クロガネの翼 Review

Uhhh. I’ll have to put white cyc on hold next time.




Some Rubbish Infomation

CompanyWhite Cyc

Scenario = 由希 (No idea)

Artist = ヲン(No idea), 成沢空(Natsuiro Straight)

Genre = Fantasy school life romance

What’s so special = Characters with fantasy powers, imouto chara (non blood related)


I have no idea what to say about this. Why? Because there’s nothing to say about it. It’s kinda below average. I mean fantasy theme is still fine but this isn’t captivating at all. Now I gotta wait for someone to make a クロウカシス walkthrough. I’m not bored enough to die 50 times in one place currently.


You start off as Natsuki, a not so normal guy who’s currently washing dishes. What he usually does.

Then, his father came over and told him something which shocked him.

That was one week ago

Today he meets two people, the two who’s going to be his new family members.


I know this is short, but I couldn’t really be bothered by the story. I wouldn’t know where to stop anyway.

In any case, this eroge’s story is… somewhat lacking in content. By that I mean there are still way to many questions left unanswered with the open ended endings. They posed questions they never answered. That isn’t a good thing btw, for an eroge like this. Innocent grey or akabeesoft maybe, but this kind of writing isn’t tilted towards a mysterious aura.

If anything though, this eroge contains some drama. Sappy but nevertheless drama. It’s probably why I continued playing on (I like dramas) but it ended up to be pretty typical drama. The kind where you could guess what he’s gonna say before he says it.

What I found funny was mostly the fantasy elements. Girls with guns, girls resembling Nanoha (oh man I wanna kill myself for saying it) and girls who are… weird. I come back to the same point where if you have such humongous power, JUST USE IT. I don’t get the fights that last so goddamned long without a particular reason. Take for example this…. robot thing. If she was as big and as powerful as written, there shouldn’t even be a problem with killing everyone ._.; Sigh.

Oh and that Natsuki in the end gets a power up that turns him from next to useless to ZOMG I CAN FIGHT OFF HOARDS OF ENEMIES. I mean seriously. That’s just not interesting at all.

Personally I felt Haruna’s route to be one of the weakest despite it being the “true” route. Mainly because of too many things being thrown at me that didn’t add up right. Her back story wasn’t too much of a problem though, just the fact that the plot and the obstacles placed are…. bad.

There are also some routes which I wished were present, Kyoko’s and Alice’s especially.

Still overall, the plot can be considered somewhat average. I didn’t expect to play something that seemed to be the merge of Trample on Schattan + Nanoha + School life.


鎹 夏希 (Kasugai Natsuki)

Protag. He has a special ability (Alchemy, 錬金術) which he never shows to anyone. He’s the type where he doesn’t want anyone to suffer, even if the suffering is going to be transferred to him by doing so (Shiro >_>;). Very bad during the mornings. Has a girlish face which makes people mistake him for a girl quite a lot. Because of that though, he gets confessions from guys as well.

鎹 春奈 (Kasugai Haruna)

Haruna is Natsuki’s sister. As she has always been alone together with her mother, having a brother like Natsuki makes her want to be spoiled by him. She’s usually bright and cheerful but gets jealous pretty easily. She likes waking Natsuki up in the morning. Her cooking is on a scale no one has ever seen.


御陵 七深 (Misasagi Nanami)

She’s what you can call Natsuki’s wife. She knows Natsuki inside out and is his childhood friend. Very obvious that she loves Natsuki. She lives next door to Natsuki too and her window is right opposite of  his. She’s somewhat weak and falls ill pretty easily. She’ll do anything for Natsuki. Dangerous when angered.

My favourite character as she’s so cute =3

リリス・スノウドロップ (Lilith Snowdrop)

Lilith is the girl who he (well not really him but he covered her) saved from some baddies. The next day she transferred to his class and called him darling. She’s from europe and is probably the character who is the most bright and happy. She does make a lot of attacks towards Natsuki. As she’s not very good in her use of Japanese, Katakana tends to pop up in her speech.

Like I said, she attacks Natsuki

ナディア・アルハザード (Nadia Alhazred)

Nadia is a fortune teller than came from some country in the middle east. She transferred in together with Lilith. It’s not known why she transferred in. Her mother is Japanese which is why she understands the language. Has a mysterious aura around her and is usually calm and cool. She seems to know a lot, almost more than she should about everything.

You don’t get characters like these all the time. I mean in terms of nationality. Blond is still the current trend among eroges but I find this exotic feeling to be quite refreshing.

She looks really good don’t you agree?


And so… Here we go again.

Update your game to the current version before you play as it’ll corrupt your saves (like it did to mine >_>;)

So here’s the title menu. Nothing too special except the buttons change their text when you roll over them (some are just funny). The BG changes with every route completion.

The config. I like how there are interactive voices when you change the volume. Some of the voices are hilarious.

The text box is really typical, rounded rectangle. There is a menu you can access which is on the top right when you move your mouse close to it.

Well the options aren’t anything too special.

CG and Animation

The CG quality for this eroge is actually pretty good. I didn’t find the characters to be amazing, but the backgrounds were really good in terms of the lighting and especially the clouds. Some backgrounds were really wonderful. The character designs are kind of the typical animeish eroge stuff you see in almost every other eroge though the shading was pretty good.


Music was decent. I found the 燃える tracks to be a little tinny in terms of the tone while the everyday BGM to be really standard.

H scenes

There are a toal of 8 h scenes in total with 2 for every character. 1 scene before and 1 scene after the ending. I personally felt the one after the ending is somewhat overkill as it didn’t serve an actual purpose.

Voice acting was all right. Nadia’s VA was awesome. H scenes themselves didn’t vary a lot nor was it anything close to Black cyc level.

Last Word

So should you play Kurogane no Tsubasa? To be honest I think it’s best to give it a pass. It’s not very interesting, plot is somewhat questionable and it pretty much average overall.

14 thoughts on “クロガネの翼 Review

  1. Typical White Cyc, played 夏色ストレート! by them last year, so pretty much know what to expect from White Cyc, below average story and nothing to distinguish them from the rest.
    When there’s loads of VN’s with only limited time, why play the average ones.

    BTW Accany, thanks for your reviews I played several IMO excellent VNs especially Muramasa and Natsuyume Nagisa

  2. Will pass on this one then…
    The protagonist looks horrible. I mean we all hate The Faceless, but I’d rather this one didn’t look so childishly dumb and… well dumb.

    Luckily I just got Ayakashibito, which you showered with praises – I have high expectations !

  3. I’ve heard of Black Cyc, but White Cyc? Loving your site BTW, I just wish I had the time to even complete Ever17 – I have the entire Infinity series lined up and ready to go, with Cartagra and G Senjou no Maou battling over what’s left of my time.

    What 3D software do you use?

  4. Maya is so confusing for me, and blender even more so. I’d love to learn modo, but my laptop has GMA950 graphics and the only 3D capable machine I have is an Octane, so I’m stuck with Maya 6.5.

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