遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの Review

Excellent. Absolutely excellent. I see Pulltop in a new light after this.

This has exactly all the stuff that makes a good eroge. Damned. WHY DON’T ANYONE LEARN FROM THEM ANYMORE.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = PULLTOP

Scenario = 丸谷秀人 (France Shoujo, Sex Friend), 健速 (Epic scriptwriter, Konato yori Kanata Made, Soshite ashita no sekai yori, secret game)

Artist = 藤原々々(Pulltop stuff and old unison shift stuff)

Genre = Dramatic school romance

What’s so special = One of the best stories ever written, excellent pacing, wonderful lovable characters, actually has some elements of mystery.


Ok this eroge is way way way way better than anything produced recently. God. And it’s not short at all. According to wakoopa, I took 33 hours to complete it. only 7 more hours away till WLO. God I feel like crying when I think about the ending. IT’S SO AWESOME


You start off as Takizawa Tsukasa, a teacher that is supposed to be going to his new teaching job in a high class girls only school. Or so he thought.

But for some reason, after reaching the bus stop, he was greeted by a surprising sight.


Yep, that’s an awesome sight. Not very much like what a girls only school would be located at. He stood there stunned, thinking back on his past and getting more and more depressed.


Then she appeared. A student that was supposedly from the school he’s trying to reach. She appears, cheers him on, and runs off. But with her cheer, the world looked much brighter and much happier. He then continues with his journey to the school.


A maid greeted him at the gate and lead him inside the ridiculously huge school premises.

There, he met his future possible students, all with really distinctive personalities, a joker of a teacher and what would be the most surprising thing.



But that’s not all. There must be a reason for such a huge school, to have a loli principal in such a remote area with such a lot of rich girls from really amazing backgrounds. Just what can be going on here. You’ll find out, together with lots of other surprises.


Now, I know the plot sounds really typical and you can probably name 999 animes or eroges that has the same theme. But this, is absolutely different. The story has lots of twists and turns and it’s fantastic to just read. Surprises spring out when you least expect it and it’s slow pace mimics reality. You get a very suitable slice of life pacing together with lots of interesing events and a very nice unfolding of the mystery.


You get to see the many sides of the characters through the long script and can actually feel for them since you’ve seen almost everything about them.

Unfortunately, the script is written by two different writers and I am very biased towards one of them. Though, it is fairly obvious that who wrote what since the flow of the story made it really obvious. Miyabi, Tonoko and Shino is probably written by Takehaya and the other girls by the other guy who I don’t know. Fairly obvious being the differences in the focus and amount of H scenes.

For example Takehaya focused on different things on a rather point by point basis with a huge problem looming behind. His writing was a little more roundabout and had a deeper meaning behind each sentence. Also, the H scene count as all the 3 girls are close to 1 and 2, though I am inclined to think that Yuuna may also be done by him since her route was pretty damned good as well. Adding on, the way the two writers portrayed Tsukasa were pretty different with one being slightly gloomy but kind while the other made him more of a tsukkomi and light hearted character.


I recommend that you leave Yuuna and Miyabi’s route for the last since those are probably the most interesting routes in the entire game. I lost count of how many times my jaw dropped because of the script. Seriously.


滝沢司 (Takizawa Tsukasa)

Protag. Ok heres the deal, he’s an extremely classic eroge protag with a slight twist. At least he isn’t a student and falls in love with another student no. So all this, is from the perspective of a young teacher. He’s extremely kind, is actually quite stubborn and is able to achieve the things he wants if he uses his brains. But other than that, no other special traits. He holds a huge mystery himself though.

Miyabi風祭 みやび (Kazamatsuri Miyabi)

Principal of the school. Also, the daughter of one of the most powerful families in Japan. She’s extremely stubborn but is just trying to make the school a better place. A little too straight that it is pretty easy to guess what she’s thinking. Yes she’s apparently over 18. Loves long and useless speeches. She works so hard because she thinks she’s doing something worthy to the family. Riida is her maid btw.

Tonoko鷹月 殿子 (Tonoko Takatsuki)

Mysterious and calm girl. She thinks about extremely complex stuff and has extremely good grades in school. She skips classes sometimes for some reason and likes going somewhere. Her best friend is Shino. And yes, she’s almost pretty damned rich so…

Shino八乙女 梓乃 (Shino Yaotome)

Shino is just like any ordinary girl abeit a lot cleverer. One problem though, she’s afraid of people. Yes, she has anthropophobia. The only people she can talk with without feeling that sense of fear is Tonoko, who is her childhood friend, and her dog. She always hides behind Tonoko. She’s also a little clumsy and easily influenced (is that the word for this?)

Sumika仁礼 栖香 (Nire Sumika)

The extremely strict and …. perfect Sumika. Perfect being she can do anything better than most. But she’s really uptight about just everything. Still, she’s really cute as she doesn’t know a lot of “modern” stuff like short forms and stuff like that. Maintains a cool personality throughout and is kinda a person that’s being relied on in the dorms, though she’s always teased.

Misaki相沢 美綺 (Aizawa Misaki)

The really active girl in the story. She’s so goddamned active and jumpy it’s not funny. Hyperactive 99% of the time Tsukasa meets her, and alway drags around her friend with her. She’s also the writer of the school paper and is kinda a paparazzi. She has a lot of friends though, but also has enemies because of her over friendly personality. Most of the rumors in school were created by her.

Yuuna榛葉 邑那 (Hashiba Yuuna)

The kind oneesama character in the story. She’s extremely intelligent and totally holds the image of a soft spoken girl from a high class family. She stays in the greenhouse most of the time, tending to the plants living there. She’s more of an observer, but her occasional comments always move the topic in a good way. A huge mystery surrounds her.

Subcharas were awesome especially Li Yunfei. Goddamned they shoulda made a route for her. She has the kind of personality that I like so much.


Let’s GO!!!!!

Main Menu

Title page. Nothing too special. An epilogue button would appear on the top after you complete all the routes together with a different background. Clean and simple is always nice though.


Configuration mode. Simple and clean again. Nothing too special you need to change though.

Text box and choice

Text box ain’t nothing too special, small and compact. Choices are sometimes really long winded though fairly obvious. Oh, I forgot this, characters under Takehaya has very few choices while the other writer threw in a shitload of choices.


Save load didn’t contain anything special either. And if you noticed, I like saving twice a lot since I forgot about it sometimes and just overwrite choice saves which stinks.

Transition screen

The transition screens were wonderful drawings that won’t bore you at all. Flowers, autumn leaves, snow. Excellent.

Chapter transition

Chapter transition. The eroge is split into chapters with the longest being around 14. Different routes have different chapters and they branch off at different points of time. To be honest, you won’t really get to use the skip button much in this eroge.

CG and Animation


Wonderful drawings with good proportion management though I did find some cases where the face was a little off, but that’s still within acceptable ranges. Lighting were all correct and the specs were done spectacularly. Shading was nicely done as well. What I like most though, is that they didn’t whore a blur effect. THANK YOU. I have enough of those overrated effects. Dreamy effects can be done other than blurry stuff.

Animation….. just transitions I guess. Oh and I almost forgot.


I absolutely love the way they draw the emotions. I laughed so hard when this first came out.


MusicThis was pretty unexpected since the music was wonderful. It has a touch of classical and I swear the ED song (2nd one) is so dramatic it made me go almost ;_;. Damned. Now I gotta dig for the OST.

H scenes


I bet some people got a nosebleed from that. Anyway, as I said in the story section, the H scenes for each characters varies a LOT. For example, Sumika has a grand total of 8 H scenes while Miyabi has…….. one. Though I did somehow think that 8 was pretty much overdoing it. Miyabi’s one scene was enough for me really. Heck, woulda been fine if there weren’t any.

Voice acting was fine, no particular person I feel like slapping. Nothing too extreme though. The most of Shino’s H scene and that could be somewhat explained.

Last word

I swear you guys should play this. LIKE PLAY THIS. What else more do you need except from great stories and fun characters. Such a good eroge shouldn’t be missed out by anyone.

And so I end this review.

lolol!$!@#!@ Play this eroge!!!!!!!

相沢 美綺

15 thoughts on “遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの Review

  1. lol wait…. bah… i still havent finished this one i only lacked miyabi’s route and misaki’s route but none the less the game is indeed good in all seriousness umu umu but i felt sumika’s route was quite draggy

  2. It’s been a while since I finished this game, but I didn’t play all the routes so I don’t think I visited the epilogue thing, D:

    Is it the epilogue of a specific route, general, or something else?

  3. Your eyes must be tear ducts ’cause almost every review you’re either bawling over major drama or mourning over the past, good ol’ days like an elderly man.

    Man so many people rave about this game and I haven’t touched it at all. I must be a heathen.


      No not really. I didn’t cry, but rather felt sad. When I feel sad you can connect that to crying since I haven’t teared for years. So yeah.

      AND I’M NOT OLD OK. >_>; YOU’RE PROBABLY OLDER THAN ME. No wait, maybe not =X

  4. Wait… you mean there’s an epilogue… I knew there was a reason why I should have finished Misaki’s route as well… something to spend my sat afternoon on! >.> (60% through it I think.) And I always wondered why the imbalance in H-scenes between the different charas. And there was no scene for Miyabi + Riida!

    My fav was Yunna’s route.

    I liked those small cute-ish CGs they had for the charas too. I remember that Shino only had one, but it was just so cute and hilarious.

    …it’s sad, but this game is probably favorite eroge, but it’s so rare to see anyone talk about it. There’s rumors of peach princess picking it up though, they picked up princess waltz too, so I guess there’s actually a real chance. Sadly, none of the other pulltop games (as far as I know) compares, and the side school routes were just not as good overall compared to the main school (why oh why did they have to use 2 authors?) Tonoko is the best, without question, she is the best.

  6. I only finished Miyabi’s route in this game, which was awesome. But then I played Sumika’s route next, and that was SO. FUCKING. BORING. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. Are the other paths better? I might go back and finish the game…

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