きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも、 Review

RAWRRRRRRR. This eroge has set my heart aflame. FOR MOAR EROGES

Warning: Epic musics in videos.




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = propeller

Scenario = 朱門優 (Itsuka no sora)

Artist = やすゆき (Heliotrope, Kakuushoujo)

Genre =  Deep school life mind twisting mystery romance eroge

What’s so special = One of the best plots with depth and mystery, Extremely nice art, HIYO!, One route eroge, MUSIC IS AWESHUM


Holy shit. Didn’t think this eroge would be near this level of epicness. Literally AWED. I CAN’T GET OVER HIYO AND ARARAGI. May the eternal hype begin. I HAVE TO COLLECT. EVERYTHING. SOMEONE MAKE A HIYO FIGURINE. NOW.


Now, for the extremely epic story. Well prologue thingy anyway.

You start off as Suu Sasamaru, a guy who’s transferring to a elite school for art on top of the mountains. Whee. That’s awesome. There’s just one little problem

No sense of direction lol.

He’s lost.

Teachers in military suits FTW

Well somehow (with lots of jokes in between) he managed to get to school. Then he meets his ever so awesome new teacher.

No wait that’s still fine. He goes into class and meets his 3 other classmates. Which btw are all his childhood friends. But one of them is absent.

Loli + Bust Bomb

One more thing. These two are acting strangely towards him. Even though they are certainly his childhood friends, they weren’t exactly acting like it was a long childhood friend’s reunion. What could be happening?

If you’re wondering, the prologue does the eroge itself ABSOLUTELY NO justice. Absolutely none.

The whole story is much much much more confusing and deep than what you’re probably thinking right now. But, saying too much will definately spoil the story since this HAS a story.

Anyway, the whole story is split up to 4 chapters. Things start getting messy around the ending of the 2nd chapter. And yes it is the longest chapter in the eroge. Around… 35 -45% of the story I think.


The whole buildup and pacing of the story is excellent. You will NEVER and I mean NEVER get bored. When they aren’t progressing with the story, they’ll either crack a joke or have another branch of the past revealed to you. I would probably rank it near no.1 this year.


This though, is definately a Hiyoge. Do note that the story focuses mostly on her a lot. So those of you who like Hatsurage or Araragi, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the power of HIYO!!!!!!!!!!

I do think people who say that this eroge isn’t epic just because it only has one route should actually finish the eroge. This, even without H scenes, would definately be a very wonderful visual novel.


崇 笹丸

崇 笹丸 (Suu Sasamaru)

He’s the protagonist and his nick name is 鈍感王. No srsly. He’s absolutely kind towards the girls and actually has quite an interesting past. Holds a few secrets and mysteries. Nothing too different on the surface though. Oh, and there’s a word you must never say in his face.


The arrival of the king.


与神 ひよ (Kumigami Hiyo)

She’s the daugther of a family that’s famous in the medical world. Has knowledge of all kinds of different things and is quite the perfectionist. Totally flat. Calls Sasamaru “だんな様”. She is a walking moe bomb. I swear. Her cute expressions and smile just…………………………… kills you. \o/

Why doesn't stuff like these ever happen to me



夢乃 蘭 (Yumeno Araragi)

The active and always happy childhood friend. She’s a natural moodmaker and also kind and helpful by nature. She acts like an old man sometimes though. Especially her sleeping pose, which earned her the name “おっさん”. Unexpectedly, her boobs are actually quite decent in size. She also has a variety of cute expressions. A huge variety. There is one CG though, that almost made me die from blood loss.

/me nosebleed

I died once more.


樫 春告 (Kashi Harutsuge)

Sister character in the 4 childhood friends. She is rumored to be a very powerful character in the school. She does have considerable skill in fighting. Truth is though, that she is actually the Ero king. Conversations with her usually ends up with erotic content. She loves poking fun at Hiyo. And when Hiyo glares coldly at her, she feels………….. pleasure. Yes that’s totally M I know. Usually together with Araragi.

She looks scary



若 (Waka)

A member of the colorless student council. No one knows who is the leader or the other members. Waka is used as a communicator with the students. She’s a milk tea fanatic. She usually has a stoned face when meeting with people. When it comes to Hiyo though, she gets all dere dere. Milk tea fanatic. Sometimes, she grows cat ears out of the top of her head too. >.>;


I do very so agree though, that she is absolutely adorable.


This eroge doesn’t exactly have an amazing system, it’s just a very well designed one.

First title screen

First off would as always be the title screen. The title screen changes after you finish every chapter. Therefore there are a total of 5 screens. Also, the title changes. It all adds up to a very meaningful line in the end, so do take note.

ConfiggyThe config has all the usual settings. Font changes are also avaliable though I don’t usually have a problem with MS gothic.


Since this story is one route, I don’t think you’ll even fill up the first page. Sure there are choices, but they’re pretty simple ones.

Text box

Text box is unobstructive and a nice rounded shape. Right clicking would bring up that menu on the left.

Transition screen

This transition screen is shown whenever the day changes. The summary of the day would be on the top. Normally, it’s exactly what the day’s content would be like, so it actually has a use. The title on the bottom right changes with the chapters too =3

CG and Animation

....................... This is too epic for words.

The art, is so amazing that it makes me cry.

It has fantastic perspectives with stunning color themes. Add that with well placed lighting and antique japanese themed buildings and you get the best combination ever.

I wouldn’t be joking if I said that you could get this eroge just for the art. It’s THAT worth it.


SD cgs though, was just shouting lol. The characters look like blobs. and they faces are totally for you to laugh at. Decent, but not exactly amazing.

There are littly bits and pieces of animation that I really appreciate them putting there.

For example this.

It’s put in a very natural way that just makes this eroge seem so much more amazing than it already was. There are also movie clips in the eroge for some actions. This just goes to show much much effort they put in to make this excellent eroge.



Ok first things first. THE MUSIC IS BRILLIANT. It contains a wonderful blend of asian with a touch of western. It fits into the theme perfectly and before you know it, you’ll be humming along with the BGM. Seriously.

The OP song, 紅葉 by White-lips? I’ve been looping it for the 40th time now I think. That’s how awesome it is. You get a disc if you bought the first press version, which contains the OST. Not all the tracks are in there, but the main ones are. And you get the full 紅葉 song. AWESHUM. PLAY IT MOAR.

H scenes


Lawlawl. This scene made me laugh. Anyway, I would recommend you not have any hopes on the H scenes much. There are only 3 with only one with an actual insertion. Of course, that one was absolutely well done and it was pretty moving to say the least. Still, it would be better for you not to expect anything out of it. Just focus on the story plox.

Tokuten Disc

One more segment for this eroge.

Tokuten Disc

So this is the tokuten disc. Omake scenario is just a very short joke scenario.


The illusts can be used as wallpapers. My wallpaper currently is this btw.


Karaoke mode. Needless to say I didn’t sing.

System Voices

System voices. You can probably guess whose voice I’m using.

The movie is a pretty funny joke OP movie on asairo. They changed everyone to SD. XD

Last Word


Asairo is DEFINATELY worth your time. Unless you just want something to fap at. It’s got a mindboggling story, fantastic art, characters beyond the levels of just moe. I wouldn’t mind voting it as the no.1 eroge of the year. JUST PLAY THIS. LIKE NAO.

26 thoughts on “きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも、 Review

  1. and the game itself concentrates on hiyo…. hmmmm interesting….. and the SDs…. XD ahh nostalgic otoboku anime anyone?

  2. There’s just way too many eroges to play, esp if you’re holding a normal full time job… I still have to watch animes, watch/play some soccer and once in a while go out with people lol. Reviews help a lot man, thanks Accany. I’m trying out the Palette game you reviewed earlier. I have this game you just reviewed as well, but have yet to try it out, I guess I will give it a shot later! (bloody backlog… I’m halfway through the routes of Sumaga normal too.) And the new end july releases have come in -_-“

  3. “The OP song, 紅葉 by White-lips? I’ve been looping it for the 40th time now I think. That’s how awesome it is. You get a disc if you bought the first press version, which contains the OST. Not all the tracks are in there, but the main ones are. And you get the full 紅葉 song. AWESHUM. PLAY IT MOAR.”

    I’m interested in where to buy, I mean pirate the OST.

    I didn’t bought Hiyogame, I want to enjoy my complete edition. aragjfdljgkf propeller, hurry up and fire that stuff from Light that escaped to your boat dfgklgfkjgkldjflgj

  5. @Seinime: ………………..That’s quite a fetish ya got there =X

    @Hinano: Yep. Exactly why I like it.

    @meganeshounen: It does. I think it the same artist.

  6. although it doesn’t quite break out from the school life’s norm, i’m actually interested in this one. the background theme reminds me a lot of Rengoku but I’d take that the story is much less sinnister than Rengoku.

    also, male guy has voice usually equates the title being good in my book.

    hopefully the words won’t be too hard to understand and become an obsticle of comprehend the story 😡

    • Actually the language used here isn’t exactly easy, especially in the supernatural parts. Best have a dictionary or be prepared to save lots to go back and reread.

  7. OOOOOOOoooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    temptation is a good thing… i finally finished the trail version and I’m wanting for more :3


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  9. Thanks a lot for the review. I just started reading today and it is amazing. 樋口秀樹 is a genius (especially since the BGM didn’t sound as…random as Moshiraba). The system voices are a bit…
    Waka is made of win. I want her to call me onee-sama~

  10. Ah, so the focus/romance is on Hiyo, am I correct? That’s a good thing, I wasn’t really looking forward to this title as I’m not a fan of polygamic/playboy relations, like Cross Channel or something (although thats a good that shouldn’t be played for the romance aspect, lol)

  11. Funny. I find the game to be a rather stressful read NOT because of the language (OK, 4 years of university Japanese and a good background in classical Japanese AND Chinese isn’t exactly a low bar standard), but because simply it’s such a long game with so many gag scenes in there spaced with long ramblings of Sasamaru’s Memory Alpha knowledge base…it does get boring or stressful to stay focused.

    The Ao sisters are pure aggrevation for me to read, anyone agree here? And let’s not forget that crazyy guy from Shiro and Kuro-gumi…

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