その横顔を見つめてしまう ~A Profile 完全版~ Review

Akabeesoft2 never lets me down =3

Official (IP BLocked)



Some Rubbish Infomation

Company あかべぇそふとつぅ

Scenario = るーすぼーい (Who else. It’s looseboy, script writer for G senjou no Maoh, Sharin no kuni and the upcoming Taiyou no ko)

Artist = 有葉 (WLO, Sharin, G senjou), 呉マサヒロ (some random eroges that are not really worth mentioning),  こんぺいとう (No idea)

Genre = School life Slice of life pure love

What’s so special = Short, well thought out plot, decent pacing


I’m not exactly sure about this since I’m not very well versed in the topic of eroge history, but it seems as though A Profile started off as a doujin eroge and got remade into the complete version sometime after Akabeesoft2 was formed. That said, Looseboy never lets me down.


You start off as Masayuki, a seemingly normal guy who’s hardworking in terms of school work and studying. A model student with only a handful of friends.

Waking up his sister, rushing together to school everyday. Talking with his friends and just study. After that, going home with his sister or going to town.

That’s his usual day. A pretty normal day.

But it’s not going to last for long. There are some who still remember who he used to be and what he used to do. His past is coming to haunt him.


Now, this is written in a pretty typical Looseboy/Akabeesoft2 style. Meaning the story trolls you sometimes. It’s nowhere near how confusing G senjou/Sharin was, but it still have the moments where you feel as though the writer lied on purpose.

It was pretty unexpected for me to find the level of seriousness to be pretty high in this eroge. I did expect it to be a little bit more lighthearted even though I know it’s by Looseboy.

It tackles more on the problems with the guy himself and the changes that happened around him because he changed. Most of the story is told from his point of view, and to be honest I’m not exactly a huge fan of the protag.

Still, ignoring that, the pacing is pretty good. The length too is what I would call short. Didn’t take more than 17 hours which is decent. I found character interaction to be a little lacking and the huge mystery actually being a little obvious.

Only 3 routes in total. Also, it can only be played in the order of  Rizu, Miku and Miou.

All in all though, the story is very decent, short and quite a gripping read. Do not that this isn’t a moe-ge so don’t expect any ichaicha or deredere times as they’re almost non existant.


葉山 真之 (Hayama Masayuki)

Protag. Masayuki is a normal, positive guy who studies really hard even though he’s not really bright. He only has a handful of friends. Cares for his sister a lot. Btw, this isn’t a faceless protag, it’s a headless protag.

葉山 莉寿 (Hayama Rizu)

She’s the protag’s non blood related sister. She never wakes up early which results in her running to school with Masayuki every morning. She behaves somewhat like a spoiled child and bullies the protag.

She is the brightest and funniest character in the game though

小野 未来 (Ono Miku)

She’s the cool and silent beauty who is left alone by the rest of the class. She doesn’t talk to anyone, but she does talk to the protag for some reason. Always at the corridor  just before the bell rings and always cleans the classroom after class every day.

She gazes out of the window every single morning

相馬 美桜 (Souma Miou)

The protag’s childhood friend. She’s a bright character that just likes to be together with Masayuki and Kaine (their other friend). She can be summed up as a normal girl.

I still find it funny that she didn’t change one bit from young


A very simple title page. Nothing much here except the memories section can be accessed right from the start.

Config menu. Pretty simple here too. Also shows the shortcut keys for options like save and the lot.

Text box is the usual classic squarish shape. What’s weird to me is why is this PINK. I mean if it fits the theme fine, but it doesn’t. No really it doesn’t. It’s just weird. There’s also the full page type of writing which G senjou players would be familiar with.

Save menu. Nothing special here…

The transition screens. This is the 2nd transition which shows the character route you’re in. Rizu’s picture is definitely the cutest =3

CG and Animation

Since this eroge is pretty old, the art is well…. old school. It had very noticeable edges between the characters and the backgrounds making it stand out quite some lot. Proportions, especially the eyes, are sometimes off. Shading is actually pretty good for it’s style. I did find the blending to be somewhat weird at points but that’s just about it.

Then again Akabeesoft2 isn’t know for it’s wonderful CGs.


Music didn’t stand out much IMO. If anything, I can only remember two tracks which came out most of the time. So yeah…

H scenes

There are a total of 3 H scenes, one each for every heroine. I didn’t really find the H scenes very appealing as it was pretty standard. VA was decent. Nothing extreme at all. If you’re trying to play this eroge for the H scenes, look for some other eroge really XD.

Last word

If you’re looking for a good and short slice of life romance eroge, this would fit your bill. It doesn’t contain the kind of ichaicha stuff that mashiroiro has, but instead focuses more on the plot and the moment of dropping you into a wtf moment.

You know, I’ve always wondered why school uniforms look so good in eroges but absolutely pathetic in real life. Then again, it may be because of the people wearing them…

12 thoughts on “その横顔を見つめてしまう ~A Profile 完全版~ Review

  1. I love A Profile. I replay it pretty much once a year.
    The H scenes are actually ‘scaled up’ quite a lot from the original game – in the original, there were only 2 (one for each heroine) and they were EXTREMELY short. I’d say the ones in A Profile are 2-3 times as long. I guess they wanted to make the game about as ero as your average modern eroge, but couldn’t very well change the plot to throw in extra H scenes, so they just made the existing ones longer.

    This is Looseboy’s worst game, and it’s still great. Shows how awesome an eroge writer he is.

    • Yes, it’s a nice short drama to spend a weekend with. And again, a story which would have very well worked without ero. Some facets about the characters, especially regarding Kaine were kinda…unexpected (to me @_@)

      Oh, did anyone actually play Looseboys first doujin game (夏の燈火) he, according to erogamescape, co-wrote at Circle Mebius?

      • Yes, and it’s very good, but be warned; it’s not like his other eroges. I suspect Looseboy didn’t create the story, he only wrote for it – the main Circle Mebius writer created the story.

        Oh, and it’s hard as fuck to find, as it’s looong out of print and copies aren’t even appearing on yahoo auctions any more.

  2. Accany, afaik, one of the heroines in this game is ———– (Bleep) (though my information may be wrong). You never mentioned it, while saying it that it is a “romance eroge”. Can you please confirm it and warn about such things in your next reviews? I (and perhaps some other people) hate games with such plot.

    • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

      That was supposed to be the troll thingy. But mentioning it would make this eroge pointless. I mean you won’t get the shock factor you know. Would be too much of a spoiler. And it is true love. Technically speaking. (Well if you’re hung up about the fact she’s not exactly what you would call pure, it’s best you check before you play as I personally think it kinda spoils the eroge if I mentioned it. Sorry =<)

  3. so like, the CG seems to be almost suspiciously like NTR or cheating (but not by own will) for Miou’s route; so did she really work as a prostitut3 like vndb labels her and have sex with other men? or was that actually wrong?

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