Trample on“Schatten!!”~かげふみのうた~ Review

Wow. I finished this in…. one day.

Oh and if you guys noticed, things are getting out of hand. This may spell the end of the eroge industry. We can only hope that it wouldn’t be that way, but I personally wouldn’t play the same themed eroge over and over again. Pure love romance can only go this far. Ideas grow old. This is restricting creativity. Seriously. Retarded.

In any case with that said. I continue with the review.

Oh btw I didn’t expect this eroge to be so awesome. Really. Awesome.

Trample on Schatten!!

Awesome song



Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = TAIL WIND

Scenario = 雪乃府宏明 (his works weren’t that good last time, no wait they were rubbish -_-;)

Artist = 川原誠 (Swan Song artist. That should be enough reason to make you play)


What’s so special = Very nice character designs, Linear route, Very unexpected story twists, the focus on friendship. In short, everything is AWESOME.


First things first. This is an awesome eroge IMO, but not to everyone. If you cannot accept:

1) Rape

2) Blood shed

Don’t even play this. Seriously. I mean there is a lot of rape in the eroge, even if you choose not to see it. So yeah. You understand yourself the best =/. I personally didn’t like the rape, so I ctrled through those. -_-;


I’m just going to write the very first part of the prologue since it’s more interesting.

A girl is being chased by a monster. She leaps from building to building, running away from it. But it chases on. Crap. She jumps and lands on a faraway building. This time! It won’t be able to catch me.

As she said that, the monster flew and landed in front of her. Her hopes dimmed. She was ready to give up. Until. Her keychain spoke. “Get up, Start your story” (something like that -_-;)


Suddenly, she became all happy. And then, she jumps down from the building.

Forgive me for the lack of shots. I have no idea how to go back to the prologue.


In any case, the one word that can describe this eroge is


Seriously. You get what you normally find in shonen stuff. Stuff like friendship, fantasy transformations, epic battles. That factor alone made many interested (I admit I was a little too but that’s not the main reason why).

The main reason, if you ignore all the rape what if situations, is that it actually has a pretty concrete and interesting story with remarkable twists. I didn’t know what to expect right till the end. I didn’t expect it to be like a thriller. Awesome.

I didn’t expect it to be so fun. It’s just epic. First thing I thought was actually that this looked childish. But after close to 15 minutes, I was totally utterly hooked. Not many eroges do that to me. I swear! Don’t look at me like that! I’m not a hikikomori! (yet.)


But it still retains it’s comedy, a very important factor that makes you not fall asleep.

Point though. This eroge has only one main heroine route. You can consider all the other routes sub routes. Yes, that means there is only one actual heroine. It’s not a bad thing. Oh and the eroge is very very simple to play, so you won’t have to worry about walkthroughs and all that. I cleared it in a day without it so…

There will be some terms I will use, like Schatten (the monsters) and Zelkureder (the people who transform to defeat Schattens)


These are just pictures. No voice samples. Because I’m lazy, Imma only introduce the girls and the protagonist.


姫荻 愛作 (Himehagi Aisaku)

If any of you are wondering, I find his name hilarious. Very hilarious. Ignoring that, he’s your really stupid protagonist. Really he’s just… dumb. But his heart is at the right place and his brain does work a little better in emergencies. Lives alone in his huge lol japanese style castle house. His parents are always flying around. He goes through a lot in the story. Some which is very interesting.


キザイア・緋乃神 (Kizia Hinokami)


She is Aisaku’s senpai in school. Rumor has it she’s a princess of a country. She’s cold towards Aisaku because she thinks he doesn’t know anything about her, but can still say stuff as though he does. She’s very hot though. Hot blooded I mean. I doubt you’ll find a character close to her in any other eroge. She kinda… wild. She’s also one of the strongest Zelkureder.


恩田 芹果 (Onda Seirika)

Aisaku’s Osananajimi. She’s bright, epicly funny and has a huge bust. She also has the ability to have ridiculous fantasies that stun the people beside her. Lives together with her nii-san who works as the master of a cafe. It’s pretty obvious throughout the story that she has feelings for him, but since our protagonist is very dumb, he dosen’t notice it. She’s an orphan btw.


璃国 美衣奈 (Rikuni Miina)

She works in an orphanage together with her nii san. She is also an orphan. Weak physically, but her smile always bring warmth. She’s also a little in love with Aisaku. She can sense when a Schatten has appeared.


紺野 由貴 (Konno Yuki)

She is the girl that has never came to class for the whole year. When she came back though, she raged to those who bullied her last time since she’s a Zelkureder now. She’s very weak against cute stuff. And she’s really poor. Her goal is to be the strongest Zelkureder. Her specialty? Ninja skillz.


弥栄 ふうり (Yasaka Fuuri)

Used to be an idol. But something happened and she had to step down. She’s now a Zelkureder. She has problems when she turns into a Zelkureder though. Usually very shy and silent.


The simple and clean title screen.

Title screen

I know. It doesn’t look like the title screen to an action eroge. Lol.

Configgy is decent. You don’t really need to change much in this eroge actually. Nothing is really out of place.


Funny thing about this eroge. You save, but you don’t go into the save screen. Yes. It saves a slot everytime you click on save, but the only actual screen is the load screen. So you can’t overwrite saves, only accumilate them.

Load screen

There is a reason why you don’t have to worry about this though, which I will get to later.

Text boxxy is usual, just that the characters doesn’t move or change in expression much. The bottom left box is the one that mostly show their current expression.

Text boxxy

Now, Let’s get to the fun part.

This system resembles 11eyes’s cross vision.


As you can see it’s a pretty simple system. The characters have they’re own beads that you can choose to see if you want to go to their route. Watched scenes are the grey ones, pink are the H scenes, blue is the one you’re currently watching and the boxed beads are the ones you have not watched yet.

You can go back any time in the story to watch what happened last time and return back to your current scene. It’s very versatile and it doesn’t disappear after you end the eroge, which means the beads are unlocked forever once you watch them. There are some scenes that require other scenes to be watched before they can be unlocked.

CG and Animation

One of the most awesome parts of this eroge. There is a lot of animation and a lot of awesome cgs.

The animation is just. Very well done.


CGs that contain a lot of movement and they’re usually one color themed. Not to mention some of them had amazing perspectives and really nice concepts.


The character designs were awesome too. It’s like…… FSN meets Mahou shoujo meets masked characters.


That’s just how hot it is. Literally.



There are some really awesome music in this eroge. Really hot blooded music and personally I adored the ending song. It had a very nice feel to it.

You can listen to some tracks here.

H scenes

This eroge has a lot of H scenes for it’s length actually. There are quite some tentacle rape and What if? scenes. Most of them are meaningless and are there just because it’s supposed to be a eroge.

Since there ain’t any H Cgs that are safe. I won’t put any. Go around getchu and find some.

Last word

I enjoyed this a lot, much to my surprise. It had nice battles, nice music and a well written story. It’s probably one of the better ones this month and personally I think it may even be better than tenshin which bored me halfway through.

I’m not sure though whether this will be an eroge everyone will enjoy since some (points to Osaka-tan) didn’t like their characters being raped. I don’t mind either way as long as it’s not a rape fest. This borders closely to that, but if you just went for the main route and ignored most of the what if situations, it should still be very acceptable.


Holy Shi-





12 thoughts on “Trample on“Schatten!!”~かげふみのうた~ Review

  1. I heard some good reviews for this game. It got decent scores out of the May batch. Still not one that I’d play, but it seems like a nice pickup for those that are interested.

    All I have to say regarding those recent events and subsequent blog posts is: Fearmongering.

    • Well we can’t decide on what’s happening… I just hope they don’t go over the line and start attacking what I like.

      You’re fine though I guess… You can survive on pure romance alone =/

  2. Pure love romance can only go this far. Ideas grow old. This is restricting creativity. Seriously. Retarded.

    Imagine this game with all the NTR removed, or keep them girigiri with the main guy running over to save the girls, it’s still just as good. NTR is there because there are people ask for it, not because it makes the story better. yes, people like you.

    • I have enough pure love eroges already thank you very much. Unfortunately NTR does make some stories better e.g. SwanSong. But if you can’t even accept that fact, it is highly unlikely you would understand how it makes it better in the first place.

      I am, unlike you, not an idealist. I don’t believe in a world full of good and pure people. Oh and if you’re gonna say this is just a game, then you shouldn’t even be playing eroges. You’re trying to make the story suit you, instead of you reading the story.

      • …he wasn’t being agressive, he was just giving his opinion for your first line of the review, what did you expected when you start a review like that? if you gonna post something publicly even more with this kinda of tone keep in mind that others have rights and will point out and reply about it if they disagree of your “opinion”, so never state yours as a fact; so please, be less prepotent, since you tried to counter a reply that was never made and dont make those edgy assumptions again.

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  4. So, most, if not all, of the H-scenes are very insignificant to the story, and that they’re completely meaningless? They’re just there because it’s an eroge and there must be H-scenes? Lazy much? Hope to get an answer soon.

  5. So, most, if not all, of the H-scenes are very insignificant to the story, and that they’re completely meaningless? They’re just there because it’s an eroge and there must be H-scenes? Lazy much? Hope to get an answer soon. It’ll be interesting.

  6. “The character designs were awesome too. It’s like…… FSN meets Mahou shoujo meets masked characters.”

    The character design… it’s like Fate/Stay Night and Koiken Otome have copulated and give birth to this baby… xD

    Hinokami Kizaiah look like Rin Tohsaka, Saber (Artoria Pendragon), Yves Elaine Austin & Ichikura Chiharu were all fused together… I love that. xD

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