真剣(マジ)で私に恋しなさい!! Review

Mmmm very satisfied…….

Now to see if purple software lives up to it’s name next.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = みなとそふと

Scenario = タカヒロ (Eroge hero who did Tsuyokiss, Kimi ga aruji de shitsuji ga ore de and Nee, chan to shiyouyo!)

Artist = wagi (No idea who he is but he sure as hell is good)

Genre = Action humor friendship school life romance

What’s so special = Excellent pacing, very decent length, lots of routes, interesting characters, lots of humor and a well done true end


This eroge is extremely fun. I’m not talking about huge story depths and sappy drama, but rather this eroge could just be summed up as one hell of a fun ride. Minato soft sure didn’t let me down =D.


Let’s start shall we.

You’re Naoe Yamato, an ordinary guy who lives a pretty normal (somewhat) student life. He lives in a dorm like place, goes to a not so ordinary school and has really unique friends. But let’s not talk about that now.

I wish someone wakes me up like this ._.;

Anyway, he gets woken up by Miyako, one of his seven childhood friends who is totally very much in love with Yamato. He fend off her love attacks as usual in the morning. Then a ever so friendly robot comes into his room and tidies it up. Going to school as the Kazama family, the band of 7 that has been together from young.

Looking from this angle it seems like she has no pantsu

But then something is about to change, when a new student comes into a dorm, a girl which holds her sword with her all the time.Timid and shy, but she herself is pretty much shrouded in mystery.

クリスティアーネ ・フリードリヒ、参上!

Then, rumors of a new transfer student reaches his ears. Their meetings will be spectacular and the Kazama family, will never be the same again.

Got way too lazy about writing the prologue since it doesn’t really matter much.

The whole plot for this entire eroge focuses on a few main things.


Action: Fights, who’s stronger than who. Kinda like shounen stuff you would probably have read before.

Anyone else thinks he resembles anyone?

Humor: Lots and lots of them. I recommend you have a decent amount of eroge knowledge before you play this since it takes on lots and lots of eroge jokes and they used Giga’s name so many times that it’s freaking funny. They also mentioned G senjou no Maoh a few times in the story lol.

Deeps kisses =D

Romance: Wouldn’t be an eroge without this would it?…………………. And no don’t tell me tentacle rape eroges. Those are out of the question. Anyway, you get lots and lots of individual routes for even the subcharas and even all the male subcharas who are in the Kazama family. Fortunately, no yaoi action anywhere here.

I’ll state first though, that the true route was absolutely the best with a whole lot of action and the whole cover up mystery feel was done extremely well. So yes, please play the true route even if you get bored with the eroge, if you get a chance to get bored =D

Lots of the routes went into each other’s past, dreams and stuff like that. The main thing that never changes in the story though, is the heavy emphasis on friendship. This, is literally an eroge that revolves around the whole Kazama family and their ties.

You get after stories for most of the heroines which consists of more H scenes mostly XD

All in all, you won’t really be disappointed with the plot of this eroge. It sure isn’t zomgwtfbbq I CRY OMG TEARS NUUUUU kinda stuff, but it sure as hell is fun enough to keep you entertained and pumped up throughout the entire thing.


As the Kazama family is the whole point of this story as I said, I’ll be introducing the members below. The two other heroines are somewhat connected to them, so I’ll be introducing them together.


直江 大和 (Naoe Yamato)

主人公. He looks normal, but is actually one of the most intelligent people around. But, he’s the kind that doesn’t really mind about what kind of method he use. Meaning? He cheats, plots and comes up with excellent tactics that usually pull through. He’s the brains that make up the Kazama Family. He has very wide connections with all kinds of people, but to him only the people in the Kazama family are his true friends. Kinda a my pace person and isn’t really a physical person.


川神 百代 (Kawakami Momoyo)

One year older than Yamato, she’s the oldest in the group and Yamato is her brother (not by blood but rather a more…… mental thing). She’s trained in one of the most powerful martial art schools in the world, Kawakami. And she’s pretty much the strongest person in the world. Specialty is her bare fists. Even more elite than elites that most guys fear her but girls love her. Therefore, she plays with girls quite a lot. She stinks in studying though, sleeping whenever it comes to studying. She can also make use of Yamato (not many can even do this) and teases him from time to time with her nice body.

WHEEEEEEHer dere mode is also quite a sight to behold. Which is why she’s my favourite character =D


川神 一子 (Kawakami Kazuko)

Momoyo’s non blood related sister. She adores Momoyo and has her sights set on being as strong as Momoyo is. She’s a very hard worker, waking up early to train and taking every spare moment of her time training. Therefore, she holds quite a considerable amount of fighting power. Specialty is with the spear.But she’s really my pace and pure, so she doesn’t really know about anything too difficult and falls asleep in classes too. But because of that, she’s loved by everyone, especially Momoyo. She’s also extremely positive and she resembles a puppy so much that they even drew dog ears on her sometimes.

Choco bananas =3As I said she’s really pure so she probably doesn’t understand what she’s doing lol. Anyway, anyone noticed something about the mask =D


椎名 京 (Shiina Miyako)

The girl who’s totally very deeply in love with Yamato. To the point where you can actually call it an obsession. She does surprise attacks in the morning trying to kiss him while waking him up, popping into the bathroom trying to see his….. you know what. And she confesses to him all the time, only to be rejected by Yamato all the time. Her archery skill is probably second to none and her family is famous for it. The problem with Miyako is that apart from the Kazama family, she doesn’t want to come into contact with any other person. Or should I say. she doesn’t care about anything else.

Sunsets, always so emotionalA loner by heart

Yukie黛 由紀江 (Mayuzumi Yukie)

The new 1st year that just moved into the same dorm as Yamato. She’s very unique. Shy and timid, but when she’s happy/thankful/emotional she makes a very scary face. Which is why she doesn’t have any friends. Though that may also be because of her carrying her sword around with her 24/7. Momoyo seems to have taken a huge interest in her because she doesn’t reveal just how powerful she is in a real fight. She talks with a horse handphone strap all the time which is pretty lol and her dream, to make a hundred friends.

か、かわいいShe’s cute in a very normal way though. No doubt about that.

Chrisクリスティアーネ ・フリードリヒ (Christiane Friedrich)

German girl. Everyone calls her Chris. She’s full of pride and justice, but is actually just a very normal and pure girl inside. She always gets into arguments with Yamato because of the way he does things. Always teased and easily provoked into doing something, Her specialty is the rapier, fast and accurate strikes. Her father is an army guy, so she also aspires to become a general. Whenever she loses though, she breaks down to what I call 丸chris mode. Her eyes become round whites and she scolds baka baka. Lol.

おおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおDid I mention she loves her teddys? But I think you’re all looking at everything but the teddy right =D

Gakuto島津 岳人 (Shimazu Gakuto)

Self proclaimed nice guy. Always looking for girls and pretty much a pervert all around. Even so, he’s quite reliable and a loyal friend, even if he ain’t the brightest bulb. His specialty is barefist like Momoyo but nowhere near her level. Still, he’s still very tough and can both take and give hits as he trains his body thinking girls would fall for him more.

Shoichi風間 翔一 (Kazama Shouichi)

The leader of the Kazama family. Everyone calls him capt. He’s an extremely carefree guy, running off to expeditions, touring countries swapping part time work as he please. He’s like the wind. Unfortunately, even though he has a great face, he doesn’t seem to have awakened the romance side of him as he doesn’t really care about girls.

Takuya師岡 卓也 (Morooka Takuya)

Everyone calls him moro. He’s the computer whiz and also an otaku of some sort. He still likes normal girls though, but he’s too shy and can’t look at them in the eye while talking. He’s scary when he cracks though. Evil moro mode is wtf.

End of the Kazama family. Now for the sub heroines with routes.

Chika小笠原 千花 (Ogasawara Chika)

Chika is what I would call a modern girl. Modern as in her thoughts are on fashion, cute guys and trends that are popular now. In short, she’s your everyday girl. because she has quite a bright personality, she has a lot of friends. She doesn’t really like pervertic guys though, so she always gets into arguments with Gakuto and his friends, but seems to be perfectly ok with Yamato and capt. (though capt is probably because of his face)

Mayo甘粕 真与 (Amakasu Mayo)

Class representative. Lolicon attractor. She’s older than most of the class by age, but doesn’t really behaves that way. More like a really cute girl. More so when she’s angry. Even so, everyone listens to her because she’s really kind and simple. Works hard to keep with her family finances.


小島 梅子 (Kojima Umeko)

Teacher for the class Yamato is in. She’s strict and a little uptight but overall a teacher who thinks about her students. Never talk about her age anywhere near her or you’ll be roped in. She’s also very proficient in martial arts and carry a whip with her all the time. She whips students who doesn’t behave properly. Lawl.

Too many characters to introduce in here. So I cleared the main few. Any more you’re gotta have to get from the main site yourself =D. The main attraction is the huge cast of this eroge though. It’s so large that it’s not funny anymore. Almost everyone has a face and a voice.


Mmmm let’s CLEAR THIS

Title page

Title page. Nothing too fancy. Lots of pink that Zen would like. Even gots a tutorial to teach you how to make choices in the game.


Config. In case you didn’t notice. The system is made entirely by Giga. Which means, it resembles everything made by them. Kono aozora, sakagaari. Stuff like that. Practically identical systems. Btw this system is really nice as you can practically change ANYTHING. So yeah, you’re fine there I think.

Robots. Own.

Text box is nothing too special. Small portrait on the bottom left. Bottom options can be hidden by the button on the left.

Quick save bar

Moving your cursor to the right would bring up this save bar. You can save and load easily with this bar without even accessing the save/load menu. S/L menu is same old same old so lets skip that.

Transition screen

Transition screen for day change. background changes on different months that represent different events or seasons.

Now let’s get into the game system

One special thing about this eroge is the system


Here’s the choices. Well one type of them at least. So the beads mean how many times in total you must click on them to go into their route. Characters appear pretty randomly. The dorm means you just go home and rest for the day. The nice thing about this system, is that it has some particular events that MAY or WILL happen after a few circumstances.

Here’s a list of what I’ve gathered

Momoyo: If you’re very close to her, she’ll blow the other characters out and so you’ll be left with either her or the dorm

Kazuko: Kicks out Chris when you’re close to her

Yukie: Runs away sometimes

Shouichi: Appears randomly

Umeko: Would block you off twice first if you choose her

Timed Choices

Something I forgot to put in. There are time limited choices in the game too. Some of them are extremely fast with only like a 2 second window popping up and then disappearing so I suggest you go back to the autosave if you missed it. That’s what I did anyway =/

CG and Animation

Awesome atmosphere

CG was pretty well done. Action scenes had the pumped up feel. But what I liked was the atmosphere. The artist grasped it very well and you could feel the whole atmosphere from the colors. Bright colors and clean and defined cgs.

Animation wasn’t really present except the usual character fly ins and stuff like that. Though there were lots of animated fighting action clips of fights and slashes. Nice additions.



Music was a pretty nice collection of all round tracks. It’s a bit above normal level but very awesome in terms of compatibility with the story. It fits in perfectly. Even the evil music sounds wonderfully fitting. And it has a LOT of tracks and I mean a LOT. They really overworked themselves for this.

H scenes


Wonderful CG that reveals everything and nothing.

H scenes were pretty much aplenty and they were, summed in one word, HAWT. Voices were awesome, Yamato had an invincible unlimited cannon that can do it 33 times in one day, the drawings depicted the emotions clearly. Very nice, sometimes really funny, but most of the time a lot of sweet and a little maniacal loving.

Last word


Highly doubtful that you would find this eroge boring. It’s humorous plot would keep you laughing and the true end would definitely satisfy you. You can’t really go wrong with this one.  Of course, it helps if you like the characters though. MOMOYO, YOU’RE AWESOME.

31 thoughts on “真剣(マジ)で私に恋しなさい!! Review

  1. So the marshmallow girl isn’t capturable, either? Damn shame… But I guess that would be asking too much.

    So much love for the artist tho, I like the sharp look.

  2. Is the illustrator for this game a certain “Kawagishi Keitarou”? The art for this game bears a striking similarity to another game called Shin Ringetsu, developed by Selen.

    While the art’s not bad, I think Minato-soft should have stuck with the artist they used for KimiAru. Here’s a nice promo picture where Kimiaru’s artist illustrated Kuonji Shinra and Kawakami Momoyo sitting together:


    I’m surprised that Kuki Ageha didn’t get a route, like she did in the PS2 version of Kimiaru. Since Ageha has no h-scenes in this game, did Tanaka Rie voice her? Tanaka Rie did a great job working against her typical moe singer roles when she voiced Ageha in the anime version of KimiAru.

    I seem to recall that Itou Shizuka voiced a character in this game, but I can’t remember which. Can someone remind me?

    And are you going to play through AsuKimi from Purple Software before they release their next game? I think you’ll like it. There’s even a translation project for AsuKimi in the works, to be found here:


    • I’m not very sure who he is, but it’s probably not who you are thinking. Not sure though. But I never find clean art to be nice. I like stuff from innocent grey or littlewitch more.

      Ageha is NOT even what I would consider sub character level in the game. She appears way too little. I think not more than 7 appearances, which is extremely little for a game of this length.

      The character you’re talking about it chris.

      Purple software has already released memoria, though it’s looking way too typical up to where I’ve played. And I know about asukimi lol. I was the translator before I dropped the position because of RL stuff.

      • Well, I hope you do find the time to write up a review of AsuKimi. Even if the translation project goes belly up, at least your review will be a nice way for Japanese-illiterate b-game fans to learn about its story.

  3. Is anyone aware of any groups thinking of translating this game? I would be willing to help translate it for sure. Played through all the routes except for one of the sub-characters’ and i really love the game and want those who can’t read japanese to enjoy it as well.

    • Just start your own translation project. I’m too busy atm, and this game isn’t worth the time you gonna waste translating it anyways. If you manage to translate at least all of the common route someone would point an interest in helping you for sure.

    • Maiken, all of Momoyo’s H-scenes are in her After story, which you get access after finishing her route, which you can get to from the title screen by going to おまけ (extras) -> アフター ストーリ (after story) -> 百代. 3 other characters have an after story as well, but Momoyo is the only route where all her H-scenes are exclusively in the after story.

  4. This game was so much fun, I had troubles understanding the kanji a few times but thats just because my kung fu is not Strong, anyways, yeah this game definitely keep up to purple soft rep, Ill keep waiting for their new game, whenever spinoff or not

  5. Looking up stuff about this game, I’ve heard there might be an anime headed our way? You’ve by far got the most info I’ve seen, so I was curious as to whether or not you knew anything about it.

  6. I like the nice touch about how the speaker when the company comes up will wish one of the main characters happy birthday when it’s their birthday. So far I had Kazuko and Yamato, from Momoyo and Shouichi respectively.

  7. Hey guys plz i have little troubles at the routes and i read someone peek in the walktrough……plz can anyone plz give me the link or something i can find it???

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