ツンな彼女デレな彼女 Review


So we got tsun na kanojo dere na kanojo…

Somewhat interesting I guess. Refils my Tsundere meter anyway.

Tsun na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Peassoft

Scenario =  やも、来夢みんと、八延

Artist =  さとーさとる、姫宮葵

Genre = School life romance

What’s so special = Lots of cute girls, デレデレ, decent length


This eroge is pretty decent and it does give me my dosage of Tsundere madness. There are some minor points though that should be pointed out and this eroge isn’t really for people who play a few already… Let’s get on with it. We don’t got all day!……. Wait we do =_=;


So here we have peassoft… They’ve been doing somewhat straight eroges for some time now. There is something about them that doesn’t stand out very much. Their eroges all have very typical and overused storylines that can really only appeal to some people. Probably it’s their style but it lacks uniqueness which makes it go unnoticed most of the time. Unnoticed as in never actually being near the top.


I wish I got woken up like this. 

So the general idea for the story is this. You’re Hiroki, one of the most 鈍感 protanogist ever created, and he lives alone in his apartment with one cute osananajimi doing all the housework and cooking for him. She also wakes him up btw. Then he eats breakfast with the addition of another cute osananajimi. Then, with an addition of a guy osananajimi, they go to school (4 people btw). So this is (or was) his daily life cycle.

So one fine day, something happened and somehow Hiroki’s school and an all girl’s school merged temporarily to overcome a certain problem. Which is somewhat good.

Then he finds out that two of his osananajimis last time (even before the current ones) are studying there. Zomg reunion? Oh wait there’s more.


Another fine day, after a meteor strike, a girl bumps him on the road and kissed him. Then she said that she’s gonna marry him… =_=;


So yeah you can see where this is going. It’s the usual every girl likes the protagonist and he doesn’t notice until they confess kinda thing. So the whole story for every route is something like this:

Common route > Confess> ラブラブ> Obstacle> Obstacle solved> Conclusion

There. So yes it’s repetitive. Very repetitive. It’s like running a marathon. Marathons are more interestintg though.

That and the every girl likes the main guy doesn’t really work very well anymore unless you actually make a harem route. Since there isn’t one that exist here, there isn’t anything actually SPECIAL about this.

The most interesting route will have to be Akane’s route since she….. Never mind. No spoilers. Since she’s mysterious. Ok. =D Though my personal favourite is someone else. Do play Akane’s route the last though because it contains the truth about…. yeah never mind.

This kind of plot is VERY VERY overused though. Would probably bore anyone who played a decent lot of eroges.


宇津木浩紀 (Uchigi Hiroki)

People should really stop inventing donkan main characters. This is the ultimate donkan main character who doesn’t know that 6 girls are in love with him *rolls eyes*. Doesn’t like studying. Ridiculously nice/weak to girls. The head of the astronomy club.

As with what they did with the site, Im going to seperate this section too to Tsun Heroines and Dere Heroines since… It’s only right that way.

Tsun Heroines



二ノ宮 凪 (Ninomiya Nagi)

Hiroki’s fiancee. Apparently both Hiroki’s and Nagi’s parents decided this when they were young. She was friends with Hiroki when she first transferred to the school but after knowing Hiroki is her fiance she turned tsun on him. She loves cameras due to meeting someone in her childhood and falling in love with him in the process. She’s probably the most normal girl in this eroge. Btw she’s my favourite.


Shidou Risa

紫藤 凛彩 (Sidou Risa)

One of Hiroki’s osananajimi’s that he met before his current ones. She holds a grudge agaisn’t him because of a past event. Before the event though, they were great friends and also they promised to marry each other when they grow up (>.>;). Her cakes are infamous for being REALLY DECLICIOUS. She works in a shop her parents have opened.



南月 つぐみ (Natsuki Tsugumi)

She’s one of Hiroki’s childhood friends currently. A very wagamama girl who is very tsun and will never admit her feelings for Hiroki. She goes on dere mode sometimes though when Hiroki is kind to her…. Sometimes. Little sister of the ultimate siscon Yuuma. Used to be sickly when she was younger. Drinks strawberry milk a lot because she wants moar volume. On the upper part of her body.

Dere Heroines



橘 美里 (Tachibana Misato)

The ultimate wife osananajimi. She cooks, cleans and takes care of Hiroki’s house and his daily needs. Almost everyone knows that Misato likes Hiroki. She never confessed though because she was afraid of what will happen if he rejects her.



眞鍋 莉奈 (Manabe Rina)

The lively and bright classmate. She very active. Hug attacks Hiroki whenever he goes into the classroom =D. She supports Misato and Hiroki getting together. Though all is not what it seems. Sometimes her personality changes….



アカネ (Akane)

The mysterious girl that kissed Hiroki once. She hounds Hiroki as he kissed her and to her kisses = marriage. She has a lot of special abilities. Mysterious. Lol.


So we go on to the system part. As usual we start off with the classic title page.


Except for two girls lying in a position where you can see their pantsu, there isn’t anything special nor was it animated.


The config had all the usual stuff. Note that if you’re getting errors from the eroge like black screen, turn on the movie skip.

CG mode

CG mode has that cute little Risa at the side. Tsun mode though. Nothing too special here though I do like how they designed this. At least it’s not just chunks of solid color. The memory mode is like the replay mode except that it doesn’t just have the h scenes but rather the entire chapter.

Text box

The text boxxy is decently well designed. Though Im still somewhat irritated at the fact it contains stars. Since you can adjust it’s transparency, it didn’t bother me too much.


They have the classic choices. They’re really straightforward. If you noticed, they also highlighted the choices you have chosen before. That’s always welcomed.


Backlog is pretty decent. At least this shows the choices in the backlog, something that most eroges doesn’t do. And since I forget the choices once I clicked it, I like to go back and look at what I’ve chosen sometimes.


For the calender, the place where it points to and says today is somewhat… small. So I ignored everything but the month. Heck the days don’t really matter much except for Nagi’s route where there is a choice later on that asks you a question.

Scene Title

One thing about chapter seperation  is that I absolutely love them. Every eroge should have it. Seperating a story to chapters make it seem more like an actual novel and I like guessing what’s probably in that chapter by looking at the title.

...............Milk wouldn't help really...

So here’s a screen that ame out only once. I think it was for the character introductions. Too bad I missed taking Nagi’s screen so you guys are gonna have to settle with the Tsundere loli.

Handphones >.>;

Since they do use their mobiles, this little thing pops up when they’re smsing. As you can see each of the character have their own way of texting their messages.  Not to mention they used the SD versions of the characters. Very cute =D

Save screen

So here’s the save screen. I doubt you’ll use this much for reasons explained below.

QS/QL Sidebar

One of the best ideas in the century. If I remember correctly Kono Aozora used the exact same concept. The quick save and quick load sidebar. With thumbnails. The best invention ever. You don’t have to waste time clicking on save or pressing S. Just go to the side and click on one of the squares. Tada~ saved.

CG and Animation

So here we are at the CG and animation. Needless to say the most obvious thing about this is the CG of the girls so…

Girl are everything.

Still pretty nice though I did find some cgs having the face/body proportions a little off but no biggy. I liked the art. It fits the theme well.

About the animation…. There isn’t any. Well there is. One.


Vibration when the meteor falls down. Yeah I know. That’s sad. Then again this isn’t really focusing on animation so can’t really blame it.



For the music (ignore the ever so lovable tsugumi at the side), it was actually pretty good. Nothing too fancy but it did enough tracks not to make it feel too repititive. The best sound effect though would have to be tsugumi kicking hiroki. That’s one awesome sound you’ll hear throughout the eroge.

H scenes

There is no doubt that I’ll obviously put the character I love most. Let’s welcome….



Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!Nagi! Nagi!Nagi!

So going on with the review…

There are 3 H scenes for every character. All of them are pretty typical. You get the fello and paizuri from some though. They weren’t really amazing as with eroges focusing on H but heck they’re good enough. Though I have a question for the artist that in some CGs the banana was obviously NOT inserted into the hole but somehow he still blasted in the end. What, we have physic bananas now?

Last Word

Anyone looking to pass their time would be somewhat pleased with this title I guess since it is pretty longish and draggish so you can spend a lot of time on it. If you’re looking for mindblowing material though… Turn the other way. You didn’t see anything.

Either that or you just adore one of the characters. That works too. Always. Quoted from sir m3rryweather.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some tentacles to play with.


/me wipes tears


See through is the best.


NAGI.最高! I should start a fanclub.


9 thoughts on “ツンな彼女デレな彼女 Review

  1. Ya, I noticed the quicksave sidebar and thought that was a brilliant idea. The SMSing is a nice touch. My first impression of the game was… cliched. Then again, that’s what I expected from a game like this. Maybe I’ll play Rina’s route some day…

  2. Risa is AWSUM! ALL HAIL RISA, but Nagi is fine too.

    Hmm, is animation expected in visual novels nowadays? I always thought it was a nice add-on but I don’t really think about it too much.

  3. ITS PEASOFT DAM IT <_< seriously though if im going to play this its going to be the second one from them BUT THATS IF seriously their past game has the same concept it should really pass as a harem game seriously

  4. “The text boxxy is decently well designed. Though Im still somewhat irritated at the fact it contains stars. Since you can adjust it’s transparency, it didn’t bother me too much.”
    How can you adjust transparency for the text box . Please guide me!! T_T

  5. i tried config many time but it doesn’t change
    i use agth + atlas to read eroge so i don’t understand the options at all

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