The current English eroge industry


So as the topic title says.

As there are a lot of changes in the english eroge industry recently, it would be wise to make a post about it to sum some points up.

Though I personally don’t touch english eroges, it’s always good to know that the english eroge industry is heading towards a better future.

Current Companies

Peach Princess/JAST





Recently JAST partnered with Nitro+ and plan on releasing Demonbane and Jingai Makyou next year. They set up a website too.

Suika A.S+KiraKira

Both Suika A.S+ and KiraKira got released by MangaGamer. I’ve heard good things about Suika and average stuff about KiraKira. Translation wise. Story wise both of them are great eroges. Very different in context so it’s hard to compare stories.

Also, MangaGamer is translating one of the most amazing doujin games to ever be produced, Higurashi no naku koro ni.

Hgamez is a new eroge company that just popped out of nowhere XD. I have no information on it except that they are working together with Underlip, an eroge company that haven’t bothered to update their site for a year. Underlip eroges have NTR content and is really not my kinda eroge, but I’m sure they won’t just stick with one company.

Stuff that happened in AX 2009

No I wasn’t there, but there was someone there who typed out what the people where saying, so we were looking at what was being said live (and discussing about it XD). Big thanks to zalas for this.

Here’s a few interesting points

First the JAST panel, they were pushing their products at first so nothing special there. Then they talked about the co-op with Nitro+:

22:23:11 <JAST> Nitro+
22:23:32 <JAST> Demonbane
22:24:51 <JAST> In 2010, Nitro+ meets JASTUSA
22:25:18 <JAST> We’re happy to announce that we’ve started a partnership with Japanese entertainment company Nitro+
22:25:47 <JAST> You may know them from Phantom of Inferno, the video you just saw is from zanmataisei demonbane
22:26:07 <JAST> and they’ve also produced games like gekko no carnevale, most recently sumaga
22:26:14 <JAST> and Chaos;Head
22:26:23 <JAST> Our first game from them is going to be DEMONBANE
22:26:26 <JAST> Nitroplus English Project No. 1
22:27:39 <JAST> coming most likely in early 2010 is our goal
22:29:42 <JAST> Jingai Makyou
22:29:54 <JAST> Which is another really successful game in the Nitro+ franchise
22:30:17 <JAST> This is another game with some occult elements
22:31:03 <JAST> Nitro+ produces incredibly high budget and high quality games
22:31:14 <JAST> We’re confident we can represent nitro+ adequately in our partnership with them
22:31:20 <JAST> We have at least one other game, more details in the future
22:31:33 <JAST> We’re planning on doing many more assuming reception is strong
22:31:41 <JAST> We’re planning to get both of these out before AX

So I have in interest in what that other game is since the sumaga translation is going on, though someone told me that they’re contacting JAST.

Now for MangaGamer. As you all should know, there’s a fan tl going on with Higurashi no naku koro ni by the sonozakifutagotachi twins. I am interested to see what will happen from now on.

They started with a long intro about eroges, in which some parts of the explanation made me go -_-;. And yes they were pushing their products too. Though considerably less obvious than JAST.

In any case here’s the juicy bits:

22:44:34 <MangaGamer> 2 days he was all drunk and…
22:44:51 <MangaGamer> For those already been in mangagamer booth, we will be releasing games from Navel
22:45:07 <MangaGamer> Titles such as Shuffle!
22:45:44 release date believed to be in late summer, but come by the site to see when it’s released
22:45:58 we’ll also be localising other Navel games as well

What the hell happened to Oretsuba. Shuffle! is old and cliched. ~.~

22:46:12 <MangaGamer> We’ve also acquired THAT famous duojin game
22:46:50 <MangaGamer> Very popular title in Japan, Higurashi no Naku koro ni
22:47:03 <MangaGamer> It’s not an erotic game though
22:47:54 <MangaGamer> For titles to be 18+, doesn’t necessarily have to be involving sex
22:48:08 <MangaGamer> If iit’s a title adults can enjoy, will want to bring to us
22:48:19 <MangaGamer> in the future we would like to bring over manga
22:48:28 <MangaGamer> oriignall doujin versino being released
22:48:41 <MangaGamer> thinkiing of releasing in two parts, 4 chapters each

They didn’t state the ETA though. Mion was in the IRC channel at that time while we were discussing and she did say that she emailed MangaGamer about the possbilities on working together. So MangaGamer if you’re reading this, READ YOUR EMAIL. I do think their tl is excellent since they spend a lot of time on it. Don’t think it’ll affect the projects that I’m in though, no one works with Akabeesoft2 or Purple software ~.~

22:50:15 <zalas|MangaGamer> (ai sp@ce)
22:50:33 <zalas|MangaGamer> how many of you know aisp@ce?
22:50:57 <zalas|MangaGamer> we would like to release english language version, still in process in deciding what to do
22:51:06 <zalas|MangaGamer> It’s a metaverse, like second life
22:51:25 <zalas|MangaGamer> Hatsunejima is set in 3d life
22:51:32 <zalas|MangaGamer> You can live there .. with.. bishoujo
22:51:45 <zalas|MangaGamer> also Shuffle and CLANNAD and Akihabara

/me facepalm. Ok………. an english aisp@ce….

Here’s the most interesting part:

22:54:10 <MangaGamer> Q: Asking about EOCS limitations
22:55:14 <MangaGamer> A: I think there should be some sort of regulations, but I think it’s about making restrictions about avoiding extremes. Right now there’s talk in law about child pronography law applying to images and might apply to anime as well. I think that’s going too far

I salute you!

And this, is what is most important to translation teams:

22:55:59 <MangaGamer> Q: Lots of fan translation out there, what efforts are there to work with fan translators?
22:57:02 <MangaGamer> A: I think it’s a case-by-case situation. We don’t have any ideas like fan translations are bad. If we’re able to use that and get it at a relatively affordable price. Might be able to release video games at lower prices as well

But, we discussed it over at denpa and noted some really important points that should be considered when doing this:

[14:57]    <MionFutago>    so write us back! we’ve done lot of work!
[14:57]    <Accany>    Hmmm
[14:58]    <Accany>    Relatively affordable
[14:58]    <Accany>    How much is relatively affordable..
[14:58]    <MionFutago>    that’s what I’d like to know
[14:58]    <Accany>    fifty dollars
[14:58]    <Accany>    XD
[14:58]    <MionFutago>    at the moment “enough to pay my bills while I do wata” would be nice…
[14:58]    <chronotrig>    wait, are they gonna buy your translation then?
[14:59]    <chronotrig>    lol
[14:59]    <MionFutago>    that’d be NICE
[14:59]    <Accany>    Well if you’re just tling alone mayhaps
[14:59]    <Accany>    But if you like have 7 people on a project it’s going to get messy
[15:00]    <chronotrig>    true
[15:00]    <MionFutago>    hm? iin what sense?
[15:00]    <chronotrig>    Witch hunt couldn’t do it
[15:00]    <Accany>    How are you gonna split the cash?
[15:00]    <Accany>    lol.
[15:00]    <MionFutago>    ah, coordination
[15:00]    <chronotrig>    who gets paid? not something you want to be argueing about
[15:00]    <Accany>    Exactly
[15:01]    <MionFutago>    for us, the question becomes how to compensate consultatnts & testers
[15:01]    <chronotrig>    lol, there are a few people we have, very good people, but they’ve only been with us for a couple months
[15:01]    <Accany>    So yeah stuff like this is tricky
[15:01]    <chronotrig>    and several people left the group
[15:01]    <MionFutago>    yup
[15:02]    <Accany>    You can’t please everyone
[15:02]    <MionFutago>    though our core “futagotachi” is simple…
[15:02]    <chronotrig>    but lol, they’d only be paying me to stop translating
[15:02]    <chronotrig>    like I’m doing this for the money… <.<
[15:02]    <MionFutago>    heh
[15:02]    <MionFutago>    …I’m thinking alongthose lines cause of, well, cash-flow issues…
[15:03]    <Accany>    XD
[15:03]    <MionFutago>    and hell, put a lot of work into the game engine too
[15:03]    <Accany>    What I wouldn’t like is to give them the TL and have they change ot
[15:03]    <Accany>    it*
[15:03]    <Accany>    Wouldn’t that be…
[15:03]    <Accany>    bad =/
[15:03]    <MionFutago>    eh
[15:03]    <chronotrig>    lol
[15:03]    <MionFutago>    well, it depends
[15:04]    <Akipon>    I don’t see how this could work
[15:04]    <MionFutago>    not like we think our work is the absolute cat’s meow…
[15:04]    <Akipon>    The whole “paying ppl” thing
[15:04]    <Accany>    Too many problems yes
[15:04]    <Accany>    Unless it’s going to be this way
[15:04]    <Accany>    You get contacted by the company
[15:04]    <Accany>    they REQUEST you do the script
[15:04]    <Accany>    and they settle the money stuff BEFORE you tl
[15:04]    <Accany>    Then maybe yes
[15:04]    <Accany>    lol
[15:05]    <MionFutago>    yeah…
[15:05]    <chronotrig>    that’d be nice……
[15:05]    <MionFutago>    *sigh*
[15:05]    <Akipon>    Man
[15:10]    <MionFutago>    I’d guess that “oh, fan translations? sure, we could do something” mainly applies to not already licensed stuff…
[15:10]    <MionFutago>    dang, they must’ve been working on higu already
[15:10]    <MionFutago>    if they’re going to release the first 4 in Oct (apparently)
[15:11]    <chronotrig>    I wonder about the word ‘chapters’
[15:11]    <MionFutago>    heh
[15:11]    <chronotrig>    are we sure that means ‘arcs’?
[15:11]    <MionFutago>    I’m pretty sure
[15:11]    <MionFutago>    amusing thought tho 😛
[15:11]    <MionFutago>    …I hope they write us back soon….
[15:12]    <chronotrig>    …part of me wants to ask about Umineko…but part of me wants them to ignore us…
[15:12]    <MionFutago>    yeah…
[15:13]    <MionFutago>    well, might be playing my hand by contacting them, but…
[15:13]    <MionFutago>    I think it’s good to check
[15:13]    <MionFutago>    I wrote a nice polite email
[15:17]    <MionFutago>    hmm
[15:17]    <MionFutago>    well, guess that’s it for tonight
[15:18]    <chronotrig>    glad someone asked the fan translation question…
[15:18]    <MionFutago>    yeah
[15:18]    <MionFutago>    not specific, but understandable if other groups wanted to keep under the radar
[15:20]    <Accany>    lol
[15:20]    <Accany>    Well this is a good move
[15:20]    <Accany>    I think
[15:20]    <Accany>    Maybe
[15:20]    <MionFutago>    hope so
[15:20]    <Accany>    At least there’ll be more english eroges on the market
[15:20]    <Accany>    Which is the main point anyway
[15:20]    <Accany>    Though I doubt anyone doing the tls would complain about too much money
[15:21]    <MionFutago>    that was interesting, slightly enlightening..

Hmm wonder what would happen from now on…. Things are changing pretty quickly these days.

3 thoughts on “The current English eroge industry

  1. Speaking of translations, making any headway on that third script file? *nudge nudge*

    I know the size of the second day freaked you out, but there aren’t anymore scripts that size in the common route, and only a couple in the entire game.

    • Yeah, going to actually start on it soon, I didn’t have much time because of my internship. It’s ending soon though, and I have like a month of free time so I can tl freely.

  2. lol an english aisp@ce now thats what i want to hear not that i am willing to play it since i have a nico account… and now i want to see a team translating august works lol <_<

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