9 thoughts on “Sekien no Inganock full translation released

    • I replay some eroge. I’ve played A Profile (the game Accany reviewed recently, although the original version, not the remake) a whole bunch of times. I’ve played Kanon several times (it was one of my first VNs), and I’ve played both Sharin no Kuni and G-Senjou no Maou about three times apiece. I’ve played Ayakashibito twice, although I’ve gone back to it and replayed snippets a bunch of times. I’ve also played Sense Off and Sayonara wo Oshiete twice each.

      Sure, there’s lots of other eroge out there – I’ve literally got boxes still in their packaging waiting to be installed and played, plus lots I’ve started but have yet to get very far on, and still more I’ve completed a few routes of but haven’t quite finished yet – but there’s something comforting about rereading a story you already know, since you can skip parts of it you don’t want to reread because you know what happens anyway and you can just be entertained without having to read through anything boring.

    • Yes,there’s a good lot of eroges that deserve to be replayed…i do replay some of them (and i plan to play all the Jap ones again after i learn more decent japane)but……the time does not help me at all……i still don’t know how can you complete them so fast,Accany……

      Well,you can for sure replay Sharin and G-senjou like Asceai said…and i really like to replay Cross Chanel too someday…

        • 3 days?O_O…….i have never completed and eroge in 3 days,NEVER!!!This is not possible!This is madness!THIS IS…..Ahem….

          But really,my best time playing was 5 days….it’s commom for me to complete one in a week…i don’t have that much time anymore…and you too it seems…well,at least we still have time to play…

  1. Interesting, I wouldn’t have guessed so many replayed the VNs… What I like the most in them are twists and turns in the story, along with some memorable charadev – and since those things are so memorable, I don’t forget them and usually get bored on second playthrough. I can’t imagine replaying KID games, or even romance oriented games… I usually don’t re-read books either though, except when I’m reading it with something in mind (say, analyzing this or that, comparing it to that other book, etc.).

    I used to play at Accany-like speed, but recently I’ve been enjoying playing in smaller sessions ; maybe it’s just because I’m playing less intense VNs though, like Osananajimi wa. There’s no way I would have stopped playing say Swansong or Kara no shoujo (that one was epic)- you just need to get some grub and booze ready !

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