あやかしびと Review

There. I cleared one eroge in my backlog. Never actually completed this.

I really should cut down on the actiony eroges.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = propeller

Scenario = 東出祐一郎 (Bullet butlers, Chrno Belt)

Artist = 中央東口 (Angelos armas, Saya no Uta, Bullet butlers, chrno belt)

Genre =  Action packed fantasy fighting school life

What’s so special = Solid plot, a lot of action, lot of weapons, demons


Hmmm, it was pretty interesting. Wonder if I should go on to Bullet Butlers (which I never finished either). Been doing too much 3D stuff that I’m seeing stars now. In any case enjoy the review and refrain from dirtying your monitor. Oh and Ayakashibito is going for pretty cheap actually. Or you could spend more and get Ayakashibito, Bullet butlers and Chrno belt all together.


If there is an erogamer that doesn’t know propeller….. Well they should die. It’s a company that has some harem eroges but it actually got famous because of action eroges like Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers. It’s a very decent eroge company and personally I’m looking forward to きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも、 a LOT.


Awesome stuff over here. Not only because it contains lots of fighting, but because the story doesn’t get ruined by the fighting. I’m sure you guys can name a few eroges that just push fighting into the story and in the end it ends up worse than dirt.

So here we go with the prologue thing.


It’s a dark rainy night. An investigator sits on a chair, interrogating people who has known or has came into contact with Ryouichi, a suspect that has run out of this “hospital”. This hospital is special, for people who have dangerous ASSHS, simply said it’s people with abnormal powers.


This guy went missing, together with an unknown girl and somehow successfully escaped even with a shitload of guards on them. They have to chase him down, fast.

You’re Ryouichi, a guy who has managed to escape from the hospital. Together with a “girl”. His only goal, to live a normal life. Will he succeed with everyone on his tail?

That’s just a short teaser kind of thing.

Ok on with my opinions.

This eroge has a load of interesting fight scenes. They’re all pretty well written and don’t really feel draggy. Not to mention the cgs are used at the right times, so it does make things a lot more interesting.

There are also comedic moments everywhere in the story to keep you from dying of boredom.


One part is that it delves somewhat into the Japanese demons/Ayakashi. You don’t have to study actually but it would be better if you knew at least what they were so that you can relate to the story.

Unfortunately, there are NTR scenes and rape scenes. Be warned that if you don’t like them, don’t play this or skip through it. They pop up pretty randomly.

This IS a story that contains stuff about friendship, romance, fighting and fantasy. Bad ends exist. This isn’t all red and rosy, so be prepared for some high tension fighting. People die in this story.



如月 双七 (Kisaragi Soushichi)

Main character. The very kind, but very scary when angry character. He’s somewhat…….. a natural airhead. Takes care of Suzu a lot. Pretty proficient in fist to fist fighting. Cries over the smalles thing.


如月 すず (Kisaragi Suzu)

Mysterious girl that follows Soushichi around. She hates all other humans except from Soushichi. She claims she is Soushichi’s older sister, but doesn’t act like one, more like a little stubborn girl. XD. Has amazing powers. Feels that Soushichi is always too kind and a little too naive.


一乃谷 刀子 (Ichinotani Touko)

Swordmaster. She’s also a member of the school council in Kamisawa Gakuen. She and her brother has quite a lot of secrets. Kind and warm would be the two words I would use to describe her. Still she goes hysterical over some things (ecchi). She’s really scary when angry too.


トーニャ (Tonya)

One heck of a cute girl. *Sigh* She’s quite the Tsundere. Russian. Also a member of the school council.  Her Dere mode is something to behold.



She’s extremely cute. Seriously.

She uses a whip like thing to attack. Fast, accurate, deadly. She’s also pretty cold and calm at most of the other times and is very intelligent. Suzu and her are like total enemies. Lol.


One more cute SD before we go on.


飯塚 薫 (Iizuka Kaoru)

Dominion (ASSHS Expert chase team) commanding officer. Her specialty is shooting without bullets. She knew Soushichi when he was young. A serious person. She does have her reasons for joining Dominion though. And she does have big assets =D.


Let’s GO!


Simple and nice title screen. I seriously like how they drew Soushichi and Suzu holding his “hand”. That’s art for ya.


Configgy had all the usual settings. Nothing too special, but it’s nice how they made it all in one page. I’m lazy to go through pages of configuration. There are quite a lot of fonts to choose from for fussy people.

Save screen

Save screen. Simple and clean. Since this eroge doesn’t go by dates, so there isn’t a need for that.


I swear Tonya is effing awesome.

In any case, the text lies on a dark alpha gradient, so there should be much problem since it should be distracting. It has most of the typical buttons too. It’s lacking the save button though.

By clicking on the last right button, you bring up the menu.


This is the other options like save, load and title.

Transition screen

This is the transition screen. It is animated and is pretty cool how the text comes in. Problem is when you see it for 20 times, it kind of grows old srsly.

CG and Animation


Now this is something I didn’t expect. It doesn’t have any animation except from the obvious crossfades and some typical wipe effects (if you don’t get this go read up on some editing effects). But still, it manages to bring out the tension of the fight right to you with the whole lot of cgs.


There are quite some variations in the CG and it’s pretty damned hot to see them fight.

I do have a little problem with the proportions though. Seems like some of the CGs had proportion problems which kind of irritated me =/



All pretty actiony tracks. Not that it’s a bad thing for an eroge like this. Nice tracks yes.

I was surprised though that the ending song is English. To be honest I couldn’t discern the words. >.>

H scenes

Tonya is just too awesome

Like I said in the story part, this eroge has NTR and rape scenes everywhere, so be prepared for some hardcore stuff. There’s even some sort of bondage -_-;

Of course, most of those aren’t on the main heroines, so if you want your heroines to be “pure” you may be able to have your wish =P

H scenes were nevertheless hot. Very hot. Voices were hot, drawings were hot and there’s a huge amount of them. Fap your hearts out.

Last word

Really nice eroge. Didn’t regret playing it. I do wish it could have done away with the pointless H scenes, but heck I’m not the writer anyway.

If you like actiony eroges, this is definately for you.





I forgot the name of this


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