しろくまベルスターズ♪ Review

An eroge very fitting for Christmas XD.




Some Rubbish Infomation


Scenario = J・さいろー (Clover point, Yunohara), 丸谷秀人(Haruha ni Aogi, France shoujo), 御剣ヒロ

Artist = 藤原々々(Haruka ni aogi, Yunohara), 鳥取砂丘(SD drawings)

Genre = Christmas fantasy hilarious romance

What’s so special = Very light hearted theme, lots and lots of jokes, interesting concepts and just an overall enjoyable read


Well it’s… Christmas! And it’s almost over. Anyway, this eroge was quite a fun read… Pulltop really does some decent eroges. At least santa claus ain’t an old man sitting on a sleigh that never breaks from his weight.


You’re Touma, a guy with a special job. A very special job.

A job that requires him deliver presents to children during a special time of the year.

In case you’re getting the wrong idea, he’s the reindeer.

His job is to fly around with Santa claus, well one of them anyway. This christmas eve, he’s flying around with his childhood friend Nanami. All was going fine until…

A rival appears. Not to be beaten they challenged the other team and fly around trying to beat each other in speed. Well that’s still fine.

But then they went into a snowstorm area and in the process scaring the nearby santa team and causing her to panic. Which resulted in all 3 teams in the snow storm.

The result?

3 crashes. That ends the year.

But the next year, they meet again. This time, the lost santa (head santa) orders all 3 of them to work together in the same village they were distributing presents last year. What will happen now?


So yes, you can totally see this eroge being really hilarious I think. I mean reindeer bikes hauling sleighs and female santas should be enough to show that. It’s hardly going to bore you since the entire eroge is filled with jokes.

Either that or you’ll be drowning in the dere dere nature of every character in this eroge. I mean seriously, they’re all バカップル when they get together. You get this whole CHUNK of time near the end where they show how much they love each other by doing [insert sappy action].

The idea of reindeers and santa was pretty much a stroke of genius IMO, making this whole eroge really interesting and fun to read since there are quite a lot of references to it. The story places quite a huge focus on it too, about people believing in Santa Claus and what not.

The pacing is decent and this eroge isn’t on the long side, 20 hours for me so it’s average all around. The whole confess > dere dere time > Obstacle > everyone’s happy system that most eroges use it really prominent here, every route is built on that. Speaking of which, there are a total of four routes and at the end there’s a short epilogue which…. doesn’t really say anything much except that everyone is happy.

Of course, if you’re expecting awesome actions or the kind of eroge where you’re just dying to know what happens, this isn’t like that at all. It’s simply an enjoyable eroge that you can relax to after a stressful day (Been having an awful lot of those recently). I mean, we can’t play eroges about death everyday can we?


Ignore the scroll bars and buttons lol. Direct rip from the main site cause I’m too lazy.

中井 冬馬 (Nakai Touma)

Touma is a reindeer. It’s the job term, he isn’t some magical creature-human thing. He drives, or rather fly, his partner santa around through assigned routes to distribute presents out. He’s very much in love with the sky and flying. He isn’t extremely good at flying, but he has a lot of potential. He has a pretty lax and carefree attitude about everything. Admires old men with beards (wtf).

He’s actually quite a likable character

星名 ななみ (Hoshina Nanami)

Touma’s childhood friend. She has a sweet tooth ans can eat a LOT. She’s bright, positive and cheerful, but is also kinda an airhead. Her family has been santas for generations. She’s still pretty average in terms of skill. Befriends people really really easily. Oh and her ahoge moves.

I found her to be unexpectedly cute, though somewhat noisy =X

月守 りりか (Tsukimori Ririka)

Ririka was from one of the three santa headquaters in the world, the new york branch. Even though she’s the youngest of the three, her skills of a santa is the best. Also calls herself a genius. Hates losing, loves winning and pretty childlike in terms of personality. Doesn’t like to eat veggies. Nanami calls her drill because of her hair while Ririka calls Nanami pink because of well…. her hair.

Oh and she’s a very hardcore gamer >_>;

柊ノ木 硯 (Hinoki Suzuri)

Suzuri is simply said, the really quiet girl in the eroge. The kind of silent princessy character. Her parents are the head of a big toy departmental chain. Anyway even though she’s afraid of talking to people, she has great cooking and management skills. As she was raised in a pretty rich environment, she buys things that most people think is expensive.

But she does have a side where she doesn’t show…

鰐口 きらら (Waniguchi Kirara)

Kirara is the representative of the landlady who is in charge of the tree house the 4 are staying in. She appears from time to time to help out. Very much like a sisterly character to them. But when her sister shows up, thats when she tries to escape as she’ll be dragged back home to study. She isn’t very intelligent. Well maybe she is but she just can’t study. Knows every crook and nanny of Shirokuma town. Doesn’t like her family name very much.

When I said dragged back home, I meant it literally


The title menu. Changes after the last route. There’ll also be an epilogue button that appears after the game.

Config. Nothing special here so let’s move on…

The text box is a very simple black transparent box at the bottom. There isn’t really a need for an other options so I guess they kept it to a minimum.

CG and Animation

The CG in this eroge is pretty good. Decent backgrounds coupled with better than average character drawings. They’re simple yes, but emotions and proportions are very well done. Shading varies from CG to CG ranging from average to nice.

Personally I found the SD CGs to be more to my liking. It’s way too hilarious.


I was baffled by the amount of tracks in this eroge. 42 tracks for a 20 hour eroge is quite a lot. It’s mostly cheerful and fun music throughout the eroge. Nothing really stood out except for La Cometa Rossa which was this latin track that had an interesting beat and guitar in it.

H scenes

There was a decent number of H scenes for most characters ignoring Ririka who had a grand total of 8 H scenes with the runner up being 3 H scenes. Then again, she had a LOT of repeats so… H scenes were all normal, nothing coming to really extreme. There was a ton of ichaicha coupled with dere dere moments in the H scenes that just add up to be more of a sweet scene. Most pure love lovers would like it.

Last word

It’s definitely an enjoyable eroge to play and it does fit into the season pretty well. Of course it’s an eroge just for laughs so there’s no reason to play it for anything except for that. I wish they made a route for santa sensei dammit. She’s really fun =<.

15 thoughts on “しろくまベルスターズ♪ Review

  1. “… knows every crook and nanny.”
    You did that on purpose, didn’t you. =x
    Also, Merry Christmas even though it’s over in Singapore.

    P.S. I want a job as Santa, work 1 out of 365 days and hiki for the rest of the year.

  2. LOL @ the Wanizilla-SD
    Looks fun(ny). But Osadai looked funny too and it was…meh @_@
    But the SDs look great, I wonder from which game(s) I know the style…hmm…

  3. “we can’t play eroges about death everyday can we?”…were you talking about クロウカシス?Hehe,i noticed that you are having problems with the walkthrough so i went and looked at it…..and my opinion is………..good luck with it …….and good christmas to you….

  4. Hmm, seems OK, maybe I’ll play it after finishing “Zettai Mao”, BTW Accany , have you played Merichri by Whirlpool, it was really great, it got quite a moving storyline in the main route, most importantly it got a lot of jokes and deredere moments, it got quite an exciting action scenes too.

    • A game is considered crap for me if I cannot find anything interesting in the plot and the girls after an hour of reading (which happens to me a lot). I don’t think “zettai mao” is crap,maybe average at most , it is an absolute laugh riot, the protag is really funny and I find 5 (out of 25) girls interesting enough to go through, and also one of my favourite VA is here also (西田こむぎ) as on of the main heroines and thats a huge plus point for me.

      I’m still halfway through, I’ll report back my final verdict after I finish.

  5. Merry Christmas to all!! I think i’ve see them last night lol.. it’s 25 already and this is a Christmas day..

    btw.. can you give some links to download this game, or complete CG?
    Most of uploaded files are already unused or file error in MU,RS,BG and HF. i wish there is someone who can upload this on Media Fire(MF) or any torrent that is not dead D:

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