恋文ロマンチカ Review

I dig the theme of this eroge, but the other stuff not so much.

Koibumi Romantica




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = チュアブルソフト

Scenario = 草壁よしお (all of chuable soft’s eroges), others

Artist = ぎん太 (all of chuable soft’s eroges)

Genre = Classic multi-choice romance adventure

What’s so special = Classic themed Japan, cute girls, interesting premise, fun gameplay, a rare eroge about writing


It is an interesting eroge, to say the least. However, there are still some points that they could have improved on in terms of the story. Still, Ginjo is much love. So cute =>


You start off as Fumito, a young man who left his hometown to fulfill his dream to become a writer.

That's desperate <_<

He sets off and arrives to the place of his dreams Touto (now Tokyo).

In case you're wondering, this branch already has a dead end >_>

There, he meets a few people who help him along the way to his destination, the publisher.

No Pantsu T.T

But of course, when he reached there, a girl had to fly out from the 2nd floor and land on him. She and her boss apologised to him and went inside a building.

Looking at the name of the building, he realizes that it’s exactly the company he’s looking for.

Unfortunately, when he went in and asked if they would take a look at his writing, they were a little busy with all the work they have so earliest would be tomorrow.

He went out, a little disheartened.

Someone, give me a shotgun

Outside, he met this young man who told him he would never be able to become a writer as there’s way too many people trying to be one. So he proposed to use his “connections” to help him, at a price.

Being the goddamned idiot Fumito was, he gave the dude his entire wallet and wished him good luck.

After a long while, he felt that something is wrong and went into the building. After talking to the producer, he finally realises. He’s been conned.

He walked out of the building, into the rain.Walking aimlessly.


Somehow, he drops his script and it got ran over by a car (human powered). He’s totally stunned, with no cash and nowhere to go. What can he do now?


The premise was actually very interesting IMO. This kinda chase your dream shit is pretty rare when it hits you right off the start.

Also, there are routes for some sub characters which was really unexpected because those routes weren’t exactly short. But my absolute favourite route is one of the subcharacter routes. Suiren, had a very very nice route and I really like stories and endings like that.

The story is really long and diverse, with a gameplay system that mimics real time. You pass through the seasons slowly with a ton of content and writing. The story lasts for a total of 6 seasons.


It’s actually quite a bit of SOL in my opinion since you get rejected pretty easily and you have to get the affection levels for the characters to a pretty high level before you can do anything about courting them. There are also a plague of dead ends which may daunt you from finishing the eroge. Also the amount of choices is PHENOMENAL. The eroge is pretty long so do note.

I’ll explain it a little more in the systems.

China dresses ftw.

It also has it’s humorous times too, and quite a lot of them at that. Not enough to make this a comedy eroge, but enough to make you laugh from time to time.

Twin tailed cat human. Right.

What I really feel is kinda weird is the fact that there’s mythical/fantastical characters in the story. They didn’t exactly play a huge role in the story, so why put them in. It just makes the whole story feel less realistic which spoils the mood really.

The dude has a face if you noticed

Anyway, it’s more of a slow paced classic love story about a boy chasing his dreams and falling in love in the process. I’m pretty sure not all of you would like this kind of theme, so please consider your tastes first.


This eroge has a pretty huge cast of characters all with their own personalities and distinct looks. =X


弓削 文人 (Yuge Fumito)

Protagonist. He left his hometown for Touto to chase his dream of being a writer. He’s not slow, but rather because he lived in a village town kinda thing, so he doesn’t know the way society in big cities work. Therefore he wastes a lot of effort. Also really pure in heart. A pretty hard worker.


秋月 桔梗 (Akizuki Kikyo)

A very well brought up girl. Fumito calls her “Ojyou-san”. Because of her sister’s slack attitude, she’s the more sensible one in the house, cleaning and cooking. Unfortunately, her cooking is pretty dangerous for anyone’s health. She’s caring and all, but when she’s angry, all hell breaks lose. Since she’s living with only her sister and she goes to an all girls school, she doesn’t really know how to react when communicating with Fumito.


She’s not exactly small either


ヴァージニア・O・パルトロー (Virginia Owen Paltrow)

Princess character. Her name is too long, so everyone just calls her Ginny.  She’s a high class “lady” from a well known family in UK (is it the UK?). Also a classmate of Kikyo. She’s also a bit of the tsundere type, hates losing, huge pride and stuff like that. But she’s also really………… let’s just put it as simple minded, sometimes. Believes what people say pretty easily and it’s hilarious on some occasions. But her Japanese and knowledge of Japan isn’t little so she’s kinda a half japanese already?


She is sorta a hard to get character in the eroge though


閑鳥 みつ (Kandori Mitsu)

The osananajimi of the main character. She’s from the same rural village as him, and has a very strong accent. She came chasing after him because he left so suddenly. Proclaims herself as his fiancee. Very much an airhead, but because of that everyone dotes on her a lot. She likes the protag a lot, but because they’re so close it can’t really be said to be love. Works in a cafe kinda thing called 開花堂. She’s very much a waitress when attending to customers but when it comes to Fumito, she turns back to her usual self >_>;


She’s very defenseless too


仁見 来香 (Hitomi Raika)

I keep reading her name as Leica because of the camera. Anyway, she’s the editor cum reporter of the publisher 照葉出版. She’s actually the same age as Fumito. As she’s the editor for sensei’s writings, she meets with Fumito quites a lot and ropes him in to help her find sensei. But she’s really bright and cheerful… well most of the time she’s not chasing sensei at least. She’s also pretty clumsy. Afraid of ghosts.


She’s pretty cute too, in many ways


宵之道 吟情 (Yoinomichi Ginjo)

Fumito calls her sensei while she calls Fumito Fumi no ji (文の字). She’s a pretty famous writer and Fumito looks up to her almost as an idol. That’s fine and all, but her lifestyle is all wrong. First, she’s a very heavy drinker. She wakes up at irregular times, runs away from the editor (Raika) when she comes and tries to get the scripts. She’s lazy and kinda childish sometimes. Still, she does have her mature moments, though they’re definately a lot less than her lazy ones. Loves her younger sister a lot. Likes teasing people sometimes.

This was extremely epic

She’s undeniably beautiful and cute though =>


They have a route, so I’ll just introduce the two =D


睡蓮 (Suiren)

She’s a prostitute (They don’t call them that there, but let’s just keep things simple) in a red light district. One of the most popular ones too. She’s calm and collected most of the time, but she isn’t happy. What I liked though, was the ending of her route. Ahhh remembering it makes me tear :'(. Good drama.


駒子 (Komako)

The girl who saved the protag when he was dying out in the snow. She lives in a hut all alone. More of a mysterious imouto type character (Micchi-type). It’s a surprise what she really is though, not to mention the ending was pretty O.O


Finally we’re at the systems.

Title screen

Title page was pretty much clean, nothing too special here.


Config had all of the usual settings. They put the save/load screen in the same window though.


Save/Load. They went and put the auto saves on the top of the save/load screen for quick usage. Pretty nice. You’ll be using the save/load a lot while playing this eroge since there’s such a lot of choices and branches.

Text box

The menu would only pop up if you put your cursor near the left side of the text box. Most of the stuff is in the settings button, including the save/load. Text box is pretty typical, nothing too special and the flowers on the back of it is a nice touch.

Game system

You’ll reach a screen like this pretty early into the eroge. It’s a choice kinda thing and there are lots of them. Different events may trigger different stuff such as affection or choices. Some of them have to to triggered before you can proceed while there are others which are special events usually containing CGs and stuff like that. There is also one more type, which is the 恋人 choice where you get to either date or trigger a H scene when you go into that choice.

Choices sorta

Clicking on it would show the title of that particular chapter you’re going to go to. Also, if it’s a character chapter, the Chibi CG of that character will be shown on the left side. You can also use the arrows to move to and fro different chapters.

Nyanko =D

You’ll get different items all the time throughout the story. If you write really well, you’ll get this seal which is extremely vital when it comes to getting into a character route. Not enough of this could result in a bad end. Also, there are other items that boost your writing or even max out your affection with a character.

The writing table

This is the table of doom. No really. This is where you write your story to end the season, use items collected throughout the story and also write love letters to the one you like. This table would only be shown after you beat the game once. Or else the table would only be for the options above. After clearing, the table has more options.

From left to right:

Camera: CG mode

Paper and pen: Writing

Books in the middle: Episode recollection

Ink Bottle: Write a love letter

Picture: Just shows whose route you’re in right now. It has some ugly crap when you’re still alone.

Huge horn thingy: Music mode

Tape thingy: Movie mode

Drawer: Items


This is the item menu where you choose what the use. Take note that the items are one use only, so you won’t get them back again usually. Plan well.


This is the writing mode. This is probably the most crucial part in the game as you can only earn money and those nyanko seals through this. The quality of the work is determined by the amount of inspiration you got, in this case the choices of events you made throughout one season. Some events are worth two quality while some only one. The 3rd row of items are the special items where you could use books as a source of inspiration for one season. The seal is a item that you get from an event which adds one to quality throughout the entire game.

The best quality is 30 so it’s best to aim for 30 usually.

Love Letter

Writing a love letter rofl

The love letter writing mode is yet another interesting system. You don’t always have to come here to get into a character’s route, but some of them are needed. Unfortunately, the failure rate is pretty high unless you get a really good amount of affection from them, so I recommend you use the max affection item for this. And yes you can write a letter. Doesn’t affect anything if you wrote something crappy either.

Transition screen

There’s also a transition screen for whenever you finish an event showing the characters involved.

CG and Animation

5 girls to 1 guy

CG is pretty good. Nothing too special, don’t think the quality improved from Sugar+Spice. The exact same style still remains so if you like it, I guess you’ll like this too. Wide faces, round eyes… actually the design of the characters are pretty round once you think about it. Coloring is soft and subtle. It’s well done, but nothing beyond that.

From what I can tell, all they used were slight blurs and contrast tweaks. Not much of the fancy (and overused) lens flares or glowy effects that kills my eyes. For the length though, there isn’t a lot of CGs in the eroge.

Mood portrayal

Mood portrayal was pretty good too. The colors and lighting fit the atmosphere well.



There’s actually quite a lot of tracks in this eroge. For it’s length though, maybe that’s normal. Most of the tracks were slow and had a classic feel to them. Mostly Japanese styled music, with a tinge of the eroge feel, but there were also European styled music whenever Ginny appeared.

Pretty big collection, not bad at all, but I’m not a huge fan of the OP song. I like the fact that they had an individual ED song for every character though.

H scenes


There’s quite a decent number of H scenes in Koiroma. Most of the characters have 5 or more, with the subcharacters having around two.

Pretty typical H scenes and stuff. Nothing too extreme. Though some of them were a little weird. いろんな意味で.

Also, the cat has H scenes too >_>;

No problems with the voice acting, though I think Raika’s VA didn’t really manage to portray what the script writer was trying to achieve.

Last Word

The whole band

So I’ll wrap up the review by saying that this isn’t a bad eroge at all. It’s decent, but nowhere near awesome. And it’s really long so be prepared to fork out a few more hours to finish this. If you’re into the classic Japan/old Japan theme though, this is definately a good choice.

8 thoughts on “恋文ロマンチカ Review

  1. Covers all the points pretty well, so I don’t think I’ll touch this. Really gives off the old-style Japan feel. Yuki-onna, nekomimi, lol. The princess looks really good.

    Horn thingy is called a gramophone, you see it with the dog on the HMV logo.

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