W.L.O.世界恋愛機構L.L.S. -LOVE LOVE SHOW- Review

Grah. Another fandisk. =D





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = あかべぇそふとつぅ (IP Banned for non Japanese)

Scenario = 安堂こたつ (……. only WLO?)

Artist = 有葉 (Almost all of the Akabeesoft2 eroges), 浅海朝美 (WLO and the new applique sister eroge)

Genre = Slapstick H filled fandisc

What’s so special = H scenes for every sub character, A lot of humor


As this is a fandisc, I’m not going to go through everything like usual since……….. there’s no point. I have a WLO review (Goddamned old one) which you can browse through if you wanna know. Then again, who plays fandiscs without playing the original game first >_>;

So…. let’s start

As all of you should know, WLO can be summed up in one word. Whacky. So what else can it’s fandisk be but that?



It’s filled with hilarious rubbish that most of them don’t actually make much sense. HAH. But it’s FUNNY. SO WHO CARES =D

But this time, the protag is a girl called Leica. Who’s an NOA agent. She’s supposed to infiltrate the school and find out just who is it that’s Yuuki’s girlfriend.

The system too, is one heck of a complicated mess.


System 2


Here’s the choice system. To put it simply, every one of the tables in the first picture is a choice. There are a total of 3 levels for every choice. Unlocking another level would be after you reached a chain event. After a while, you’ll be able to go outside where even MORE choices await. Don’t worry though, you’ll probably unlock everything by the time the game ends because it’s built to be completed >_>;

Lotsa random stuffx

Each of the choices contain a short dialogue with some asking if you wanna hear more. If you do, it’ll jump straight right into an event. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a H scene, but it’s going to go back to the usual textbox format.


Of course, there’s something that records your moves so that you can see what are you available choices. Not exactly extremely useful, but it’s handy when you’re just pissed off about trying to find the next choice.

You get a TON of ero scenes. I mean a TON. They covered every sub character available in the story.


See what I mean. Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m using only one picture, because all the others are not worksafe. Like seriously not work safe.

And they did go pretty extreme on the H scenes with everything from SM, cosplay and some other funny stuff. Funny being the entire game itself so >_>;

A.R.I.S.A 万歳!

Then again, you can’t really expect them to skimp on the main heroines. They get quite a lot of screen time too.

They really love design

I still can’t get over how they like designing the titles though. So innovative =X


So what should I say? Uhhh….. Play this if you played WLO and want a piece of the sub characters or just didn’t get enough of it’s jokes. Really. There’s not really any reason to get this except from that.

3 thoughts on “W.L.O.世界恋愛機構L.L.S. -LOVE LOVE SHOW- Review

  1. but this was supposed to be a work safe site :O SHOCKING!! @_@ anyway since i got lazy doing WLO I’am not too sure about playing this one hahaha

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