ひだまりバスケット Review

This eroge would be more fitting for Micchi than me I guess.




Some Rubbish Infomation

Companyユーフォニー (eufonie)

Scenario = 尾之上咲太 (77, Magus Tale, Koihime Musou), きーたん (No idea)

Artist = 木場智士 (Colorful Aquarium, eufonie’s first eroge)

Genre = School life dormitory dere dere romance

What’s so special = Pretty sleek system, nice art, a huge focus on Kasuga for all you imouto lovers out there


I wasn’t a fan of eufonie after their first eroge. Now I have a better opinion of them, but awesome systems can only go this far. Oh and Kasuga is downright irritating.


You start off as Akihito, a pretty normal guy overall.

The story kicks off on a sunny day, with him going to school as usual. His sister is supposed to be returning from Vienne later in the day and he’s somewhat looking forward to it. Or that was what should have happened.

His lovely sister decided to pop back earlier than schedule and surprised him by showing up in his class. Not only that, she announced to everyone that she’s going to be Akihito’s lover.

Well that’s still fine somewhat.

During dinner, their mother was still ok with Kasuga being all over Akihito. Feeding him, sitting on his lap and stuff like that.

But after dinner, Kasuga kept making advances towards him. He just laughed but then the unthinkable happened.

She  fell down by accident and their lips touched. What better moment for their mother to walk into the room and see them.

So after being beaten to hell and back, he’s now forced to live in the dorm and away from Kasuga. Here his new life, good or bad, begins.


Ok first thing, I don’t like Kasuga at all. It doesn’t help when she’s probably the main heroine in this eroge. The focus on her is immense. She pops up during each route to stress the point.

Now I admit the thing that makes this eroge is definitely the characters, not the plot. The story itself goes through the usual format of obstacles and solutions. Some routes have very obvious obstacles that hint way too much at first, leaving it to a very mediocre climax due to you more or less knowing what’s gonna happen.

That said, the stories contained quite an amount of dere dere action for all of the characters. Who doesn’t want more dere dere action?

I still don’t get why they only said Akihito was a basketball ace last time only in one route. There wasn’t even a hint anywhere else. May have been an oversight on their part, but that’s just plain ridiculous. I mean if he’s the ace, someone would be bound to worship him. Or at least talk to him.

Total of 4 routes, one for every character. The entire eroge doesn’t take very long, around 16 hours for me. Choices were really simple and straightforward.

Personally I think the ranking of the routes for me would be:

Kasuga (the story, not her character), Mayu, Shouko, Mimi.

Even though I hate to admit it, the whole affair about them being brothers and sisters (Hate to break it to you incest lovers, but they’re not blood related) is probably the most interesting part of the story. Though it ended at the weirdest of times but it’s probably still the best route in there.

Mayu had a good route as putting in her special ability coupled with her attitude is made of pure win. But the obstacle was way too obvious and the ending was just…

Shouko was definitely more on her character together with her uncanny ability to draw you in with her mystical dere dere power. All right, so I like characters like these. She’s cute =3

Mimi’s route unfortunately is downright bland and I couldn’t discern whether the focus was more on Akihito or Mimi.

To be honest I can’t find anything to say here since it’s pretty much the same as the others. It’s like every other moe-ge, like it or hate it.


仲神 啓人 (Nakagami Akihito)

Protag. He needs to get a more assertive personality, absolute passive guy who’s indecisive and kind to anyone. Does this ring a bell? Anyway, he’s just a typical schoolboy being thrown in a situation where 4 girls surround him all the time. Siscon.

仲神 かすが (Nakagami Kasuga)

Akihito’s non blood related sister. She’s extremely intelligent and talented in music. So much so that she went to Vienne to study music. She moves along her own pace, which is practically as fast as a bullet train. Energetic and crazy 24/7. Cheerful and naive, she doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of restrictions. She likes Akihito which to her equals to marrying Akihito.

Also pretty wilful but Akihito gives in to her very easily

湊 深美 (Minato Mimi)

Childhood friend with Akihito, Mimi is also a pretty serious character who’s quiet and calm. Most of the time. As she sticks to Akihito quite a lot, everyone thought that they’re dating, but Mimi is pretty shy so it’s not true. But then Kasuga comes into the picture and attacks Akihito aggressively. She has to make her attacks too \o/

Her attacks are much milder but the effects are still awesome

代田 憧子 (Daita Shouko)

Akihito’s classmate. Very strong for a girl and everyone seems to think she’s the gangster type. A pretty straight forward girl in terms of personality, which is why she’s misunderstood sometimes. Likes shoujo stuff (her room is pink >_>). Awesome dere dere mode. Doesn’t use actual force much but has a mischievous personality which makes her a pretty formidable foe. Tall and beautiful \o/

Now that’s a nice shot

古泉 繭 (Koizumi Mayu)

She’s the mysterious dorm leader who supposedly reads people’s minds. 3rd year. She doesn’t like people very much but she likes Shouko an awful lot. Feeds stray cats that comes to the dorm’s back yard. Also very mischievous. Loves fries. She’s supposed to have some sort of a Hokkaido accent, but it was pretty poorly pulled off. Didn’t help when the script itself didn’t contain a lot. Successful cases like Tamami in Moshiraba are much better.

Her smile is 100% goodness


Here we have the title menu. Now if there’s one thing I am amazed to find in this eroge, it would be the amount of work being put into the interface. I mean seriously, animations of the config popping up, wonderful buttons and even the effect cuts. That’s quite something.

Like I said, everything is really nicely designed. See Zen, PINK BUTTONS. All the usual options are there too. There are options to turn off animated effects too since it may slow down old computers.

Chose the black background as I like my test boxes half translucent. A very innovative design I would say, with the buttons on the bottom enlarging when you mouse over them. Not only that, the pictures are all animated too, including the play and fast forward buttons and all that.

A zoom function is inbuilt in this eroge. Just right clicking and then left clicking allows you to zoom where your cursor is pointing to. Not extremely handy as it blurs the picture quite a bit with the zoom but I’m sure there are part of the game where you feeling like zooming. I think.

CG and Animation

All right. the art uses very soft shading and smooth blending which gives off a powdery and soft feel to the entire thing. Though the lines themselves are based more on the anime style thus creating pretty unique cgs. Lighting was definitely not a problem here.

Though, for reasons I can’t fathom, I get the feeling Mimi is chibified during some CGs. Which doesn’t make sense much but she’s definitely drawn shorter and rounder which confuses me. That said though, I didn’t spot any other proportion errors so…


Most of the tracks in this eroge had a clear feel to it. How should I say it…. glass. Use of piano and something that probably resembles xylophones. Decent amount of tracks. Not a bad soundtrack but nothing impressive.

H scenes

There are 3 H scenes for every character with the exception of Kasuga who has 4. Nothing close to extreme. The girls seem to give in to Akihito way too easily but that’s probably just my logic going against the flow. Most of them were pretty much dere dere filled love and stuff like that. Kasuga’s H scenes almost felt as though Akihito was half raping her though. Doesn’t help that her high pitched voice drills through my skull which in turn makes my finger go over to alt-f4.

Last word

Well if you want to get a moe-ge, this is definitely a decent choice. Or just those of you who didn’t get enough after mashiroiro. This eroge has pretty good story, cute characters and overall quite an enjoyable experience. Now if only Kasuga can get a personality change.

9 thoughts on “ひだまりバスケット Review

  1. Started this already… along with like 6 others. T_T

    Kasuga’s cute, but she’s heading into Chinami territory. I agree wholeheartedly on the system interface.

    Btw, ウイーン is Vienna. Hence, the violin thing.

  2. too much dere dere cant take it @_@ its getting me lazy @_@ i might be thinking of putting up with koi-hime mousou as it seems interesting regardless of character proportions

  3. Ah, good, I was just wondering whether or not to get this game. Thank you, Accany!

    guess it’ll be メンヘルメイト instead!

  4. Downside of hyper imoutos are that their voices can function as torture devices huh…

    Shouko somehow kind of reminds me of Kusakabe Misuzu mixed with Katima Aigias from the way you’re describing her.

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