メモリア Review

Sigh, well another average eroge from Purple software I guess >_>;

Definately expected more though





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = パープルソフトウェア

Scenario = 比高海 (dunno)、北川晴 (Mashiro symphony, Tenshin Ranman, Asukimi)、風雅 (No idea)

Artist = 皐月徒兎、薩摩屋蒸気 (No ideas)

Genre = School fantasy animal ears and tails romance

What’s so special = Animal ear and tailed girls (some at least), well done cgs.


This is somewhat really typical, but isn’t to the point of crappy. Sure there are many points that require a lot of thinking and rewriting to make this better, but still it’s interesting. Somewhat. Animal ears are fun too =X.


The whole concept of the story is this. The human world (Asteria), is connected to the furry human world (Esteria) through a mysterious gate that appeared out of nowhere a few years ago. Problem is though, the furries can come through the gate to the human world with no problems, but humans somehow disappear through the gate when they try.

You start off as Sakurazaka Kouichi, a pretty ordinary protag you can find in any eroge, kind and zomg 鈍感. But there’s a slight problem. He doesn’t have any memories of the past.


But he’s still all right, living his life pretty normally. Woken up by a cute girl, being an idiot with two idiotic classmates and chatting with classmates in school.

Gotta love those ears and tail of hers

One fine day while rushing to school, he bumped into a girl. A mysterious girl who looked at him intently and he feels nostalgia while looking at her. Just who is she? Before he has his questions answered, she disappears into the crowd.

He will have his questions answered soon enough though, because after a few days, she transferred over to his school. And from there on, the true story starts.


Anyway, this story relies pretty heavily on fantasy. It revolves around the gate and the characters.

But, as many said, this story is a little too draggy for it’s own good. And, everything is way too typical. It would make a decent story for people playing eroges for the first time (The English community is wayyyyy too spoiled by all the good eroges translated IMO) but it’s pretty boring for regular erogamers.

Examples of that would be bento making, icha icha and going to school together, morning kisses. Stuff like that are really overused, it’s not bad but when the story drags on with only those elements, it’s bound to be a huge drawback.


Comedic moments do exist, especially with the other dude sub character who’s an absolute idiot. Doesn’t flood the story though, as this is essentially not a very hahahahahhaa type of story.

Hmmmm I hope I'm not turning into a lolicon by thinking this is cute

It’s not without it’s fair share of nice surprises though. I had a shock in Yuuki’s route even if that was quite a cheap way to make a story since there wasn’t any indication at all during the other routes.

You’re forced to go through Haruna’s route the first time you’re playing, which after that you get Arisa, Tomoe and Kanami’s route. Then after finishing all 3, you’ll get Yuuki’s route and then finally, the true end.

Overall, the story is not a very amazing or fantastic one, but it’s readable albeit the dragginess.


桜坂宏一 (Sakurazaka Kouichi)

As you can probably guess, Kouichi is your 100% kind guy who’s extremely slow when it comes to romance and likes to tease cute girls. Anyway, he’s living in Yukari’s house, the person who picked him up after she found him with no memories of anything whatsoever. She was and still is very nice to him, which probably why he’s pretty normal. Curry freak (same as me). Nothing extremely special about him except that unlike most protags, Kouichi actually looks like a pretty cool guy in the CGs.

I swear her ears are awesomeハルナ=エレンディル (Haruna=Elendile)

I don’t see any english equivalent name written anywhere so I apologise for any mistakes here and later on.

Haruna is a gate researcher that came over from Esteria and is studying together with Kouichi and his lot of friends. She doesn’t talk much and doesn’t really show much emotion. But sometimes, she takes on a sad and lonely look for an instant. She is intelligent too. No one is sure what made her want to research about the gate so much.

Service shot =D相川 智枝 (Aikawa Tomoe)

Tomoe was one of the first friends Kouichi got to know after he lived with Yukari. She’s strict, rough and always gets into arguments with Kouichi and his dumb friend. Even though she’s like that, everyone knows that deep down she’s just a kind girl with a tsundere mask. She’s also a gate researcher, which means she is pretty clever too. She has a motive to research about the gate too. One you’re gonna have to find out yourself =P.

This looks fun =Xアリサ=クラウス (Arisa=Klaus)

She’s the daughter of a diplomat from Esteria. Since he’s over here, he brought Arisa with him and both of them live together in a big ass mansion. Her mother passed away. Arisa is also in Kouichi’s class. More of the quiet and pretty pure type. She does part time work over at an ice cream shop because she wants to know more about the outside world, as she was raised as a princess in a box. Very popular among guys.

She's actually pretty cute, though that crystal kinda ruin things香奈実=レインズ (Kanami=Reins)

She’s the mysterious girl that Kouichi meets sometimes. She’s also an Esterian, though for some reason she doesn’t have animal ears or tails. She’s very pure and goes into her own world sometimes. A natural my pace girl. Lives alone too.

Yuukiユウキ=ハンクス (Yuuki Hanks)

Yuuki is the loli active and small girl in Memoria. She’s a classmate of Kouichi’s and is obviously an Esterian (cow). She minds about her height and breast size a lot and is always teased by Kouichi. But because of her bright and cheerful (and a little dumb) personality, she’s loved by everyone. She wishes to become the beautiful and perfect lady that her mother is.


Ok let’s go over the not so interesting system

Title screen

So here’s the title screen. After completing a character’s route, she’ll be colored on the title screen. Other than that, nothing too special.

Text box

Text box doesn’t contain anything too special, so let’s just take a glance and admire the snow flakes that don’t animate.


Config has all the settings you’ll ever need to meet your picky needs and more. =X

Transition screen

The worst transition screen ever, but it’s not the design. It’s that before I even realise it’s a transition screen, I probably clicked it away because the fade takes so slow.

CG and Animation

As I said, I totally love sunsets

Very nice coloring and shadows. Everything was pretty proportionate with very slight variations which may just have been intentional. Emotions were portrayed excellently. Really nothing else to say except that the art shouldn’t do anything but satisfy you.


See what I mean. Shit she’s way too cute.



Music was decent, nothing too special. Switches way too fast sometimes though. The mood doesn’t really last and then suddenly the music changes. Other than that, the tracks themselves weren’t bad at all.

H scenes


Pretty nicely done stuff with all the usual positions and stuff like that. They seem to like fella a lot though. >_>; Yuuki’s was the best though, especially the 2nd one since it came about pretty hilariously.

VAs did their job well so no complaints there.

Last word

Kuru kuru

It’s not exactly what you would call a great eroge, but if you actually find yourself running out of things to play (like yeah if it’s possible) this would make a decent eroge to fall back on.

Purple software needs to get their shit back together again though, they’re underperforming IMO >_>

13 thoughts on “メモリア Review

  1. Actually the ‘English market’ is pretty lame as most titles are almost all sex fests and fan pandering. Though Mangagamer and the fan-translations are bringing better titles, it was pretty cruddy in the beginning.

    But holy cow, a “cow girl” without huge jugs? 0_o

  2. I hope you find the time to do an Asukimi review soon. It seems this game didn’t measure up to it.

    How about one for Yosuga no sora and its upcoming fandisc?

    • ill say to you buddy yosuga no sora is a so-so title and its only good if you want slice of life action with a hikki tsundere imouto for a route as well

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