100 Best Eroges


Asceai様 has graced us with his list of top 100 eroges.

If you don’t know who he is…. well you don’t need to know actually. He’s just another ero jiji hacker you find everywhere. Just that I argue with him (obviously friendly arguements) about eroges a lot and he’s also doing somthing for the AsuKimi project.

I have a few minor issues about his list as we do have pretty different tastes, a fact we both agree about. Though there is no doubt everything from his top 25 are all very epic eroges.

The videos are in ascending order so start with part 1 first. And yes he agreed to let me post about it =D.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

31 thoughts on “100 Best Eroges

  1. Very nice, thanks for those videos! I wasn’t bored one moment. I’ve played only a few of those games but I find it quite hard to believe that all of those 57 games that are on top are better than Fate/Stay Night.. ^_^

  2. …Cartagra, Narcissu, Umineko, and higurashi needs to be higher, and while I do love G-senjou (obviously, I’m on the translation team after all), I think that the side stories drag it down too much for it to be #1
    I also think that Fate stay night is over hyped, but even so, it deserves a higher place, should be higher than Ef, at least.

    But seriously, that’s A LOT of games. I’ve only played a little over 100 games myself (counting those short doujins)…Maybe I’ll get to that kind of place one of these days…

    • Ef latter tale to me was a lot better than FSN… at least to me.

      And that’s not exactly a lot. I think I musta broken the 150 barrier already but I don’t remember 1/2 of what I played before I started this blog (I formatted my computer >_>)

      • CORRECTION EF IS THE BOMB @_@ and it deserved just to be on the best other than FSN being to much hyped which however you look at it does no good. <_< then again its a doujin group and with that much fame that rival's ZUN is already a feat lol

        • 爆弾でたあああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I do like Ef, but when I played through the first tale I didn’t really feel anything, then I watched the anime and REALLY fell in love. Similar things happened to the latter tale, but I did like the latter tale a lot more than the first tale. And the anime failed to include Mizuki’s back story…(cry). It’s kind of like, when I was playing the latter tale and I saw what happened to Yuko, I was like “Ohh, ouch”. And when I watched the 6th episode of a tale of melodies I was /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~, absolutely chocked. So when I think of Ef, I remember how it could have been better than the anime and that made me rate it lower.

  3. Hi, I really hope I’m not asking too much but would you happen to have a list of those eroge in text file or something?

    I’ kinda new to this eroge thing so could you recommend some that would have english translation? (I dont speak/read japanese)

    Any help is appreciated


    • Meh it’s not my list, it’s asceai’s. I think he has it on a list since he picks out stuff pretty easily. Ask him over at #denpa on synirc. He’ll answer you I think.

  4. Umm, List, I didn’t as him but sat there and made this out of my own need:
    100. Gore Screaming Show
    98. Kao no Nai Tsuki
    97. Yoake mae (making)
    96. Koisuru Otome (making)
    95. Dies Irae
    94. Katakoi no Tsuki
    93. Cartagra
    92. Katahane
    91. Magic a Ride
    90. Eve – burst error
    89. Noel
    88. Shinjyu no Yakata
    87. Paradise Lost
    86. Serina (M)
    85. Bye
    84. Koi no Bashi
    83. Higurashi
    82. Sakura Strasse
    81. KIller queen
    80. Haru no Ashioto
    79. One
    78. Dear my Friend
    77. Kano Aozora ni
    76. Shizuku
    75. Saya no Uta
    74. Narcissu *m)
    73. Amatsukaze
    72. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
    71. Shikkoku no Sharnoth (nice)
    70. Ashita Deatta Shoujo
    69. Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu
    68. Kusari hime
    67. Little Busters (M)
    66. Muv Luv Alternative
    65. Flutter of Birds
    64. A profile
    63. Phantom – intergration
    62. Ashita no Kimi Autame
    61. Umineko no Naku
    60. Gun Katana
    59. Mindead Blood
    58. Fate?stay night
    57. Sekai de Ichiban na Koi
    56. Tenshi no Inai
    55. Kusari
    54. Gunjyou no sora
    53. Forest
    52. Kagerou Touryuuki
    51. Shinigami no Seppun
    50. StarTrain
    49. Kikajikake no eve
    48. Ikusa megami zero
    47. Ayakashi
    46. Sengoku Rance
    45. Tsukihime
    44. Gin iro
    43. Mugen Kairou
    42. Extravaganza
    41. Toki hako time capsule
    40. Kizuato *L*
    39. Doko he iku no, ano hi
    38. Ever 17
    37. 11eyes – tsumi
    36. Tsuyokiss
    35. Baldr Force
    34. Ef
    33. Scarlett
    32. Air
    31. 3days Michite yuku
    30. Natsu no tomoshibi
    29. Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo
    28. Sekien no Inganock
    27. Sakura Musubi
    26. Yumemi Shi
    25. Helo, world
    24. Aster
    23. Swan song
    22. Parfait Chocolat second
    21. Haruka ni Aogi
    20. Yukiuta
    19. Suigetsu
    18. Eien no Aselia
    17. Konata Yori
    16. Kazoku Keikaku
    15. Clannad
    14. Shoshite ashita no sekai yori
    13. Tapestry you will meet yourself
    12. Kira kira
    11. Symphonic Rain
    10. Sayonara wo Oshiete
    09. Sense Off – a Sacred tree
    08. Ayakashibito
    07. Himawari
    06. Baldr sky dive 1
    05. Saihate no Ima
    04. Cross Channel
    03. MOshimo Ashita ga Hare Naraba
    02. Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
    01. G senjyou no Maou
    Sorry, but I only type in what I needed for searching in Vndb, I do really like his ranking because I saw what I wanted to see. A bit shame that some like Yume Miru, Crescendo,Remember 11… were not here. Ever17, I liked it but, yeah, not as much as CChannel (hopefully it’s can be higher).

    As it’s quite scary that his Japanese is so good (like, how, Saihate no Ima some parts didn’t make sense to me so … hiatus).

    For the small letter like (M) or (making) plz don’t worry about it since I forgot what it actually mean (maybe M= music, so that mean I liked its Music???? )

    • Remember11 isn’t an eroge, and I didn’t think Crescendo and R11 was that good either. I liked Yume Miru Kusuri too, but only Nekoko though~
      Also, did you mean to cut off the titles? Quite few of the games had half its name cut off.

      • Well, there’s a bunch of other non-eroge titles in the list, including Clannad, Ever17 and Bye. The videos themselves specifically use the (often debated) term ‘Visual novel’ rather than ‘Eroge’ specifically so I could include these.

        Note that the list would actually be quite a bit different now; 2009 added a heap of titles to it and I also feel differently about some of existing titles. Not really planning on recreating the video until the next wave of good things are released, which may not be until sometime in 2011.

        • @Asceai: Just a little note on your list:
          = Part 1, I can’t find any game that named Serina that produced by Atelier Kaguya, I really like that Piano piece song, can you please provide the corrected name for it?
          @Asceai #2: How your list changed, I really hope to have some glances of it (maybe in encubed? I just love to see new stuffs you have read and what you think about it :D)

          @Choux: Well yeah, I typed as m watching the video without stopping, so basically the should be some typos and missing (but I think I putted enough pieces to search for it, really sorry for that.)

    • Thanks a lot, my internet is too slow to watch the videos.

      I’m actually a little dissapointed by the rank Saya No Uta got, i mean, it left me feeling horrible with the absolute lack of a “good” ending, but i found it really interesting and well written

  5. @blackhung

    Corrected name? It’s called ‘Serina’. That’s the name of the game. It has no other name. There is nothing else you can call it!

    http://www.a-kaguya.com/products_HB/serina/index.html (NSFW of course)

    Well, things like Mugen Kairou 2, Shinigami no Seppun, Hoshizora no Memoria, Kitto、Sumiwataru Asairo yori mo, Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai, Natsuyume Nagisa and lots of other things I’ve somehow forgotten that have been released since I made the list would be on it now, other non-new titles that were out before but I hadn’t played at the time and turned out to be pretty good (Sekai no Subete, Te no Hira wo、Taiyouni and others), titles would be pushed out of the top 100 due to no longer fitting (bye bye, Kanon, for example), some things like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien are higher up on the list because I put them far too low down the first time without realising, things like CARNIVAL that I’d completely forgotten about when making the original list… etc. etc. you get the picture. I’d have to actually do work to make the list again and there’s a bunch of things coming out in March so…

  6. Hi guys, can anyone help me?
    I’m looking for one hentai/ero/dating sim game. You run around the island or maybe its city with character – you can control him, see him from above, not very detailed but nice.
    You can have a variety of jobs that level up I think. Days are counting and I think somethink will happen when certain amount of days pass – horrible storm or wawe or something.
    There is a lot of girls you can have relation with – one girl will day but if you made plot with her her ghost will be in your room. One girl is robot. There is some teacher/maybe teacher, not sure/ that gets drunk every now and then. If you have special book something happens in library. There is cemetery, park and lot of places where you can go. Restaurant. Thats all I recall.

  7. ok im starting to think that most eroge makers hate women or are emotionaly unstable when it comes to women. because seriously.. I realy loathe those sadistic games n tentecles n eww o_o i know every1 has their vice but my god. mutilations.

    But im glad i was able to pick out the good ones within your review. thankyou very much. this is really great help considering iv just started playin visual novels n_n

  8. hello, im new to visual novels and I dont speak japanese so i was wondering if anyone could tell me which of these titles has been translated into english? thank you ^^

  9. No Chaos;HEad or Steins:Gate?! BLASPHAMY!!!……..but then I noticed the list was made before they were released….all is forgiven. =D

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