蒼天のセレナリア Review

Hmmm… Somewhat weird but not in a bad way…




Some Rubbish Infomation


Scenario = 桜井光 (The entire what a beautiful series)

Artist = 護国卿

Genre = Fantasy adventure action

What’s so special = Unique (some may say weird) plot, a sorta RPG system, a lot of fantasy


Well, this is a pretty weird eroge. I wonder if people actually like stuff like this nowadays. Furry is one thing but…. scaley? Not to say it’s bad but… that’s pretty twisted if you ask me.


You start off as Coni (yes girl protag), a pilot who does tough jobs, be it deliveries and whatnot.

Together with her are her trusty partners Shera and Maumau.

But things are going to change very soon.

Coni, after a delivery one day, slept after landing in the guild’s hanger. Upon waking up, she realized that Shera didn’t bring her card out with her (A kind of Identification card). She runs to the bar where Shera frequents.

There she meets a mysterious girl with green hair. A moment later, a squad of soldiers barged in demanding the girl. Coni took her hand and ran. From that moment on, Coni was the enemy of the empire. The only way out, was to cross the sea, the sea of the end of the world.


Sooo…. I haven’t mentioned anything “strange” yet. Then again, if you have played any one of the what a beautiful series, you get what I mean.

This eroge is downright different. I mean sure I can accept even girls with penises to some extent. But fishes with them? Uhh…. I’m not so sure. Note though, all the male beast characters are all…….. beasts. While the female version of the exact same beast character looks human. Lol. Of course, this did make up a lot of hilarious moments.

Another thing to note is the fact that this eroge is one route only. Even if you play over and over again, you will get the exact same ending. What’s more, it is possible to get all of the CGs and memories in just one try.

The plot itself though, is captivating. Because of the theme and pacing, it grabs you pretty easily. The good thing about stories like this is that as you know almost absolutely nothing about the world the writer is throwing you into, you’re hooked on instantaneously and continue to be captivated by every new bit of info thrown at you that can build up the world that the writer is trying to portray.

I was somewhat amazed though, at the focus they put on the ero. What’s more, they’re not all for the heroines but rather for almost every character you meet in the story. It takes quite some space in the story. But they contributed to the plot as there were some things revealed in them.

There was also the basic idea of bigger = better. Well this theory was proven wrong a few times in the eroge but I still find floating battleships the size of cities pretty laughable.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, there wasn’t a lot of fights in the eroge. There were some, but, ignoring the last battle, most of them were pretty much… typical. This ain’t an actiony kill them all eroge in theme at least. It’s more of a escape and survive thing.

The story is divided into 8 chapters, each lasting about an hour or two not counting the time spent on the RPG flying system. The time that this eroge would take can’t really be very long. 20 hours at most depending on your navigating skills.

All in all, I think this is a pretty decent plot. Definitely worth a try to see if you’re fine with the theme. Not everyone is. *points to a certain someone*


I’ll just go over the main characters you’ll see throughout the story as the cast is pretty wide.

コニー・イル・リクール (Coni Il Ricool)

She’s the protagonist of this eroge. You’ll see most of the stuff through her POV anyway. She’s the pilot of Urumenshu (the plane thing). Usually bright and cheerful. She hates people dying and usually tries at least to save them. Used to be an orphan. Her motive for flying is the meet different people and go to different places.

What she wears is pretty interesting…

シェラ・マキス (Shera Makis)

She assists Coni both inside the plane and outside of it. She’s a Pusel, some kind of cat race. She’s bright and happy all of the time. Isn’t very intelligent. She trusts Coni a lot. She is in love with ero. No really.

A wardrobe change does make her seem much cuter

カルベルティ (Kalberti)

He’s the mysterious guy who saved them while Coni was in the bar and ran away with Yaro. He’s skilled with the sword. Doesn’t reveals what he knows unless there is a need for it. Actually a pretty pure guy in heart despite his cold exterior.

This scene is why Coni has feelings for him >_>;

ヤーロ (Yaro)

The girl Coni saved in the bar. She is being chased by the empire, which started this whole adventure. Yaro is pretty much quiet but makes logical comments.

マウマウ (MauMau)

The creature that Coni and Shera takes care of. It can only say mau mau (hence the name), but it’s actually really intelligent and knows what to do and where to go more than just once in the story. Coni and Shera understands what it’s trying to say. Probably my favourite character in this eroge because of it’s hilarious personality.


The title menu. Nothing too special here, but the CG mode is unlocked right from the start.

The config menu. Funny thing is, right clicking while reading will bring you to this exact same menu with additional buttons at the bottom for save/load quit game etc. They didn’t make a separate menu for that.

Text box. It’s a standard text box, non transparent. The icons on the right gives skip, backlogs and replay sound. Text box close is done with the shift key in this game. Save/load is as said above, by right clicking and then choosing save. The text box doesn’t move around much, sometimes to the middle because of CGs, but all in all non obstructive.

This, is the gameplay element in this eroge. I’ll go through it in a clockwise fashion starting from the bottom left.

Ratio: Your fuel basically. Once it reaches zero, you’re transported to the town you’ve last been and taking some of your money. If you lack money, it’ll result in a game over. The amount of fuel taken for every step is the sum of the cost and the overload.

Cost: The flat amount that the plane would take to take a step. The number would only change if you find gears that would improve it’s fuel usage.

Overload: The amount of additional fuel usage taken if you have items in your plane. Particularly big items would take more fuel, also counted by each step. The two numbers on the left represent the formula to calculating. The item divided by the carrier would give the overload. Getting better shafts would increase the carrier amount, making things take less fuel even if they’re big.

Weather: Simply said, the additional fuel taken for each step due to unforeseen weather. It can reach up to +3 fuel per step.

Landform: The kind of land you’re on now. Searching on different types of lands yields different types of items. For example, mountains yield stones, but stones are really huge so you shouldn’t take too much. Also gives the coordinates of where you are right now.

Zoom in/out, Search, Throw: Zoom in and out speaks for itself. Search is searching the landform you’re on now for items. As I said above, different landforms gives different items. Throw obviously means throwing things out of the plane.

This menu would show when you reach a town or choose to throw an item. It’s simple enough, click on the item you want and click on an empty slot. Selling items would be putting the item on the box in the middle, the curved one.

Simple right.

A few things you may need to take note of:

– Always have a cat in the inventory to chase off mice which becomes a huge nuisance right at the start. As you get 100g right away, I suggest you use it to buy one.

– Higher grade shafts and gears take over the older ones. Sell the old ones for more $$

– Calculate how much fuel you’re gonna waste getting to a place, you don’t really want to run out of fuel often.

All in all, a pretty interesting and fun system. I wouldn’t say this is the core of the eroge, but it sure makes things much more fun.

CG and Animation

The art for this eroge is actually pretty good, be it shading and proportions. Needless to say, the innovative character designs were really awesome, retaining the characteristics of an animal/bug/whatever while trying to make it look human would require some thought. This was very well done.

One of the main points in this though, is the fact that the guy who did the expressions was absolutely fantastic. The emotions really showed through. I mean sure, it’s exaggerated somewhat anime style, but as long as it works, there’s nothing to say about it. And it works. Very well.


Music was average. Sounded a little artificial but still acceptable. Didn’t really find any tracks that I actually liked so…

H scenes

There’s a total of 15 H scenes in this eroge. Quite a lot for an eroge this length and with no branching routes. Still, this eroge contains some really weird stuff, so be prepared.

The scenes themselves differed quite a lot, rape, lesbian, gangbang… meh. Actually one of each. It was all pretty decent, VA acting was well done. I personally don’t buy the fishes have dicks idea, but heck, I didn’t write this story.

Last word

If I would sum this eroge up, it would be different. This isn’t my first time playing what a beautiful series, but I never really got used to the theme. It’s definitely interesting to some extent.

Enjoyable enough for me, but you’ll have to judge if it’s going to be so for you.

10 thoughts on “蒼天のセレナリア Review

  1. If you pay atention you see that Kalberti stole Sol Badguy’s sword….GIVE IT BACK!!!

    Oh,and Snoo,you will not like to see the fish dicks……………………………………………..really…………….-_-…..

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