天神乱漫 LUCKY or UNLUCKY!? Review

Hmmm…. I have mixed feelings about this eroge actually.

A part of me likes it and another part….. fell asleep.

That and I was trawling through 93 gbs of tutorials on 3D modelling so yeah I’m a tad worn out.

That said let’s continue.

Tenshin Ranman




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ゆずソフト

Scenario = 天宮リツ (every yuzusoft eroge)、北川晴 (Asukimi and the upcoming Memoria)

Artist =  むりりん、こぶいち、セレビィ量産型(SD原画)(Ignoring the last one, the other two worked on all the Yuzusoft stuff before)

Genre =  Kami-sama unlucky fantasy school life romance

What’s so special = High resolution, very nice art, a lot of comedy and really cute charas


I was actually falling asleep near the end of the eroge since I lumped the two lolis together (Sana and Ruri) and personally I don’t like lolis much. I didn’t fall asleep exactly but I ended up alt tabbing and looking at tutorials before continuing. XD. I really should concentrate, but heck lolis are a little too……………………… unsatisfying. In any case, I managed to get through it.

Hurray for me.

Oh and if you’re trying to find a Natsuzora Kanata No.2, you’re barking up the wrong eroge. This isn’t anything like that.


I have already memorised Yuzu Soft’s eroges (no idea why). They are all pretty good eroges actually. Not good enough to be what you’ll call epic, but they usually are the better ones in the market. So going down the list, we have Bra-ban, ExE, Natsuzora Kanata. My favourite out of the lot still stands as Natsuzora Kanata because of how it was written and it’s way of reavealing stuff. I recommend you try it. It’s pretty decent. I’ll always be on the lookout for their eroges hoping for a 2nd Natsuzora Kanata.


Hmmm the story starts off pretty interestingly. To say the least.

And your loli sistar APPEARS

You start off with your usual unlucky schooling life as Haruki, our main dude. He’s normal in every way except for one thing. He’s got the most incredible shit luck ever. Cars run straight at him, he walks into poles, drop into manholes etc. So yeah you can see what kind of shitty life he has.

So he goes on to the school, meets his friends and does everything a usual dude does. Well a usual eroge dude anyway. And since it is the start of the new school year, he is in a class with some of his old friends and stuff like that. Not to mention he has a hot (and lazy) teacher.

After school, he returns home, a cafe. So yeah he meets with the usual waitress and his ero jiji father. No that’s still fine.

What’s not fine though, happens now.


Somehow, a parcel got delivered to his home.  And it has a 生き物chop on it. After a lot of funny jokes and a lot of pondering, they open the box and…..



Hmmm ok so a god was inside a parcel. Wow. Totally fine mate. That’s still fine. What’s unacceptable is what happens next.



Ok jokes aside, what will happen to this unlucky guy now?

Soooooo you should probably get the feeling that this eroge focuses more on the humor. It is ridiculously funny, even more so when the characters are already hilarious themselves. Not to mention when you add fantasy elements, it just goes off the scale.

However, when going into the character routes, it becomes pretty serious which is, IMO, too much of a change. Which is the reason I kinda fell asleep. It does have a pretty solid story though. With a pretty decent common trunk and better individual routes.

There are a few points in the story where they left some important points ou though which kinda nagged me since it kinda ruins the flow, but heck, maybe it’s just me.

No true end here so fire away at your favourite character.


Sub routes (2 of the less noticable characters) are also pretty nice actually and personally I adored the teacher’s route. They are, of course, a lot shorter than the main routes but they have a more realistic ending. Note: Every heroine in this story has something fantastical going on in their routes so… don’t go expecting something down to earth.

There are quite a number of explanations about all the god, unluckiness and some other stuff, but nothing too hard or lengthy that’ll kill your brain. If only they explained more about H… Maybe then I would enjoy this more =D

This eroge IS slightly draggy. I found Ruri and even Aoi’s route to be a little draggy. And I don’t mean it has a lot of content. But since Aoi is one of my favs, I’ll be generous and overlook hers XD.



千歳 春樹 (Chitose Haruki)

We should start this with the protagonist. So here he is. YES HE HAS A FACE \o/. In any case, this is Haruki. He has extremely bad luck. Son of a cafe owner. Has a cute loli sister. And you’ve guessed it, he’s kind, soft and a typical guy. Just that he’s a little stronger than the average person since he has been “trained” because of his unluckiness.

His hair looks like a pile of hay. Seriously.


卯花之佐久夜姫 (Unohananosakuyahime)

No idea why her name is so long. Sooo, she claims she’s a god and she’s here to save haruki from his unluckiness. She’s a hilarious character who always play with haruki’s feelings a little as his reactions amuse her. Pretty bright character who smiles quite a lot actually. She does have a serious side which she shows sometimes. Her speech is more of traditional japanese kind of speech.


竜胆 ルリ (Rindou Ruri)


Loli character. As you can see she isn’t exactly human. Bites Haruki a lot, but cliams  he tastes terrible. She views Haruki as her enemy since he’s close to Sakuya. She’s a little….. wild, so her way of expressing things are a little different. She is cute though. In that monotone voice of hers.


千歳 佐奈 (Chitose Sana)

Haruki’s little sister. One year younger. She shows her passionate feelings toward Haruki in a 20% Tsun 80% Dere attitude. Would probably be the best wife in the eroge. Excellent cooking and management skills (Onii san management). Whenever she starts uhhhh going high, her eyes would go ぐるぐるぐるぐる. Which is pretty funny. XD. Cute type of character with a fun personality.


山吹 葵 (Yamabuki Aoi)

Haruki’s osananajimi. She’s totally awesome and cute and EVERYTHING \(0_0\). Ok I’m just a fanboi. So she’s same age and class as Haruki. Pretty active and bright girl. Because of that she’s also pretty popular, but she rejects confessions for reasons unknown. A bit slow when it comes to love relationships. Worries about Haruki quite a lot.

Her Dere mode is quite a sight to see.


常盤 まひろ (Tokiwa Mahiro)

Here we go with the sub heroines. Mahiro is the student council president. 3rd year. Always does things with a smile. Has kind of a soft and gentle personality. She’s a little…. uhhh…. slow? Or should I say she’s a little 天然 side to her. Very nice character. Fun too XD. Her route was actually more interesting to me than the others TBH.


鳥羽 紫 (Karasuba Yukari)

The teacher in charge for Haruki’s class. She’s a little lazy and self centered, but still cares for the students in the end. She smokes, but hates smoking. Avoids doing troublesome stuff. She’s a little very S. Thinks that Haruki is some sort of gangster lol.




We got a cute screen with with animated rollover buttons. I seriously like the design of the name. It’s awesome.


The reason why this eroge is so beautiful. The resolution. Yes you’re still sane, you ARE SEEING 1280 x 720 RESOLUTION. YES.

What’s best is you can even change the reso to 4:3 if you want. Other cool options include changing the text box color, individual character volume tweaks and a shortcut menu telling you about all the shortcuts.

Save screen

Save screen. Simple, nice and very useful. You get around 90 save slots so I think that’s enough. Unless you save on a different slot every 5 minutes -_-;.

Now let’s go to the systems while playing the eroge.

Lazy so use this twice. XD

We got the cute text box and the date. Since you can tweak transparency of the box, there should be any problems. I like it. It’s simple.

If you notice, there’s quite a lot of buttons on the text box. You can move to the next choice (if you have already read it once before) or go back choices, skip auto stuff like that. The move on to next choice button saved me a lot of time. XD.


So when you immerse yourself into the eroge, introductions are definately needed. Yuzusoft went as far as to doing something like this. Pretty nice actually. After this they start to explain about the character and stuff like that. Blurred bg owns.

Day transitions

Day transitions are done with this blackboard. What’s fun about this is that there’ll be something new written on the board every day and it’s really amusing on some days.


So of course there are choices. But this time, Yuzusoft hopped onto another type of choosing. As you can see it’s very obvious which choice flags which character. Not to mention they even tell you where the event is gonna occur. And there’s the really cute SD animated chars =3

Typical choices -_-;

But they didn’t forget about the good old choices. Of course you can guess what I chose on this scene. XD.

CG and Animation

Sunsets are always so alluring
Soo…. The art is very good. No problems with the proportions or anything. Great shading and coloring. It’s just very nice, especially with the big resolution, it just looks even better. Excellent stuff.


Of course you shouldn’t forget the SD cgs which are hilarious and cute =3.


There are animation pieces all over the eroge. There are quite a lot of them. Really funny animations. All done very well.



The music mode is connected to the CG mode. So yeah.

The music is actually very fitting to the whole theme of the eroge. It’s all very nice and I’m using something from here as my ringtone now actually =3. Not to mention the op song is really addictive. God. Let me replay it again.

H scene



So the h scenes are very nice. There are repeated panting sounds if you get into a h scene but personally I don’t like it so I turned it off. H scenes are clumped at the back end of the eroge and they all happen within a pretty small time belt. Same old choices about shooting in or out.

There are some options that can lead you to something new though, like some choices before the H scene could lead you to a different clothed heroine.

Btw there’s a secret scene that gets unlocked after you finish the entire eroge. It happens sometime in June so look out for it.

Last Word

This eroge is one of the better eroges. It contains funny parts and does have a pretty decent plot.

Like I said at first though, it isn’t Natsuzora Kanata no.2. It doesn’t have the depth or mysterious air that is in Natsuzora Kanata. It is something totally different.

Everyone would probably enjoy it a lot, but if you’re talking about epicness….. Well it still lacks something.


Lol @ Sana's face






7 thoughts on “天神乱漫 LUCKY or UNLUCKY!? Review

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  2. I played through recently, and I have to say it’s one of my faves, but I think it’s the characters that stand out. In order to get attached to any eroge in particular, you have to fall head over heels for a character. (in my case ルリ)

    I think if you don’t like ruri, the game loses it’s edge. She is the only standout character really. Sakuya, while the “God” aspect is interesting, the character design came off a bit bland.

    HOWEVER the voice actress more than makes up for it. She, Sakuya, is using a stage name for it, but I could recognize from the getgo it was really 伊藤静 (Shizuka Itou) who is the seiyuu for MANY big anime roles like Lenalee Lee of D.Gray Man, Wilhelmina from Shakugan no Shana (and doesn’t her character resemble a mature Shana sorta?), and but above all Katsura Hinagiku of Hayate no Gotoku.

    She is definitely using her Hinagiku voice, who happens to be possibly one of the most popular anime females ever.

    that above all, is the strongest point of this eroge (and what has been making it sell like hell in japan). Personally I’m not much of a hinagiku fan (more Izumi/Nagi) so I hesitated to grab the game, but when I saw Ruri, her character design saved the day and made me ever so happy with the game.

    But since i have to go down other routes eventually, I’ve yet to go down Sakuya’s route, but when I do go down that path I’m sure I will be shocked to hear that pretty voice from my favorite animes make those noises… if I weren’t drooling right now, I’d fear for how I won’t be able to watch those animes in quite the same light… but the immense satisfaction more than makes up for that.

    • True, but however much I like a character, it doesn’t make up for the story. Unless you like blindfolding yourself and try convincing yourself that it’s good while it’s not.

      The reason it’s selling is definately because of Sana and not Ruri though. Polls proved that well enough.

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