ナツユメナギサ Review

This is probably one of the most surprising eroges I have ever played.

Surprising in a very very good way. Didn’t expect this at all out of SAGA PLANETS.





Some Rubbish Infomation


Scenario = 新島夕 (Coming Humming)

Artist = ほんたにかなえ、せせなやう、小桜りょう (Coming Humming)

Genre =  Mysterious fantasy school life romance

What’s so special = A solid and surprising plot, very nice story flow structure, cute characters


Whew. This was very unexpected eroge. I mean just looking at it I thought it would be just any other usual eroge. Damned I was so wrong. This is a sheep in disguise! A SHEEP I TELL YA! (Totally no references to Hitsuji whatsoever). Very pleasant surprise =D.


Ok what I am about to say would make absolutely no sense to you at first but bear with me >_>;

Penguin~ penguin~

You start off as a…………………………. penguin. Wait, don’t look at me like that, I didn’t write the story ok.

The girl is guiding it towards the sea. The penguin gives one last lonely gaze at the girl and swims out into the open sea.

Flash out and……………………………………………………………………


He wake up, with a woman staring straight at him. Well ignoring their boring talk which basically sums up as “you’re fine and alive with your limbs. happy?”.

After that he leaves the room and goes back to his classroom.

A little info about the protag. He doesn’t remember anything about his past. He saved by someone who found him near the sea shore and got picked up by this teacher over here and lives in an apartment with an allowance the school gives him.

.... a note?He then finds a note under his table. It wrote, “波打ち際に立つ君へ、第二音楽部室に待っています”. In case some of you guys don’t do moonspeak, it means…. “I will be waiting for you in the 2nd music room (in a very roundabout way)”

So yeah he goes there (Why are protagonists all so dumb), and enters the room. There, it was all dark and there were lots of faries (Butterflies).

I CAN ONLY HEAR A VOICE~He could hear a voice. The voice asked him, to search for four people. Four people who he had no idea about. And he accepted it. From there, his journey towards finding himself starts.

So…… this story up to here has already a LOT of seeds planted all over the story waiting for you to dig them up. At first though, the setting was really surprising and I had the impression that it was ridiculous. Can’t be blamed though as:

1. There were penguins walking all around town in a TROPICAL country

2. There was a tree on top of the sea called Christmas

3. The Island was called HOPELAND

So yes, you can guess why I was skeptical.

Anyway back to the topic, this eroge has excellent plot development unlike the usual eroges. It’s split as 4 different route in the main story, and 4 chapters in Ayumu’s story and at the end, a conclusion chapter. I suggest you clear every one of the four routes before starting on Ayumu’s story as you will lose all will to read the other chapters after you read Ayumu’s chapters since they contain the truth of everything.


Though, they didn’t hold back on the typical romance elements. You get dates, dere dere time and lots of overly dramatic moments.

The conclusion was excellent, but it brings up a few points that is really surprising and unexpected: Tsukasa and Haruka don’s exist? So what is Ayumu’s power? (Highlight to see)

Pacing was well done with the story unfolding in a reasonable pace and there are hints given all over the place. Neither too long nor too short a story. Wonderful.

What you gotta take note of though, is that this is essentially a mystery eroge. It’s very surprising when the truth comes out. At least it was to me >_>;

All in all, this eroge has a very solid and interesting plot that you really shouldn’t miss out on.


Nagisa郡山 渚 (Koriyama Nagisa)

Your typical 鈍感 protagonist with a no recollection of his past. He’s more normal in the sense that he ain’t exactly overly kind though, but his 鈍感 sense is extremely deep and profound. And he’s one of those protags that know how to do housework. =O

Ayumu七瀬 歩 (Nanase Ayumu)

The girl who lives in the room next to Nagisa. She loves sunflowers and sticks to Nagisa all day long. Because of a particular problem, she’s not very good at talking to other guys. But she’s really bright and cheerful with her ひくわ~ and all that. My favourite character btw.

AYUMU BANZAI!She’s so cute that she deserves another picture =X

Hitsuji美浜 羊 (Mihama Hitsuji)

The really bright and really active girl that is totally dere dere towards Nagisa. To the extent where it’s so obvious that it’s slapping him in the face. She’s the mysterious owner of Nonpoli (the epic cat) and also one year younger than Nagisa. Actually I like the cat more than her. The cat is………………………….. so damned cute. God. LIKE I WANT ONE NAO PLEASE. >_>;

Tsukasa青山 つかさ (Aoyama Tsukasa)

Looks like a pretty upright girl who is school council chairman but, in actual fact a pretty tomboyish girl who knows karate =O. Didn’t find anything too special about her.

Maki老樹 真樹 (Rougi Maki)

You gotta love her eyes. Anyway, she’s this mysterious girl that’s focusing on the research of why penguins are going towards the forest. Therefore she stays in a tent in the forest >_>;. But she is really clever and all so yeah, nothing can be done about it. A little boyish and わがまま sometimes, but is still a cute and lovable girl =D.

Haruka遠野 はるか (Toono Haruka)

A very my pace girl who is actually extremely rich. She’s living in a church for various reasons. She has that epic maid who tends to her. She loves company as she’s lonely in the church so whenever she sees Nagisa her face lights up.


This CG is boring after a while

Wanted to make a quick note about the subbies since they actually play a very important part in the story. Unlike most other eroges, the subbies here get a lot of screentime and they contribute a lot of the story.


Title Menu

So here we are again for the system. The title screen is simple with a butterfly flying in at first, which looks good for a while but afterwards just makes you wanna swat it since it flies so slowly. As you can see, the entire eroge is seperated into the prologue, main story and Ayumu’s story.

Config Menu

The config menu. Lots of options for you to play around with. Oh btw, the skip is extremely fast in this eroge, problem is I doubt you’ll get the chance to use it much =X

Text box + Awesome Cat = DESTRUCTION OF THE MIND

Text box. They don’t seem to want to use the typical kind but instead use a gradient at the top. Seeing more eroges with those these days. It does blend a lot better though. Nothing too special here except that I can’t stress enough how awesome this cat is.

Right click options

Options that pop up after you right click. Just more options so nothing too special.


So here’s the save load screen. Nothing too special except that you can see the portraits of the characters when you start going towards their routes.

Choices Choices

Should be self explanatory enough. Whoever you choose, will trigger her event. Of course, there are still the normal choices but these are the deciding factors of whose route you’re going to do.

CG and Animation

Faceless protags irritate me

Pretty decent art. Personally I didn’t find it all awe inspiring and stuff like that, but it’s more than enough for any eroge. Backgrounds are pretty nicely done too. Most of the CGs are crisp and clear without any overdone glow effects (The bane of any artist) and well thought out lighting. I found them to be a little bland though, but that’s probably because I ask for too much >_>;

Animation… Not much except for the flying butterflies.



Mm, typical eroge music I would say. It’s catchy, fits the theme and actually contains some tracks close to classical stuff. I don’t really think the OP song sits well with me though. I tend to shut my ears whenever it plays. Maybe because of the tinny voice that makes my head hurt.

H scenes

TOUCH TOUCHThere were quite a few H scenes for each character. 3-4 for each. And only for the heroines and not the sub characters. Some of them were plays while others were kinda exibition (though no one was looking) stuff. The usual. Oh and most of the H scenes were just………. H scenes except for some like Haruka’s H scene which was a BLAST. I mean god. To think it lead to THAT ending =D.

VAs…. Didn’t like Hitsujis one too much. Well I did like the one later. If you know what I mean.

Last word


Natsuyume Nagisa is nothing short of surprises. You get one every ending and you get a huge one in the end. So yes, it’s definately worth your time and is possibly one of the best few these month (far cry from asairo though). With a good solid plot and cute characters, I don’t really see what can go wrong. Unless you hate penguins and cats. Which I say you are a failure.

16 thoughts on “ナツユメナギサ Review

  1. FIRST POST IS FIRST @_@ but too bad i wont be able to play this one as of yet…. shukufuku la campanelle…. ARGH!!!!! DAMN YOU OASIS

  2. One question accany, does this game require use of NTLEA? Been reading some stuff abt it.

    P.S Hi all, new to posting on this website (not so for stalking it, lol)

    • Not sure, my locale is always set to japan as with my time and location. So yeah. Probably needs to though. You could just set it to Japanese as default like I do. Unless you have something you need in english locale.

      • Weird, Hongfire members keep saying theres a bug and needs NTLEA. I leave my comp on Jap locale ( in regional settings) but I havent changed the location and format and time. So you are suggesting I should change all 3 mentioned to japanese as well to fool the new “check version of Windows” stuff?

        P.S Dumbass move IMO, if you ask me.

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