A Little Asairo 3D

So I started a little 3D project (No it doesn’t explain why I’m playing owarinaki so slowly)

Test renderIt is still in the very very early stages…. Just thought it would be interesting to show you guys…

It’s based off this picture:


Of course, the end picture won’t be as shitty in quality as the one now. I got lazy and put only two  lights since it takes ages to render and I don’t really wanna use much time on preview renders.

There is going to be a surprise though because the view outside the room is going to be a little different from this…. =3

In case any of you crazy guys out there understand 3D geek talk:

Maya, Vray renderer, No mats, 2 lights, Irradiance map and Light cache.

End render will probably be in Vue. Objects will be Collada exported. Probably going Global Radiosity. =/

12 thoughts on “A Little Asairo 3D

      • well i know theres also a factor to the gfx card when it comes to rendering quality <_< well of course taking RAM for speed but what the heck and why hit me with a metal plate and not with a pan O.o

          • GFX card does affect rendering, but that is referring to video game graphics, not in image processing applications 🙂 which requires tons of RAM, or a specialized Mac.

            Btw, owarinaki is set in the world of Muv-luv alternative. Without that knowledge, this game will generate lots of confusion. Go play that game first or a huge part of owarinaki meaning will be lost.

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  2. Lol. Obviously not talking about video game rendering >_>;.

    And no it won’t really generate a lot of confusion since………….. well it’s pretty simple.

    • hmm yes the plot is simple but the reason on as to why the endings have deserted backgrounds and the province being set into evacuation mode should explain it haha muv-luv alternative… ahhh now that explains on as to why its so

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