花と乙女に祝福を Review

The first eroge I completed for the new releases.

I miss this genre. It’s always good to have a laugh over eroges like this.

Hana to otome ni shukufuku o




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ensemble

Scenario =  じんべい、籐太 (Ayakashi makers)

Artist =  武藤此史、igul

Genre = Gender hiding princess school life romance

What’s so special = Animeish art, Classy girls (maybe -_-;), TRAP PROTAGONIST, flowers


Cute little eroge. I like stuff like this cause it’s really funny to me. Looking at how the protagonist suffers and hides his true gender always make me laugh. This was pretty good for that genre. It did make me crack more than a few times. XD.


ensemble? Who the heck is ensemble. Cause I have no idea. This is their only work that has been made. That said, since the scenario is made by the dudes who did ayakashi, they probably met while doing stuff for apricot? I can only guess. Unless someone has the concrete info. It was interesting though. I’ll be keeping an eye out for their stuff.



Soo here we GOOOOOOOOOO.

Sepia ftw.

You start off as Tsukioka Akira. He’s a normal dude living his usual life. Except for one thing. His twin sister is sickly and is in the hospital. She can’t go to school. Problem is that she’s been sick for too long and she may have to repeat the year, or worse drop out of school.


So his parents being the most zomg clever people in the world, decided to send him, the splitting image of his sister, over to the all girl’s prestigous school to go undercover as his sister and live her life for a while so that when she comes back, she can take his place without dropping out of school or repeating. Of course it’s a stupid idea and he resisted, but him, being someone who is easily swept away,  gave in.

So thereon starts his incredible life in a harem all girls school. 

Now just in case you’re wondering this ain’t no harem eroge (there is a 3P scene but ignoring that). It’s straightforward, so there is little possibility you can go wrong with the choices. 

There isn’t a true end or huge secret being revealed at the end. But rather the motive of this is to get you to like the girl, and then telling her that you’re actually.. a damned guy. So yes to that’s usually when the problem starts though there are some routes which are a little complicated.

The humor part exists though, it’s not W.L.O level but it’s enough to get you to laugh.


There are a few questiontionable points I found in the story. Since Akira wears bloomers for sports class, it obviously WILL be obvious to the other people that he IS a guy. Not to mention him changing in the same room with the girls, he should get a erection so…. bloomers + erection should be pretty obvious isn’t it? -_-;

Even with that said, it is still a pretty good romantic plot with all the usual climax and conclusions that thrives in every eroge. I find it’s story being not as interesting as 乙女はお姉さまに恋してる but heck, what is. At least it’s still an fun ride till the end =D


If you’re looking for a very detailed explanation of the charas, go over to the main site since they have along intro of the characters. I didn’t read it though. Chunks of text makes me fall asleep. Not when I’m motivated though.

I wish he was gettable... Damned.

月丘 彰/晶子 (Tsukioka Akira/Akiko)

So here’s the lovable protagonist and his sister. Let’s go with the protagonist first. He’s pretty average, but since he’s really easily swept away by the stuation, you’ll find that he becomes more and more of a girl deeper in the story. He is kind, a little donkan and also very hilarious. He’s so cute that sometimes he get’s uhh…… toyed with by everyone.

His sister is also quite a joke. Since Akira did go to replace her without her permission, everytime he makes a mistake (he makes pretty huge ones too) he gets shouted through the phone. She only appears a few times in the eroge but still, she’s a lovable character. Loves flowers a lot. Too bad it seems ensemble isn’t into incest…… I’m not too! Really!


名木城 都 (Nagishiro Miyako)

Akira and Akiko’s osananajimi. She’s a flower freak too. Same class as Akiko. She’s one of the key people in the story since only she knows about Akira. Oh and did I say she is a tsundere character? She’s very tsun towards Akira. Not so to the other people though. She’s rich too. And yes if you think she likes Akira, it’s so obvious that I won’t even bother trying to cover this meaningless spoiler.


宝生 聖佳 (Houshiyou Seika)

The richest and most powerful princess in the story. She’s the head of the student council and she has set her eyes on Akira on being the next head of the student council. Needless to say she bulldozes over Akira’s rejection and somewhat forces him to join her. She’s very bad in terms of communication, taking always the logically correct route of action but logically correct doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt people’s feelings. A loner chara. 


鹿島 志鶴 (Kashima Shizuru)

She’s one of Akiko’s friends. Same class as her too. She’s kind of the silent and clever type, but she’s a little weird sometimes. She’s an excellent artist, but that’s to artists though. Her… fetish? is kinda… extreme yeah so uhhh be careful. She ain’t what she seems. She got one of the biggest and fullest….. watermelons in the eroge. Yes watermelons. Yum.


藍那 祈 (Aina Inori)

The cute kouhai character in the story. She’s cute, but communication wise she isn’t exactly top class and therefore she’s a little lonely because she thinks she doesn’t have friends. She supports Akira a lot in the story and is a very lovable character IMO. 


佐上 薫 (Sagami Kaoru)

The vice president of the student council. She’s…… a playgirl. Yeah.  She likes making fun of Akira since his reactions are always cute and amusing. Behind that playgirl mask though is what I really like. Quite the mysterious character. She didn’t get as many Cgs as the other characters though… /me is disappointed.


山本 眞弥子 (Yamamoto Mayako)

She’s a cute little girl that’s a friend of Inori’s. Same class as Inori too. She’s very active and bright. A little…… clumsy, but heck that can be overlooked because she always smiles in the end. Btw she has quite a huge rack….


And here we go again.


We got the cute title page. Nothing too special here.


This eroge doesn’t have many options and there isn’t an individual voice volume control. Though looking past that, it lets you turn off the protagonist’s voice. Though I doubt you wanna turn it off. It’s a female voice anyway =D.


One thing is lacking from this. There isn’t a date time indication for the eroge itself. I usually use the eroge time to gauge where I went wrong but now I have to go through the saves by guesswork =/.

Text Boxxy.... Stop looking at her dammit

Text box is actually pretty well designed. It’s of the perfect transparency and the flower edges are actually nice. Though I got confused by the side bar since S usually is save but it turned out to be quick save…


Right clicking brings up this menu, which gives you the other more used options. I don’t use quick saves and I doubt I ever will.

Day indicator

You get a day indicator every day, problem is it doesn’t stay there. It stays for around 4 seconds? and then it flies away. It’s all a little too fast and I wish they made it appear whenever you wanted it to. Like putting your cursor on top or something. 


The choices are very straightforward. Problem is that some routes have a requirement and some routes are actually branches off another character’s route. So yeah the choices are straightforward, but the route paths aren’t.

CG and Animation

Beautiful. Just. Beautiful.

Awesome stuff.

As you can see, the art is bent towards the anime style, so anime lovers will definately love this. Actually I think this would make a great anime. Not exactly my taste though, since I prefer realism personally, but anime styles are nice in another way.

Animation……….. Doesn’t exist. Nuff said.


Decent tracks. Classical feel to it, but nothing too amazing. It’s typical, really. 

H scenes


*Nose bleed*

Cough. So you get quite a random amount of H scenes for every character. Some get 1 while others get like 5. It’s pretty unbalanced. They are all nice H scenes though and Akira’s voice is still on even in the H scene. So yeah. You know. That’s hot. Nothing too extreme though. Now, let me go and watch this scene one more time………………………..

Last word

Muhahahahahaha. Ok nuff of the lame laughter.

This is a nice eroge, I do think it should be one of the better ones this month. It’s nowhere close to 乙女はお姉さまに恋してる but it’s still interesting. If you have some spare time, you don’t know what to choose out of this month’s releases, this would be a rather good choice.

Though I’m pretty sure most of you are drowning in VC right about now. If you’ll excuse me, Tenshin Ranman awaits =D


See through shirts...... *drools*





Drunk girl party. Holy crap.

7 thoughts on “花と乙女に祝福を Review

  1. There needs to be an Akiko route.

    As you mentioned, ensemble is a new company under the Will brand. That includes Eternal, Fountainhead, Propeller and PULLTOP.

  2. 2022 here~ found this vn bcuz some random quotes from vndb…. Welp can’t read japanese tho… Trying finding hook code (or mtl)…..

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