クロウカシス 七憑キノ贄 Review

That was hard. And my guesses were all wrong.

I swear I’m not detective material.




Some Rubbish Infomation

CompanyInnocent Grey

Scenario = 鈴鹿美弥 (Kara no shoujo writer)

Artist = 杉菜水姫 (Catagara, Pianissmo, Kara no Shoujo)

Genre = Closed circle mystery murder suspense gore

What’s so special = Dark and mysterious theme throughout the eroge, famous innocent grey gore, absolutely mind blowing art, a frustrating detective system, for once there’s a good ending, closed circle mystery



That was exhausting. The amount of times I failed to get the answer really made me tired -_-;. It was fun yes but I’m keeping away from Innocent grey detective stuff for a while.


You start off as a student (Renamable protag wtf) trudging through a snowstorm. Him together with his senior are trying to reach a town in the mountains by foot.

There’s just a small problem.

His “reliable” senior wasn’t referencing a map, but rather a supposedly memorized path. Didn’t take too long for him to realize the situation was pretty dire. They then reach a road and..

A horse carriage stopped right in front of them. Out came a girl who asked where they were going. Hearing what they said, she invited them to spend a night in her home.

A huge black western house that is. Her family is very much respected by the townsfolk (the very same town they were heading to). Going in, they meet some interesting people and was invited to a wedding, a special and somewhat odd wedding.

The bride has to spend a night in a coffin until the next day before they are officially husband and wife. But the protagonist didn’t think too much of it. But then something unexpected greeted them the next morning.

A headless groom. What’s more the bridge linking them to the outside world is cut. So now, with no way to run, they’re forced to live together through the snowstorm in a house together with a murderer. But things are just getting started…


All right. So yes it’s gorey. This is actually the least gorey picture in the eroge so do note that it has kinda a disturbing theme. I mean seriously, don’t play this if you faint to blood will you.

In any case, there is definitely a very solid and good plot going on in this eroge. Moments of surprise, anguish and whatnot spring up in every corner. As it’s a closed circle mystery, it holds a tense and dark atmosphere. Coupled with the fact the entire house is almost black and the characters all having secrets of their own, it’s a pretty rough ride.

I would say the writing style is pretty similar to Kara no Shoujo, except this time the theme is focused more on trying to not die rather than finding the criminal.

But of course, it does have it’s cheerful moments. The characters do fall in love with each other, even though it doesn’t end very well in usual Innocent Grey style. The eroge puts quite a heavy focus on H, with H scenes running rampant everywhere throughout the story.

Caucasus is definitely shorter than Kara no Shoujo, but you need to replay it a LOT to complete the eroge. The amount I replayed surpassed 10, kinda a new record for me since this eroge is really hard to complete. There are way too many factors contributing to this, I’ll explain more during the system section. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of different branches in this eroge and to get to another route, it requires you to start from almost close to the beginning and work down again.

The reason is probably because the story is restricted to only 3 days. There is no way it’ll go more than that. Which results in countless replays to get just a slight difference between the stories. Personally, I prefer having longer stories and less repeating to do. In this eroge I could say I spent more than 75% of my time ctrling through what I’ve already passed through just so I can get very slight differences.

The story is very well done in this eroge. If only it could have been a bit longer and less repeats. But heck it’s better than most of the eroges out there, just that it doesn’t seem to show Innocent Grey’s full potential. As long as you don’t play it with the thought that it’s better than Kara no Shoujo or Catagara, you’ll enjoy the story.


All righty. As usual, this eroge has a pretty huge cast and almost no sub characters. Well there is the guy who died but let’s leave him alone.

主人公 (Protagonist)

He’s more of a calm and docile type of character. He has pretty good insight about stuff even though he’s not exactly the very sharp. Which is why he’s paired up with Soko to assist her.

切原 想子 (Kirihara Soko)

A cool type girl that is incredibly sharp and very fast in adapting to the environment. Her personality though, is kinda easygoing, which means she doesn’t focus much on small details. To the protagonist though she’s a good senior, since she takes care of him well. A cola freak.

Yes, apparently she can play the guitar

七月 紅緒 (Nanatsuki Venio)

She’s one of the daughters of the Nanatsuki family. She looks like a lady from a high class family, well she is, but that’s just the outer shell she created. Only the people in the house knows how she really is. She keeps a black cat (with different colored eyes). Also pretty calm most of the time whatever the situation.

Let’s just say she’s better when she’s asleep

七月 詩音 (Nanatsuki Shion)

Another one of the daughters in the Nanatsuki family. Shion is an introvert and lives on the top of the tower beside the main building. Or should I say she’s only restricted to living there. Therefore she has never seen the outside world and doesn’t know quite a lot of things we consider common sense. Somewhat shy and softspoken. Loves singing. The reason for her hair and eye color is some problem with her body or something (Doesn’t mean they had to make her a splitting image of arcuied >_>;).

She’s just this mysterious beauty that you really want to know about

七月 藍 (Nanatsuki Ai)

The eldest daughter in the family. She’s a bookworm, hence the glasses. Silent and always doing things at her own speed. She’s afraid of the smallest things and tends to go absolutely hysteric over her own wild imagination. She adores Shion.

Puppy eyes >_>;

七月 摩夜 (Nanatsuki Maya)

The current head of the Nanatsuki family. She has an aura of peace and kindness. Always in her room because of her weak body.

燈山 あかね (Hiyama Akane)

Akane is a maid working in the Nanatsukikan (The black house). She’s a cheerful maid but she’s serious in her work. Even so, she stumbles sometimes but because of her personality she’s never hated. She’s also really cute when she blushes \o/. But that said, I swear her face, when she tilts her head, resembles something more of a doll. I would die of shock if a face like this showed up in the middle of the night.

Situations like this are always welcomed

水守 なるみ (Minakami Narumi)

Slacker maid. But her cooking is top class which is why she’s still around. Scolded by Akane constantly for slacking even though she’s senior. Very easygoing and lazy, so it’s hard to actually get her to talk or do anything.

No doubt at all of her skill though

辻村 星次 (Tsujimura Seiji)

The brother of the head of the Nanatsuki family, which is currently dead. He’s a pretty passive character who does everything resembling a caretaker. He’s polite and caring which is why everyone likes him.

高嶺 仁 (Takamine Jin)

The legal advisor of the Nanatsuki family. He took over his father’s job after he died. Emotionless and calm most of the time. Poker faced. A huge scar on the left side of his face and he’s blind on one eye.

六曜 勇 (Rokuyou Isamu)

Shion’s fiance. The only son in the Rokuyou family. He was the one who died in the prologue.

御巫 博士 (Mikanagi Hiroshi)

He’s the family doctor for the Nanatsuki family, taking over his father. He takes romance and friendship very seriously but he’s usually misunderstood because of his actions and words.


Title menu. Nice white setting which changes once you went through the true end.

Config. Nice and simple as usual. I didn’t notice the changeable name at first and cause some confusion in #tlwiki by accident =P. They should have put an option for skipping all the parts you have already done including the gameplay elements. Seriously, you have no idea how many times I took the knife from his bag.

Text box. Nice black and white theme. Stylish I would say. The clock plays a huge part in the game, so be remember to keep an eye out for it. There are some choices which are time dependant e.g. the person leaving the room for you to sneak in and search and stuff like that.

There’s also the good old chunk of text version of the text box where it just fills the entire screen in classical top to down right to left reading fashion.

So let’s get started with the actual system. This is how you move to different rooms. You get some free time in the story for you to move around, talking to people and searching. Sometimes you’ll get someone tagging along with you which means there’s something specific you should do. Some rooms, like shion’s, have to be “unlocked” by talking to the right people.

The exact same search function in Kara no Shoujo. You pick things that may seem suspicious. This includes the crime scenes with the beheaded characters. Do check everything as a lot of important items usually turn up in the most unsuspecting places.

Items. This was also in Kara no shoujo but this time it’s a little different. The items you found can be used either as evidence or as tools to help you get what you want or to escape. Which is why I said it’s vital to have some items or you’ll never succeed in clearing the eroge.

The talking part. There is quite a long list of things you could ask the character, everything from items to rumors. Oh and I almost forgot, the time gauge at the left tells you how much time you have left for your free time. I can’t remember the exact amount but the amount of time taken would scale as something like Moving<Talking<Searching. Which means don’t keep searching all the time or time would run out pretty fast without you doing what you should have.

The questioning section of the game where you question various characters about different events or items. Similar to the talking except this usually happens after all your free time and someone has died recently. There is no time at all for this so you can ask as long as you want but after this there’ll be a question on who you suspect the most to be the murderer.

A notebook that records everything that happens down. Personally, I didn’t find it as useful as the notebook in Kara no Shoujo as this doesn’t help out as much. The facts added are very brief and most of the important points are more on thinking than actually referring to this. But there is the item list which may give you some clues. The map is almost the same as the move system so I’ll skip that…

The route completion “chart”. Basically it just tells you how far you’re from the ending. Though you can get killed suddenly if you make a really wrong move.

This screen usually shows up when you’re going to be moving on to another person’s POV or 3rd person. Doesn’t happen that often though.

CG and Animation

Do I even need this section? All right. The art is AWESOME. It may just be a matter of personal preference, but I really think this artist is probably one of the best few around. He doesn’t delve too much into the glowy balloon skin type of art nor does he draw animeish characters. It’s a comfortable and highly detailed art style. The art is in an entire league of it’s own. And don’t even get me started on the blending.

Though I do wish he wouldn’t draw the blood to be so real >_>;. What’s more I usually play eroges at night nowadays and I’m no horror fan.


Not a lot of tracks for this eroge as there wasn’t exactly a huge amount of variation in terms of mood. That said, all of the tracks had the usual tint of classical. Most of them are slow and sad tracks. Just wonderful. Then again, if you’re skipping through most of the things in the story in replays, chances are you won’t notice the music =X

H scenes

Well I guess this is considerably “safe”. It’s good for your eyes at least O.O

Anyway back to the topic, there is a huge focus on ero (considering it isn’t built for that) in the game. There are 17 scenes in total and out of 8 pages of CGs almost 5 pages were completely H dominated. As usual quality is high, cgs are jawdropping and the VAs are well… amazing. There are also rape scenes coupled in there so purity seekers be aware.

Last word

Ok so the bottom line for this eroge is this. If you’re not going to slug through replays to complete the eroge, then don’t even start. It’s not close to even averagely easy and leaving this halfway through is absolutely pointless. Coupled with the fact that it has gore and rape among other things, it’s best you are prepared for it before you play. There is also the huge pain of trying to trip flags throughout the entire game just to get that one ending. This certainly isn’t an eroge for everyone, but it’s pretty damned good for those who can accept it.

21 thoughts on “クロウカシス 七憑キノ贄 Review

  1. Hum, I loved Kara no Shoujo, plus the art here looks a-ma-zing, but… The detective play looks quite painful, as do the many repeats, of which I am no fan.

    Might get it just for the CG, it’s indeed mind blowing ; I usually like mystery novels, so might be worth it.
    Is it easy to skip ? VN with gameplay elements tend to have confusing skip functions, and sometimes force you to replay a scene. I mean, with a walkthrough, could you read all there is, without spending too much time on already-seen material ?

    • It’s easy to skip, but you have way too many choices in the game so skipping doesn’t help as much as it does usually. Skipping stops at every gameplay element so it’s like 8 second skip and it stops and so on.

      • That’s what I feared…
        I’ve just got Muramasa, so I’ll wait a bit on this one ; though from what you wrote, I fear Muramasa will have plenty of hard-to-read japanese. Between charybdis and scylla uh…

  2. Hehe,i was waiting for this…..this is a great deal of work but it’s worth it…and the art is topnotch……

    Are you afraid of the dark,Accany?Hehehe….well,i have to say that i don’t like to play horror games at night too,but it’s more fun that way(at least my friends tell me that o.o)…what i know is that if i continue for too long i’m not going to live much -_-‘…..(especially if i encounter a doll faced maid like you said 0_0)

    On a side note i would like to know how the killer cut the heads like that….it’s simply…..perfect…..

  3. …Wait what? Innocent grey churned out a HAPPY ending? Do you mean an actual happy ending, not like Cartagra where the Hatsune ending is kind of happy but has that weird feeling about it or the true ending which was kind of good but then turns really, really bitter in the fandisc? Like a happily ever after no odd mysterious shadow on my mind kind of happy?

  4. Does this game have any connection to any of the previous Innocent Grey games or any hint that they take place in the same universe as the others?

    • Not really since they throw you into a closed circle mystery pretty much straight away after the prologue. I don’t remember seeing anything notable references.

  5. Is it true that Arcueid Shion Nanatsuki was voiced by Maaya Sakamoto? I’ve heard that from a couple of places, but I highly doubt it–it’s not like she’s at a loss for voicework since she landed that high profile role as Makimari from the new Evangelion movies.

    I’m glad I finally get to see Souko’s winter outfit–up to now I’ve only seen her in her “indoor clothes” and was at a loss as to how she was traipsing around in the snow with so much of her legs bare.

    Something that struck me about this game is how it spans only 3 days. Unless the game is full of rape or otherwise non-consensual sex, I find it hard to imagine just how the player character triggers the various h-scenes in this game.

    If the CGs are any indication, it seems that Ai and Shion are definitely a lot closer than you’re saying. I wonder how something like that comes to light or what problems it causes if the player character discovers it.

    Glad you wrote a review for this game. Maybe you’ll complete the Innocent Grey circle and review Cartagra and Pianissimo one day?



    • Well Ai and Shion are but…. I shouldn’t hint too much since it was a surprise factor.

      I only saw the VA being Yuuki Mio but I’m not sure about VAs at all. Maybe it’s another name she uses so…

      And I doubt I have the time to complete catagra or pianissimo again =<. No promises there.

  6. One more thing about this game I’d like clarified. Did this game take place BEFORE or AFTER World War II in Japan? It’s very odd how the Nanatsuki mansion is laid out like an old Victorian England mansion, and only Venio wears Japanese-style clothing.

    Takamine Jin’s facial burn mark looks almost as if it’s a radiation burn from looking in the wrong direction when Nagasaki and Hiroshima were obliterated by nuclear fire. Of course, it could also be a consequence of the extensive firebombing Japan suffered before the decision to nuke Japan was made.

  7. Wow, a horror VN that has a very recommended review. I don’t like H scenes much, though. In fact, I am barely 17 yrs. old. Yeah, I am such a bad kid, already playing eroge… At least the only intense eroge I’ve played is Wanko to Kurasou. Anyway, this review really made me want to play this (except for the H!)! I am a big fan of gore horrors and very dark-themed media/literature! I really hope they release a nonH English version of this worldwide… just wishful thinking…

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