So here we go. The verdict after the whole rapelay crap. Rape eroges are banned.

No idea how far this stretches to, if it affects stuff that looks suspiciously like rape but it’s not.

Personally I think this whole thing about rape eroges is seriously pointless. Not to mention that I find Rapelay being really boring. There are really epic stuff that contains rape. E.g. Swan Song, extravagenza etc. There are too many to name. Though there are a lot more pure rape eroges than eroges containing rape (there is a difference).

We will be seeing changes though, as it is already decided.

I hope it doesn’t affect the eroge industry too much (I can hope can’t I). We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. Probably someone will invent a workaround. They always do. If not…. Well we’ll have to live with it I guess.

Or maybe all the rape eroge lovers will go have a riot. Hell that’ll be interesting.

Edit: I forgot to mention. EOCS is a organisation that is self-governed. That means it’s not exactly an official body. So this decision isn’t set in stone. So yeah don’t give up yet people.

One thought on “Verdict: RAPE EROGES ARE BANNED

  1. There are quite a few companies that are outside the two ‘media morality’ groups. I expect some of the major companies (Mink?) might follow them and set their own internal standards.

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