つくもの ~やどりぎロマンス~ Review

Before I start, I’ll like to share with you guys something I found on otaku.fm.

As you guys can obviously see im a total eroge freak (I admit) and so I really can’t take it when something about an eroge is… wrong.

Over at this page for the eroge ranking I was extremely shocked at what I found. Look at it. At my time of writing, number 9 is 女体狂乱~これが私の望んだボディ~ and G senjou is somewhere at 35. And if you would scroll all the way down, you’ll find世界でいちばんNGな恋 at around 146.

This is kinda unacceptable. I have no idea where the info comes from (probably amazon since the links lead there), but it’s so inaccurate and I am serverly saddened by the fact such a popular page has such misleading information. I do sincerly hope there isn’t anyone who buys eroges just by judging them with that page. Not trying to attack danny choo or anything if you guys are wondering. The ranking is just unacceptable to me. That’s all.

That said, venting a little of my frustration since I was looking down the whole list and trying to figure out why the list was so wrong, let’s go on with the review.

So I found out that list was outdated for some reason…  This looks a lot better so yeah. Ignore what I said.

I seldom play tentacle eroges. Not because it’s tentacles but rather because they tend to lack in story and becomes a huge f*** fest.

It was somewhat interesting to see such a different concept, but still… I was somewhat disappointed with this.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Xuse

Scenario =  黒瀧絲由 (of 魔法少女アイ fame, ew)

Artist =  人丸 (artist for 永遠のアセリア)

Genre = Tentacle rape school life fantasy

What’s so special = ……..Tentacles, Tentacles, Tentacles, Rape, A talking white snake growing out of your ass


Well a tentacle isn’t exactly bad but when it’s just about sex, I rather go out and enjoy real life (something I do when im bored which happens like once a week not including work). This eroge however is somewhat nasty in terms of the endings and I was very much irritated at how it ended. Though it’s not too bad to play tentacle eroges from time to time since they are pretty unique in concept as was this eroge.


So we have Xuse of Eien no Aselia fame. Before they even started on eien no aselia, they did make some rape eroges. No idea why they turned back (maybe because they actually like rape eroges more?) on this eroge but I do hope to see more eroges like eien no aselia rather than Tsukumono.



So you start off as Meguru, your usual really donkan protagonist.  Living with his cousin (Sae), going to school with his friends (Amane), sometimes getting assaulted by his other cousin (Misuzu), sometimes getting insulted by a chibi and an idol (An and Shiina) and sometimes getting ignored by a classmate (Kanatsu). That’s still fine and all.

But one day, he began hearing a voice in his head. Ignoring it he went on with his usual life. So going on to a few more days, in a club drawing trip, he fell into… a hole.

Panicking, he tried climbing out but failed miserably. Then it happened. A voice told him that it’ll save him, but only if he become it’s slave. He agreed. After pulling off his pants as the voice ordered, a white snake thing appeared from his back (ass area IMO). And so they climbed out, though in actual fact it’s Meguru doing most of the climbing.


So after he got home, he questioned the snake about it’s purpose of being here. And guess what it said? Well just look at the screenie below

I love the language

Lmao. Rofl. *Cough*. *Dies*

I wish I had such a nice goal in life. Well not as amazing as ^ that.

In any case the story in this eroge exists (should be the first goddamned case in history where tentacle eroges have a story srsly). Though it is somewhat weak because of one huge factor. They build up the suspense and drop the surprise in monotone. Yes. So you get really excited and suddenly out of nowhere you find them telling you about what you wanted to know without really making you happy about the explanation.

For example I wanted to know where the heck Maro (snake) came from. For the longest of time. So yeah at the end when they gave the explanation, it was so sudden and the explanation was so short it wasn’t funny. Not to mention they didn’t even explain clearly even until the end so it ends with a lot of questions in my head.

Unless they’re gonna make Tsukumono 2 (hope not) then I do think this eroge ended with too many loose ends that are not tied up.

Since this is a tentacle eroge, you can expect lots and LOTS of H scenes and rape scenes. There isn’t any harem scene really (well there is one but you aren’t doing any of the inserting) but you do get H scenes from other characters if you’re in another girl’s route so don’t think you’ve gone to the wrong route when it happens.

Oh and this is contains a LOT more fantasy than it looks so be prepared.

I suggest you play Amane’s route first and leave Kanatsu and Sae’s route at the end. That’ll be more interesting in terms of how the story goes.



香崎 巡 (Kyouzaki Meguru)

Don’t be fooled by the picture, he actually looks a lot better than that. *digs around*


There found it. In any case, he’s a donkan protagonist and a huge coward. He tends to run away from reality and is very afraid of change. Though he is still a normal guy. Because of Maro though, there are some routes where his personality changed a lot. His family died when he was young and currently lives with his cousin Sae who takes care of him. In the art club for some reason.


麻呂 (Maro)

The creature that somehow is in Meguru. He’s a cool dude who speaks in the old kind of japanese. His motive for being here? To f*** all the girls! YEAH! WOO HOO~

Ignoring that, he has a past of his own and there are many mysteries surrounding him. Though most of it is answered, some were too short to be satisfying



宮倉 天音 (Miyakura Amane)

The bright osananajimi chara. Don’t ask me why her head looks like the top of a plant/fruit because I have absolutely no idea. Her results are very good, but she’s a very clumsy girl (trips over all the time). She gets angry (or cute tsun I should say) whenever Meguru looks at other girls. In the art club.


Sugiuchi Sae

杉内 紗絵 (Sugiuchi Sae)

Avery nice character in this eroge. She ‘s teaching in the school where Meguru studies in. Very popular teacher since she’s pretty. She lives together with Meguru and is his Teacher/Sister/Mother character.



大野 花夏 (Oono Kanatsu)

A quiet and mysterious classmate. She’s usually in her own world but for some reason, she shows interest in Meguru. Her route is nothing like what you’re imagining right now just by looking at this picture. It’s highly deceiving. She’s a little like a robot that doesn’t really know emotions.

Nice bodies ftw.


岸田 椎奈 (Kishida Shiina)

She’s a model and a student. She’s usually friendly to Meguru but all is not what it seems. She’s also a member of the art club, but she doesn’t go often since she’s busy with her modelling.

Me wants hugs too ='(

Kudou An

工藤 杏 (Kudou An)

The loli who always follows Shiina around. Goes on デレmode whenever she’s with Shiina. But when she’s alone, her rage and ツン powers are a sight to behold. Her speech a little off and always add わけ at the end. So it’s like べーだわけ. =_=;

.... /me stretches hands towards the pantsu


香崎 深鈴 (Kyouzaki Misuzu)

Another one of Meguru’s cousins. If Sae is the oneesan type, then Misuzu is the wild girl type. Even though they are of the same age, they behave differently. But Misuzu’s past was vastly different from Sae’s so who can blame her? Loves making fun of meguru or amane. She’s not very good at showing her true feelings. Probably my favourite character because she’s really cute.


So we got the title page.

Title page

Cute little title page but no amane doesn’t show up even after you finish the eroge. Sadly.

CG mode

Well nothing special about the CG mode (and there are too many spoilers) so im not showing it. It’s the exact same thing as Seinarukana though and you get a voice comment on every CG which are usually hilarious.


Ignoring maro’s ever so noble goal, we look at the text box. It’s nice and transparent with colored words for different characters.

Study time -_-;

So this is the kind of screen you’ll get when Meguru is studying. It splits into one small window and one huge character at the right. Only the right will change it’s posture. Interesting though I don’t really see the point.

Text controls

The text controls can be accessed by moving your mouse to the bottom right. They are the usual controls and you can lock it so that the controls don’t disappear.

Menu controls

Here’s what I call the menu controls. Here you can access all the usual bigger options such as returning to title, going back to choices and the config menu. You can access it by pressing the spacebar.


here’s the confiig menu. It doesn’t really have that many options but you have to click the button anddd..

The real big config

There you go a whole lot of settings to mess around with.


The choices were very straightforward. I doubt you’ll have any problems there.


The backlog wasn’t anything special BUT what was special is that it blurred the background. Which makes it a LOT easier to read and saved my eyes from torture.


Save screen is exactly the same as seinarukana too…

I know it’s kinda bothersome to change the engine, but at the very least don’t make it look so similar………………

CG and Animation


The art for this eroge is actually one of the main reasons why I chose this. Xuse’s art was pretty nice in seinarukana and it they didn’t slack on this. The Cgs varies from bright and happy ones to dark, evil ones. Though I swear, since this eroge focuses so much on H, that they put a lot of effort into the H scenes. God. They were aweshum.

Wasn’t any animation except for the random vibration so nothing much there.


For an eroge that took me only 14 hours to complete, it sure has a huge variety of tracks. Thankfully they didn’t use the same tracks as seinarukana (whee sarcasm).


There were a lot of dark themed tracks. Some which were really interesting and I could think of countless ways to use them. I guess it’s a nice find =D

H scenes

I know you guys are waiting for this. So for that I present to you my favourite character with tentacles.


On the contrary, there wasn’t actually a lot of H scenes for every character. There was about 3-5 H scenes with the 5 being shiina’s and an’s route. There are other H scenes other than the main heroines but there ain’t a lot.

Of course you’ll get to savour the pleasure of listening to your favourite girl scream in fear, but personally I prefer them to have fun so…

Heck who cares as long as it’s nice. Therefore here comes another tentacle picture.

For the lolicons!

Last Word

This isn’t a game for everyone. You gotta accept rape (well Im sure you all do but don’t do it in real life please) and that this isn’t a lovey dovey eroge. It’s pretty dark.

That and there are loopholes in some places. What’s most important though is the fact that you may not be entirely satisfied with the ending. After taking all these factors in and you still got the burning desire for the white-snake-in-your-back tentacle rape, I say go for it.


Get ready for some more tentacles.




12 thoughts on “つくもの ~やどりぎロマンス~ Review

  1. I don’t get the ‘rankings’ either. Even if you split apart the ‘dark’ titles, it still doesn’t make sense. Oh well, I’d trust Getchu’s rankings more than this.

    • its actually based more on the western sales so yeah getchu is very reliable when it comes straight from where it came from yeah… since accany told me the first place was so yeah it gave me a glimpse of what was the sale basis

  2. “they tend to lack in story and becomes a huge f*** fest”

    Hmm… iduno, maybe I’m missing something here, but isn’t that the ultimate goal of any eroge? I mean if you want a decent story, wouldn’t it be more logical to watch some regular anime and/or read manga?


    • nah theres a thin line what makes an eroge from sexfest to drama you know its like comparing key to atelier kaguya so on and so forth innocent grey games to tentacle games

    • Eroge is just a collection of games that are classified as 18+ due to content. You can write a game with a few H scenes and it can still be tasteful. H scenes aren’t the ultimate goal of every eroge.

    • Yes. There are a lot of eroges out there which are a lot more interesting that animes IMO since they go a lot deeper into the story.

      The main reason why I quit anime and manga is because even after hundreds of anime and manga, only a few had an actual solid story with all the others being harems, story cuts and plot hole fests.

      • I can’t agree more to this. Lately I’ve found VN and eroges are a lot better than general anime in term of story.

        Maybe another reason is I could enjoy different kind of styles in within just a month while watching anime/manga took at least half a year for it to finish.

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