~パンツを見せること、それが…~大宇宙の誇り Review

Lol…. Since I’ve been getting negative comments about tartlet, I moved on to a whacky eroge.

Needless to say, just looking at the title you should be able to guess what kind of eroge this is.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = WHEEL

Scenario = 反転星 (Frontwing dude famous for Sorauta and Megachu)

Artist = 憂姫はぐれ (Lots of random stuff. Most recent one would be that majong eroge by akabee)

Genre =  Humorous school pantsu fantasy princess loving life

What’s so special = Pantsu, Princesses, Nice art, A lot of humor/Slapstick


Well this eroge is just for me to laugh a bit after Stellar Theater went boom. Didn’t play tartlet cause a load of people told me it sucks >.>;. Anyway, I’ll be reliving もしも明日が晴れならば next. パンツは正義!


I won’t go through the flashback since it spoils the story somewhat, so I’ll start right from the beginning of the story timeline.

You’re Mamoru, a normal guy who ummm likes girls a lot. He lives a pretty normal (abeit a lot more pervertic than others) life. With his dumbass pervertic 女は正義! friend.

This is just too awesome. SNIFF MOAR.

So one fine day, after going into a fast food restaurant with his buddy, they were walking along the streets of town. Suddenly, a girl pops out in front above of him (Literally pops out) and he walked right into her….. well pantsu. Yeah. So obviously they fell down, with his head on her pantsu.

For a very obvious reason, she was extremely embarrased. But that’s still ok. Then, she and another girl with her asked if he was Kohinata Mamoru. Being a dumbass, he replied yes. Then, somehow, they teleported him to this really weird ass room.

There, was 4 beautiful girls (and an old butler). Long story short, they’re all princesses and they want the orb that is supposedly in his body.


Then, a lot of stuff happened, and the room blew up. Awesome. The room was actually underneath Mamoru’s house too. So needly to say, it blew up together with it.


Then, they…. ummm…. fix it up again. I think. Problem is they fixed their “home” together with his. So yes, now they’re living together.

Oh and about the orb, the only way to get it out is through…. you guessed it. Sex. What would happen now ? =3

Ok, now for my actual thoughts.

Do you even call this a club room

This eroge is totally off the bat whacky. I mean it is not serious AT ALL. I don’t think I actually found even one part of this eroge that actually bridged over to what you can call serious. Of course, this is a good thing since you don’t play this eroge for being serious, but rather for the laughs.

There isn’t any clear story except that all the girls are after Mamoru for the orb that is in him (Well except for one but she’s crazy so).

Fantasy elements too, plauge this eroge a frikin lot. There is magic and sci fi at the same time. So yes, there is those high tech gagets together with curses and fireballs.

Choices were extremely straightforward. I doubt you can even call that choosing though.


I would like to stress again though, that you should play this not for the story but rather for the laughs (Well of course for the H too). You can’t expect much story out of an eroge which has a butler stand in front of a fan and says “われわれは宇宙人だああああああ”.


One of the main points of playing the eroge, is because of these cute girls. Lillet and Rain are my favourites. Yes I know my taste is weird. Shhh.

Floraフローラ・ド・アークアデア (Flora.De.Arcadare)

She’s the oldest of the four sisters and the one with the biggest……. you know. A very my pace character. Slow and steady. Cares for her sisters a lot. She does behave like any normal girl does though like blushing and stuff like that. Also, her ero-mode is a force to be reckoned with.

Mariaマリア・ド・アークアデア (Maria.De.Acadare)

Maria is…. as she looks like, a tsundere queen. She’s probably the princess with the highest pride in the eroge and she looks down on Mamoru at first. Has an S streak in her. Minds her…. flatness a lot. But, as with every tsundere, she is absolutely cute in her dere dere mode. The kind of person she wanted to marry though is someone who is dirt rich and can save her planet.

Miriaミリア・ド・アークアデア (Miria.De.Acadare)

The shy and lonely princess.  She is loves food a lot and is also another very my pace girl. She’s a little afraid of people in general. Her cooking skills are……. let’s just say they are beyond this world yes. Oh and she has pretty big assets too.

Elenaエレナ・ド・アークアデア (Elena.De.Acadare)

What I call the evil loli. She’s a pretty devillish little girl who does black magic. Well it is expected from someone who went and summoned the most power devil alive. She’s an absolute genius. Though her………….. methods are a little…………….. extreme?

Lilletリレット・オルトフォン (Lillet.Ortofone)

The maid that takes care of the princesses.  The daughter of that whacky butler that you saw in the story section. She herself is beyond the boundaries of being just whacky too. Her actions are totally mindboggling and….. she doesn’t wear pantsu. =3. She has a very HUGE streak of M in her. Very huge. Awesome character. She’s so cute \o/.

Rainレイン (Rain)

Rain. No not from Baldr, get your mind off that rain. In any case, she’s the most powerful demon in the universe. She failed once though, and got sealed inside Elena. She also wants the orb that Mamoru has, so she lures him with her oh so sexy body. The reason why I like her is because she turns extremely cute in the end =D

Oh, and I don’t get why they drew PUPI when he didn’t even turn up once in the story. That’s retarded lol.


Ok here we go.

Title screen

We’ve got a pretty explicit (well not really but more than most) title screens. Nothing extremely special though, unless you’re just into starting at the pantsu.


5. Yes 5 pages of config that you can play around with. But since there isn’t any revolutionary system in this eroge, it’s just a very long list of all the typical settings.

Save screen

Save screen. Nothing too special here. I don’t think you’ll even get to use up the first page of the save screen though. It’s pretty short.


I found the text box design to be interesting at first, but the stars flawing at the side of the screen got a little irritating after a while. Nothing too bad though. Text was easy to see.


Right clicking would bring up this menu with a lot of options. One thing I found out though, is that if you scrolled by accident (like me), the backlog appears in the background. Then you can’t click on the menu buttons anymore until you scroll off the backlog. Probably just a miss on their part.

Ok now for how you choose your girls

Choices choices

So here it is. All ya need to do? click on the girl and you’ll get that heart shaped thing and an event with her (H event btw. It’s definately a H event). Keep doing that until you get 4 hearts and her story starts. I wasn’t bored enough to try spreading my choices out, but maybe you guys can try? =X

CG and Animation


Nice pantsu art. Good shading, nice use of colors and the character expressions were very amusing. Somehow, the art reminded me of Akatsuki no Goei. Motion blurs were done pretty darn well too. H scene skin shading was =3=3=3

Animation? hmmmm. Well it had the usual fade in fade outs and character movement while they talk kinda thing. Nothing too special.



Of course, what can an eroge be without music! So here we have it. A decent soundtrack, nothing too special but heck, it fits the theme of the entire eroge and qutie a few of them are quirky and funny tracks.

H scenes

/me pants

This eroge, like I said, focuses on two things. Being funny, and being erotic. You get tons and tons of H scenes in this eroge, so you don’t have to worry about it one bit. I counted roughly about 6 scenes per character and this eroge is SHORT. By short I mean you can clear it in around 10 hours.

The H scenes themselves were pretty well done with good (I wouldn’t say outstanding) with nice voices and erotic cgs. They also have a few close to extreme fetish plays so………….. well be careful =3.

Last word

The guy's face is aweshum

So the end. Was a pretty funny eroge IMO. Wish I had more of Rain though. I NEED MOAR. Anyway, don’t play this if you got your eyes set on an epic eroge. Just use this as a spirit lifter or something =3

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