About the eroge “ban”

For the lolicons!

(Picture has nothing to do with the topic. I just found it funny to put this)

Just a note to all of you out there who are raging over this issue.


No one said that this is going to be EOCS’s new regulation. It’s the shop that decided to ban it.

EVEN IF they ban those words, what are the chances of like 50% of the eroge industry going out of business. Especially when EOCS is formed by eroge companies too. Who the hell would destroy themselves. I was pretty hysterical at first (shouting at Zen and Micchi XD). But after a while, it all sounded stupid.

It’s probably impossible for this rule to be passed. Even if it IS passed, that’ll just make EOCS chops lose their credibility since quite a lot of companies would have to leave the EOCS.Maybe even set up their own organization. Heck that’ll be much better.

So in the end. Let’s just sit back and watch the show. =D

4 thoughts on “About the eroge “ban”

  1. yeah the matter will clear and business will resume as usual as soon as the issue fades away from public attention.

    this would never happen had some dude not cited rapelay in the british parliament

    • if you think deeply about it eroges revolves around fetishes and remove those fetishes it would become neither of the both that includes VNs seriously the setting itself is already asking for a fetish

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