14 thoughts on “G Senjou no Maou: Tsubaki English Patch out

  1. Will wait patiently for the full translation. Meanwhile I’ll content myself with simple to understand eroge. =w=

  2. Thanks again Accany. I earnestly hope you will have the energy and the desire to see through the whole game!

    I still don’t understand everyone why just dismiss god-tier eroge like “I just wait for the full version”, even though the partial patch contains a whole stand-alone route each.
    Back few months/years ago FSN or Umineko was the same (partial patches every few months, sometimes even ending in an inconclusive cliffhanger), but still the majority of the people downloaded it as soon as there was a new partial patch. However both G-Sen both Cross Channel, despite being one of the highest rated games by both japanese and both western players, they just gets the same reaction: “I’ll download the TL patch when it’s finished”, even though it’s completely enjoyable and the partial patches only vaguely related to the other routes.

    Additionally I imagine, it motivates the staff too if they are being complimented on their quality and by appreciating the partial releases with such a simple thing like trying it. Not to mention that they help the QC/proofreading staff by finding a few typos too, and thus lessening the weight on their shoulder.

    • Unfortunately, I’m not going to be in the G senjou team anymore since they have found a TLC to replace me. Well depending on how the new TLC performs though.

      Since I am pretty busy at times, so they need a more stable TLC.

      • That is unfortunate indeed. Still, thank you so much for doing the TLC in the past Accany. Hopefully you didn’t grow disillusioned with fantranslations in general yet 😉 .

  3. Don’t say it like that Accany. It makes it sound like you’ve been kicked off. That holds too many implications, particularly one that states your performance was sub-par, which certainly isn’t the case. Just to clear up the confusion, we got a new TLC to replace Accany so we could start work on an independent project with him as the sole translator. Not enough has been done to announce it quite yet, but expect news of it sometime within the next 1 to 2 weeks. That is the reason we had Accany removed, not because of a lack of performance or the need to have him, don’t get the wrong idea.

    • 1. Unless you didn’t realise, it’s the first route in the story.
      2. It’s the fastest one that can be done
      3. who said they aren’t doing any more routes

  4. Hmm – maybe I’ll grab this and try it. I’ve just recently started playing some eroge, so I really have no idea on what is/was good and what’s not. I just kind of steer clear of the sex every 3 seconds type though.

  5. I have just a few questions, when do you think the full TL might be done? (im waiting for the full TL because i cant seem to find the game itself anywhere so i figure that more people will put the game online when the full TL is done) and Where might i find the game to download? (dont say “go buy the game” im not spending $109 on a game no mater how good the dam thing is. 😛 thanks! your help is greatly appriciated.

  6. And one more thing, i just turned 18 but as Alto50 said im not in for the game having sex every 3 secconds, im in for the story and i see how G Senjou is rated one of the highest eroge out there and its not even fully translated. so anyone willing to give me a link to where i can get it i would be ever so grateful (i found one but after 2 days it still at 0.01% so thats not going to work)

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