Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ Review

After OniUta flipped out on me I didn’t know which eroge to choose. So I chose a moe one.

I  was tlcing G senjou too much so I couldn’t spend too much time playing -_-;

Oh and I started a little Sumaga special. My 10 minutes verdict? SUMAGA IS AWESOME.

Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = SkyFish

Scenario =巳無月、素浪人、他 (SkyFish eroges)

Artist = 蔓木鋼音(SkyFish eroges)

Genre =  School life magical romance

What’s so special = Moe characters, Tsundere, Yanderes, decent art, uhhhhh cute pets?


I couldn’t count the amount of times I fell asleep playing this eroge. Maybe because I get bored off repititive storylines and small and cute moe characters don’t really agree with my tastes. I guess I need something with a better plot.


Let’s see… SkyFish is still a pretty young company, but they’re churned out a lot of titles in a short period. Stuff like Chaos region and Kiss yori saki ni koi yori hayaku. They’re pretty decent, though I think they need a better scriptwriter. Their main focus seems to be on smaller cute girls, which I have an urge of crying LOLI, but some of them aren’t, so I’ll refrain.


I can't get over why they called her 妹.

You start off as Kohaku, a japanese dude who, with his sister, went over to the magical country of water Vanchester Kingdom to study. Japanese are rare in the country, so everyone is pretty interested in them.


So while going to the school for the first time and getting everything prepared, a huge water pillar shot up from inside the school grounds.


Being a busybody hero, Kohaku rushed to the scene, to find a girl (Lime) being attacked by a water dragon (water spirit in the form of a dragon actually). So he went over and blocked the attack. Then, being the hero he is, he told her to run and he rushed at the water spirit.All would have ended if he attacked the true body of the dragon, but he didn’t as the girl before told him she wanted to save the spirit. So he decided to blow the magic containing the spirit.

A wonderful sight.

Luckily Unluckily, a girl (Prim) who was trying to find her sister and got caught in the explosion. Her clothes were… torn in the most strategic places. Of course, she blew Kohaku up due to embarrassment. =D


TBH, I wouldn’t say this eroge has story. It’ll be pushing it. Yes sure it has a plot, but they reused the same plot for 6 times and even though there are new stuff popping up on every route, you get bored when they go over to the same place for 6 times, fighting the same enemy.

The common path was the most interesting. I actually found reading their usual school life more interesting than the individual routes. >_>

The grand finale was…. a huge letdown. Really. I almost fell off the chair when it ended. It was boring. Really.


There is though, a lot of hilarious stuff in this eroge. Magic battles and stuff like that are extremely amusing. And of course, it has the whole mahou shoujo theme, so you can expect cute robes and staffs (with the exception of lime’s staff).

Most of the routes were repetitive and I found Lime’s route to be…. a little lame. I mean the content was pushing it.

So, in the end, I seriously think this eroge needs quite a bit of work on the story part. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree since they like this theme, but for me this is a letdown.  It is obvious though that the story isn’t the main focus of this story. The characters are. So yeah, I wouldn’t choose this eroge for the story.


The main reason why you should play this eroge is of course because of the characters. They’re funny, really cute and they look soft. XD. Of course, their whacky personalities play a part too…. \o/ Mintia.


六桜 琥珀 (Rikuou Kohaku)

Your not so average protag. Yes he’s kind. Yes he’s an idiot. Difference here is he ain’t a wimp and he actually has skill. And he’s a chick magnet. Though the 鈍感 attribute is always with protags. He is actually pretty good for a protag. The reason for him working so hard, is because of Hinana.


プリム=リナ=オクレイン (Prim Rina Oaklane)

Can you say Tsundere? TSUNDEREEEEEEE. In any case, she’s the ultimate classic tsundere in the eroge. Yes she says stuff like “べ、べつに好きでお前とやてるだからね?勘違いしないでね”. Lol. She is a white mage with excellent results. And her room is directly opposite Kohaku’s.


As usual for any tsundere, her dere side is a sight to behold.


ライム=ルナ=オクレイン (Lime Luna Oaklane)

As you can see, she’s Lime’s twin sister. I have no idea why they don’t look alike. She is however no Tsundere but another class of extreme altogether. Saying it here would kill the fun. She is always dere in front of Kohaku though. Black magic user. Her route was complete bs where it didn’t have a concrete ending and I didn’t even know whether it was actually an ending -_-;


I guess some people fap over this.


マリアフィア=シフォネーゼ (Mariafia Chiffonese)

She’s a very my pace girl. She has a penguin who is always with her and specializes in ice spells. Maria however specializes more in using spirits. She is an information center where rumors and stuff all go through her. Kind of a motherly character if you will. Or should I say mood maker.  She’s very cute even when she pouts =3. My second favourite character in Primary.




ミンティア=ミミット=ミディム (Mintia Mimitte Midmu)


My absolute favourite character. She’s downright cute. HER EARS/RIBBONS MOVE WHEN SHE’S HAPPY. OH MY GOD. I CAN’T TAKE THIS. *Nosebleeds*

She’s a little dere, but most of all she just wants to have fun. Her fetish is a little….. odd, but still she’s just amazingly cute. For the first time, I actually liked a loli. Not because she’s a loli though. Her personality is just too likable. 1 year older than Kohaku. She is however, one of the strongest magic knights in the school and she is no.1 in the school. Her magic is….strong. To say the least.




チャイム=ミルフォークス (Chime Milhawks)

Chime is one year younger than Kohaku. She’s uhh…. the most normal out of the other girls. A girl with dreams and love. She’s works in HolyBell, a restaurant, as a waitress. Her dream though, is pretty damned funny. And she’s pretty concerned about her breast size. And for some reson, her magic is really terrible.


This CG is too funny.


六桜 日奈々 (Rikuou Hinana)

Kohaku’s sister. She can’t see, so she uses that bird on her head instead as her eyes. That “bird” is a fire type spirit. And it doesn’t go well together with Kohaku. Anyway, Hinana has a very serious bracon. She’s literally in love with her brother. Though he doesn’t really know it. She is also very proficient in magic, but doesn’t use it much in the story. Her skeptical eyesight is the most amusing of the lot.



Why isn’t there a Serafina route. Sigh. MAKE ONE SKYFISH. MAKE ONE!


Nothing very special here, so we’ll just glance through it.

Title Screen

Title screen with all the usual stuff.


Config had all the usual options. Primary used the Exhibit engine, which was also used in Majisuki so it had a lot of window options. More details of the system over at the Majisuki review.

Extra Mode

The extra mode will be unlocked after you finish a route. The screen is very nicely designed =3.


The CG mode had a lot of cool stuff. It had all the backgrounds, all the character individually and even all the cute chibi versions. Cute /.


Primary has a very simple save/load screen with no thumbnails. Which is bad since I don’t really remember stuff by words. But, it has a shitload of slots. Not that there is a lot of choices in the eroge which requires them all to be used >.>;


Text box is nice and translucent with text that doesn’t kill your eyes. Oh and yes the whole system here is PINK. SEE THAT ZEN. PINK!

Transition Screen

Primary is actually pretty day focused. So you get transition screens depending on which route/choices you headed to/made.

=O Choices choices =3

So this eroge has it’s own system. It’s one which you choose the characters to partner with to clear requests. On sundays, you get to spend the time with the girl of your choice =3

I know. The guy looks damned old.

This is what the request would look like.


This is when you successfully cleared the mission. Unfortunately, you can fail the mission, though it’s not always a bad thing =3

CG and Animations


The art for this eroge is pretty good, with bright colors and nice shading. I personally love the SDs. They are so goddamned cute /

Since they used the Exhibit engine, there were a lot of animations. Not as much as Majisuki, but still a decent lot. The characters move around quite a lot too, especially Mintia’s ears and Puri Puri when she’s angry she bounces XD.



Music was… typical. Sure it was decent, had magical and upbeat tunes. There wasn’t anything AMAZING about it though. So yeah >.>;

H scene


Sure we got cute girls and all. Who doesn’t want a piece of them?

So yeah, the H scenes were nice. I didn’t find anything out of the norm except for Mintia’s fetish and Lime’s…. secret. It did make the H scenes more interesting though. There’s also onanism scenes for those who like them.

And for those of you who are wondering. UNFORTUNATELY YOU DON’T GET A PIECE OF HINANA. Well not in the literal sense. You don’t insert your dolphin at least.

Last Word

So… At the end I just want to say is that if you’re getting this eroge, get it for the characters and don’t expect much out of the story. Sure it’s fun. Sure it’s very interesting to see puri puri throw her tantrums. But still, I do think there are better stuff out there.

Not saying this is bad, but it’s… average. There is a bigger and better field out there people. XD.

Oh and if you were wondering why there ain’t a screenie section, cause I found out that there’s 29 pictures in this review already. You can fap to those >.>;.

3 thoughts on “Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ Review

  1. …. yan yan lime mmm….. lol <_< seriously personality wise she surpasses as one straight out dere and having a yan streak for an imouto… must be a pain for prim and its a classic failing at request is always not a bad thing…. yes you need a staple tentacles with mahou shoujos involved

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