装甲悪鬼村正 Review

Aha. Wonderful. I finished it. Finally. Now I’m totally satisfied =3





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ニトロプラス

Scenario =  奈良原一鉄 (Hanachirasu, Nitro+ Royale) (Yes, I know that his past works are total bull compared to this >_>)

Artist = なまにくATK (No idea who at ALL)

Genre = Dark  mystery action fantasy eroge

What’s so special = Vertical reading, lots and lots of complicated phrases/words, it’s unique dark old Japan theme, amazing cast, awesome art, 3D elements



Crap, this is probably what I’m going to shout in my head for a few weeks. I sure as hell like this eroge. Nitro+ 万歳!  Now if they’ll be kind enough to port steins over to the PC…


This eroge has a lot of flashbacks so I’ll be giving more of an overview than a prologue.


In Japan, there are warriors who don on special armors called the Tsurugi, which has special powers hidden in them. The oldest, and most special armors are those who are made by crafters who use their own soul to complete the process.


Japan is controlled by a organisation called Rokuhara, which is monitored by another overseas organisation called the GHQ. Clashes are frequent, but not on a large scale.

The Silver Star

In a society like that, there rose a warrior, one who bring destruction and madness to wherever it goes. A silver Tsurugi which appears and disappears when it pleases. People go mad at the very sight of it, warriors fear it’s might and the destruction it breeds. They named it the “Silver Star”.


But all hope is not lost, as there is someone chasing it. A red Tsurugi, one that fights with the Silver Star and vows to kill it. But, he is no hero. He wears a cursed Tsurugi. He kills both people who are good and evil. His pursuit for the Silver Star leaves death at his wake.


This is not a story of heroes.


This eroge is downright dark. And I mean pitch black.

There goes her clothes~

It has rape, gore, destruction and so on. Especially since the protag kills both people fighting for justice and people fighting for power. It’s not something easy to stomach. As what they said right from the start, “This isn’t a story about a hero”. What’s more, everyone in this eroge has a chance to die at least once. Protag included. Not to mention most of the sub heroines die. Most of them got raped too, one way or the other.

The truth unveils more and more each route. It’s a standard procedure that most successful eroges use and this definitely is done well in Muramasa. The atmosphere for darkness and a huge mystery sticks throughout the whole eroge, making it a pretty tense eroge to read through IMO.


Also comes around the fact that there are the Tsurugi, those robot thingys that are probably catching your attention more than the characters. They aren’t the size of gundams (Hate them) but they’re much more logical in the sense that they’re pretty much human sized, abeit a little bigger. They’re armor, but armor while speaks and have their own opinions. For example, Muramasa doesn’t always agree to what the protag does and shows it in her own way. It makes things so much more interesting than just…. moving a machine.

The whole story focus though is mainly on one thing, the internal struggle that is in the protag. He doesn’t want to kill but he has to, the fact that everyone that get close to him dies and it haunts him day and night. More importantly, he isn’t exactly a great warrior either. Unlike what you may have thought, he’s actually, throughout the story, just a little better than most of the warriors.

I'm not reading that >_>;

There are also some really confusing explanations sometimes during battle explaining about forces and strategy. I gave up after a few seconds as it was so goddamned confusing.

Niase house

What I liked most though, is the entire world that this story is built around. It’s old Japan, but it’s done in such a way that it’s jaw dropping. I’m not just talking about the art mind you, I mean the entire era difference can be felt throughout the entire eroge. The speech, way of life, actions taken. Not to mention the lords and everything. They’re all literally in the olden ages. Very unique in that sense.

While talking about the speech though, reminds me of something. The speech in this entire eroge is… confusing. As they prefer to say things in a roundabout way rather than just normally, not to mention the language used is deep. It’s probably to show that it’s olden Japan, but heck the words used are fairly different from what is normally used nowadays, which slowed me to a snail’s pace as I deciphered the contents. Seems like it’s not just me though, as I asked a few people.

Actual figure: More than 30 hours to finish the first route.

It’s long in terms of script length and in terms of the way it’s written, it requires a lot more time to understand. Unless you’re 100+ years old and live in Japan then yeah, you’re fine there.

The entire story is also seperated into chapters, with 4/5 chapters as common and then into the route only chapter.


The routes themselves are separated into 3 main parts. Ichijou’s “Heroism” route, Kanae’s “Revenge” route and Muramasa’s true route. There is Chachamaru’s ending too, but it can be considered to be more of a side route than anything. Remember though, that this is Nitro+, therefore an actual happy ending never ever exists. So be prepared. Different routes focus on vastly different things, ranging from politics to chasing the silver star. The variety is a great thing, as opposed to reading the same thing for a few hours.

Personally felt Chachamaru should have gotten more of a route and that they should reveal more of Sayo. And I wanted more Subaru dammit.

The true route would blow your mind. Really.


That said, Soukou Akki Muramasa’s story is definately exceptional when compared to most other eroges. It’s definately something really new and really different.


What is amazing about this eroge too, is the huge cast. It’s phenominal. What’s more is the fact that all the characters aren’t single-personality characters. Most of them hold many faces.


湊斗 景明 (Minato Kageaki)

Protag. He’s not a very strong person at heart. Still, he’s intelligent and talks in a very polite manner, though a little emotionless. He is extremely honest about things though, he doesn’t mind admitting that he likes pantsu or anything like that. He chases after the Silver star for some reason.


His rage face is hilarious.


村正 (Muramasa)

Kageaki’s Tsurugi. Yes she’s a spider. She is one of the strongest Tsurugi ever made and have one of the most powerful ability. She’s strong enough to go around on her own alone for scout missions. A little on the cold side but not exactly emotionless. Btw, my favourite character in the eroge =D


綾弥 一条 (Ayane Ichijyou)

A student in some school. She’s very caught up with the whole idea of justice and would fight anyone who does things against that. Saved once by Kageaki. She hated Kageaki at first.


I’m not sure if I would consider her a tsundere, but she is damned cute


大鳥 香奈枝 (Ootori Kanae)

She’s the daughter of a famous family. Currently working for GHQ. She smiles all the time and it’s hard to guess what she’s thinking usually. Though her jokes normally get through. For some reason, she’s trying to get close to Kageaki. She plays the double bass (I think) and carries it around sometimes.


If you noticed, she never opens her eyes >_>;


足利 茶々丸 (Ashikaga Chachamaru)

She’s a very bright and childlike character. But she is definitely not what she seems. One of the 4 generals that controls everything running in Rokuhara. She killed her father for the position. She also tries to get close to Kageaki for her own reasons.

/me nosebleed

She’s really cute =X

I’m too bored to cover all the characters. Just go over to the site and check it out if you want to know more. >_>;


Update it to 1.20.

Title screen

Title screen. As you can see already, there is something really different in this. Yep. Even in the title screen, the text is all vertical. It would be exactly the same for the entire eroge so it’s best if you get used to it (If you’re not used to it that is). Also, they preferred to use 100% japanese text in this eroge, therefore you would find little or no english in the menu. The quick save for instance is ~おりを差す.


The config is a pile of WTF when you first go in. I swear. I went WTF for 10 seconds before trying to decipher the contents as even if I am somewhat used to vertical writing, I’m most definitely not used to vertical configs. The eroge doesn’t have individual voice controls, but that isn’t really needed unless you’re really picky.

Text box

Didn’t want to overload your mind so I chose something without too many words. The text box moves around slightly from time to time if there is a CG and it’s blocking the view. Or else it would almost always be in the middle of the screen. Yes, it’s totally vertical. When you couple up advanced Japanese and vertical text, you have a time sink. Anyway, it’s actually a pretty cool way of displaying the text. Not very hard to read once you get used to it too.


There are side buttons on the screen but I never use them. This is the menu when you right click. It has everything, even the shortcut keys needed to access the particular command immediately.

Love meter

This is something you can check for to see if you’re on the right track. Note that if a girl has a high value, it doesn’t always mean you’ll get into her route. Sometimes she’ll die early on. Therefore this isn’t exactly helpful sometimes.


As I said in the story section, Mura is separated into chapters. Route specific chapters are much better looking >_>;

Supar skip

The high velocity skip system present in Nitro+ eroges. It’s not very fast TBH, but it sure is faster than the normal skip. I wish every eroge had this system >_>;

Tsurugi List

There is also a section in the specials where it lists all the Tsurugi that appeared in the eroge together with a revolving model. They also stated the stats of the different Tsurugis.

CG and Animation

Bike VS Spider

The CG for this eroge is absolutely awesome. Mood, perspective, coloring, blending, lighting. All of them are near perfect. I can’t really say anything except that the art is exceptional and the fact that is plays a very huge part in the entire eroge, giving it a mysterious dark atmosphere. The action shots were wonderful too, with a nice blend of motion blur and color that makes things so much more interesting.


They made use of the idea of depth of field a lot in the eroge, blurring out backgrounds on closeups. I wouldn’t call their drawings highly detailed, but the blending and coloring just takes your breath away. It’s nothing short of stunning.


There were also HUD designs for some shots where the characters were inside the Tsurugi. What’s nice is that the HUD animates and there are lock-ons on the enemy tsurugi and they animated it to fly to the screen.

Oh my. That's really nice

What’s the most amazing though, is the 3D models of the Tsurugi. It’s stunning. The amount of work and details into this model must have been phenomenal considering that they’re not only doing one 3D model but many totally different designs of them. It would take me ages to make one…. Maybe not. But still it’s pretty detailed and the textures are stunning. Light matchups with the CGs are wonderful too. Goddamned.

Not that it’s without it’s flaws. There were some with hotspots which was probably from point lights too close to the models itself. Didn’t happen much though so it’s just something small.

There is actually a decent amount of animation in the eroge ranging from movement and scale to some clips which show special powers. Muramasa’s railgun for example was an animated clip. Very nice touch.


Music and video

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot of different tracks in the eroge itself. Still, the quality of the music was good. I wouldn’t call it epic, but it was much more than just decent. There’s also a total of 5 songs used throughout the eroge though most of them are for endings except one which played near the end of the true route.

Again, there MUST, THERE HAD TO BE AN ENGLISH SONG. The pronunciation was so bad that I could’ve been banging my head on the wall and it wouldn’t make a difference. Please, just stick to Japanese. I loved the second song. It’s really calming.

H scenes

Someone turn on the lights

There are a total of 10 H scenes in the game where a total of 4 were rape scenes. Most of the characters got 1 scene except a special someone who got the honour of having two.

To be honest, I’ll just tell you to forget the H scenes. It wasn’t really what you could call ero. Because of the nature of the writing, it just… didn’t feel like ero at all. Though Chachamaru’s scene was awesome. As chachamaru is awesome.

The H scenes don’t last either. They end really fast. Well most of them at least.

Last word


So… Just play this. Just do it. It’s going to be worth your time. There isn’t much to say except that. It’s highly satisfying when you finish. That’s one more script writer to look out for. Now all I have to do is wait for the FD.

EDIT: Due to a request I’ll add this in. Remember that it is a Nitro+ title. If you can’t stomach death in every corner, I suggest you skip this title.

40 thoughts on “装甲悪鬼村正 Review

  1. This is as good as Nitroplus gets, really. Hello, World was my favourite Nitroplus but honestly this blows it out of the water.

    I enjoyed it very much indeed.

  2. I’m in the middle of it, chapter four or so, certainly enjoying it so far. What Kageyaki did at the end of chapter one had my jaw dropping. Although it had me hooked near the climax of the first chapter, that scene at the end just sealed it; completely sold.

    Finally, Chachamaru is awesome. :Q

  3. But explaining about strategic placements and physics in a sci-fi setting is part of where it gets epic!
    I really liked how consequences of the protag’s action remains throughout the game, they didn’t just resort to each episode being its own little world. Definitely lives up to the expectation of being the 10th anniversary product…now only if they made a fd….

    PS: agreed on chachamaru awesomeness but…HIKARUUUUUUUUUUUUU


      And no the explanations were boring as they would never happen in real life since no one ever use Tsurugi. So they can say whatever they want whenever they want, though some did make sense.

      If I wanted strategic placements and physics, I’ll go play a RTS.

  4. I think changing the “OMG MUST PLAY THIS” line in the end to a good, solid warning would be a nice idea. This is not a game for everybody, even those that like dark plots, thus telling people to play it doesn’t work that well.
    I was hooked to it, no doubt, and no matter how dark it got, I wasn’t bothered by it… until ———– in the end of the first chapter.
    Seriously, I instantly lost all my will to play it after that, and I knew beforehand the kid was going to either die and/or disappear from the game.
    I skipped around the next few minutes, and decided to uninstall it, because not even my mecha love was able to save the rest of the game from that scene. Yes, a single scene in the wrong place can make a person stop reading a book or novel.
    Hopefully it’s going to be the last game to cause this kind of reaction out of me. A lot of the good games I’ve played were recommendations from this blog, but this one is the only one that had a “play it” that made me go “DO NOT WANT” a few minutes later.

    • Well it is Nitro+. Any Nitro+ title would go somewhere along those lines. Like I said at first, it has rape, gore and destruction. That should be enough to make people judge whether they do want to play this or not.

      In any case, I don’t prefer rape, gore or destruction at all. But normally that scene is supposed to make you show interest as to why it happened.

      TBH, you’re missing out some pretty decent eroges if you can’t take gore. I mean in terms of story. But heck, each for his own.

      • The gore, rape, etc wasn’t the problem, really. I’ve played nitro+ games before, plus I’m no novice to the genre. I played it with the only preconceptions that it was supposed to be a good game, both because of the review and because it’s Nitro+. Ok, fine, there’s Hanachirasu, but the rest is good.

        Let me be frank, that first chapter was horrible, and the last scene of it was just the last drop (since removed the only character that kept the whole thing from being even worse). The graphics, animation, style, mecha, it’s all good, but where’s the good plot and execution that I am looking for in a visual novel? In a later chapter? I simply don’t buy that kind of thinking.

        One would think that if there’s no likeable (and surviving) character in a character-driven genre like visual novels by the end of the prologue, even in a terror one, there’s something wrong with the game already.

        Anyways, sorry about the rant. There are people who had fun with it, which is good. I like to think that I’ve gained a good day or two worth of time to play another game.

        • I liked the execution actually. I’m still trying to pinpoint the problem you’re pointing out but I’m having some trouble.

          Since you don’t mind dark eroges I would point out that death is the whole point of this entire eroge and because of the deaths of these characters, the whole story actually makes sense. If everyone was alive, I doubt it would be half as intriguing.

          A eroge doesn’t necessarily need to be character driven to be a good eroge. Sure, character driven eroges sell more usually, but plot is equally important IMO.

          No problem really, it’s fun to have a decent debate from time to time.

          • Quite probably my problem with this game was because the scripter tried too hard to do his thing in the first chapter (and probably the rest of the game). He tried too hard to:

            – Sell Minato as a 100% Legit Good Guy(TM). The dogeza was the last drop, he was going to act out of the end of chapter, just didn’t know ‘when’.

            – Sell the chapter’s villain as just another guy. Seriously, he was screaming “I’m the bad guy” even before the chapter’s problem that should be solved became clear.

            – To not give spoilers of anything too soon, but Minato is already too involved to keep the “good guy is actually not good” thing from being a surprise at that point. The scripter’s solution was to give the point-of-view to the kid, not Minato.

            But that personally caused me problems because I couldn’t care about the rest of the cast, they were too distant. By the end of first chapter, the kid was the reason I was still playing.

            If you don’t mind these, I’m sure you can have fun with the game. It wasn’t my case. Oh well.

            Ed: Just before I went to submit this, I found out the scenario writer for both Hanachirasu and FMD Murasama are the same from a friend. It seems I just have problems with the scenario writer after all.

    • The utsuge ‘depressing game’ is the single best eroge genre in existence. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t play the good ones.

  5. I know that there are some people that don’t like things like rape,gore,tentacles,extreme violence,murdering of innocents(more if it’s the protag doing these things)and i personally don’t like these either but…..it’s not enought to make me stop playing a game i like….sometimes i forgot that some people still MIND about these things…or maybe i don’t have feelings anymore….yeah,this is random…

  6. Ahh I remember trying to play this game for Chachamaru >< but it got way to long for me so I dropped it, but the premise of the game was interesting.

    I should probably get back to playing it once I finish some other games. XD

  7. It was very good for the nitro+ 10th anniversary project. I wish there was hikaru’s route.
    Anyway, the most important thing is that chachamaru is mine. She was just damn cute.
    I think her route was the only happy ending that exists in this game

  8. First, I gotta say thanks for writing this review. I’ve taken passing glances at FMDM before, but it didn’t seem like my kind of eroge until I read this and downloaded the trial myself. So far, it looks beyond epic.

    Kinda curious where you managed to purchase this though; erogeshop doesn’t stock it.

  9. dark… maybe to dark for my taste? i don’t know. to know why it’s so dark, i reach for it, and sinks in it… or will i?

    or maybe the question is, provided it’s nitro+, and everything else is greatly above any standard visual novel, it’s just the genre of the story that may be questionable, will i play it?

    those are the questions i generated for myself after going thru the trial version… but meh, i’ll see when i want to touch some more darkness in a later time.

    and thanks for the review, it confirmed my suspicion that the game is a must-play.

    • Yep crossing my fingers too. I’m still alive, just busy working. You know, the media industry is tricky stuff, 3D, motiongraphics and forever wanting something creative.

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  11. I really want to play this game for a long time but I assume that you guys can read Japanese to understand the story? I’m hoping JAST/Nitro+ US is going to localize this one…

    • I find it to be quite a big challenge for them to even consider trying since the language used is just horrendously deep and will just feel out of place in English.

  12. To someone else who may end up eventually looking in the distant future, the game itself doesn’t contain 3d model data of the tsurugi. All it contains is a video of the 3d model of the tsurugi spinning around.

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