls and lazes around. Quite a mysterious girl. Her family is also very influential apparently.

Look at those.................... Missiles.


天蕗 雪花 (Amafuki Setsuka)

Sister character (she is actually his sister and not just the kind of chara). 3rd Year. Because of some reasons they were seperated but they met again in school. She has a huge brother complex….. Isei also has a huge sister complex to make up for it. She’s the perfect housewife who knows how to cook, clean and stuff like that. She’s scary when she’s angry though.

Very scary.



宮乃 紫苑 (Miyakano Shion)

Tsundere (probably) character. Problem is that she’s more of cold than tsun. Ice cold. That’s why her nick name is つらら姫 (tsurara hime). She bulldozes anyone who stands in her way and doesn’t choose how she does stuff as long as the job gets done. Also a 3rd year and sees setsuka as her rival. She’s just… evil. I like her. No really. And im not M.



麒麟寺 向日葵 (Kirinji Himawari)

1st year. The hope of the sword club. She’s has a very straight personality so she’s very hung up on the concept of justice. She is pretty damned cute. Carries her sword along with her all the time.


So on with the system

First off the main menu.

Main menu

Decent menu with animated sakuras…. I found the white bind lines to be somewhat distracting. Wish they would remove it.

Next up the config.


Quite a lot of options. Very nice. I personally like the font options since you could even adjust the shadow strength to your fancy.



The usual.

Cg mode is standard. Nothing more nothing less.

CG mode

So let’s get on to the eroge itself.


I like the text box. It’s non obstrusive but you can read the words just fine. Excellent.

No extra options though. Just the usual save load.

Load screen

Nothing too special about the backlog either.


CG and Animation


The CG is pretty good when they draw the sakura leaves. Other than that I didn’t really find it to be anything special.

One problem though. The characters all look like giraffes with their skinny and long necks. Neck fetish anyone?

They also need to have more backgrounds. They squashed quite a lot of different stuff onto 1 background, something which is really wrong. For example there are 3 clubs that are using the exact same background which is just wrong.

It wasn’t even animated save for some zoom ins. So yeah no expectations there.


Here we have the music. Nothing special here either. Typical eroge soundtrack.

BGM Mode

H scenes


There are a decent lot of H scenes in this eroge. Problem is they are pretty much squashed in one part of the story. They really should have spread it out a little.

That said they did have quite some plays and since the characters are….. weird so you get quite some interesting stuff.

Last Word

Ok play this eroge when you run out of everything you want to play and you have the urge to play an eroge. Seriously. It is too… typical. And I absolutely hated the sudden fantasy element. The characters are cute though I admit. But I don’t think cute characters make up the game much. Well if you’re a lolicon though you can just play Akasha’s route since her route is the only route worth playing.




This makes me hungry.



14 thoughts on “桜吹雪~千年の恋をしました~ Review

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    • Not really impressing me a lot…. then again maybe that’s cause I have like a few hundred different soundtracks so…….. Most of them sound the same XD

  2. I totally agree with your review. This game is a very big waste of time because they don’t event bother to light up the part about the past lifes.

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