What the…. 100k hits?!

Say WHAT? 100k HITS?!

I didn’t expect the human race to be bored enough to read my rantings.


Sorry wrong picture-


Well jokes aside it’s almost been a year since this blog has been up and it’s garnered a surprising amount of hits. Well let’s see some boring stats lol.

Wait how the hell did the 100 Best eroges, when it wasn’t even my top list, get onto the top posts! I feel like crying Asceai =<.

Well Kara no shoujo review got to the top of the reviews, possibly because of the translation project linking over to the review. Asairo and Muramasa are so high up \o/

Lol. Micchi, you are a hit magnet! (Imouto magnet?) In any case, they’re quite a lot of sites which linked over to here which I am very thankful for.

I never use google reader though =/

Wait, when did eroge tags get so popular in wordpress.

Well this is just a random rant. I appreciate all of your support and I do hope more eroge blogs would surface. Maybe people’s perception would change and stop linking eroges to porn… Meh maybe I’m asking too much from human nature.

Still, I would only stick around for at most another 1/2 year after which I’ll have to go to a place that’s boring and hell coupled together where I’ll most probably be close to inactive for two years.  Which is why I dropped the tler position in the Asukimi project in the first place since I’ll never finish in time. But still, I hope you guys got/get some info off this blog. Spread the love of eroge and change the world.

PS: Beer always helps in anything and everything.

25 thoughts on “What the…. 100k hits?!

  1. I visit everything you make a post. (RSS Reader)
    Or when I need to look up an eroge you’ve reviewed. :O
    >> boring and hell
    Lemme guess… Army lol.
    What PES grading are you?

  2. Ouch, conscription. I’m so glad I’m not over there.

    Grats on the milestone, Accany! And I get around the same amount of referrals from you (587), so thanks to you too ^^

    I started using Google Reader when I saw it as a referral site. It’s helpful, although I usually read the actual post instead of on the feed if it’s got substance.

    Spread the love of eroge and change the world!

  3. Wheeeeee~ Congratz~
    Conscription seems awful, I’m really glad that Canada got rid of it.
    Whoa, I had no idea there was a translation going for Asukimi (only 2% done…sob…though the Chinese translation might get there faster…).

  4. It was enjoyable reading reviews of various games that you played that I was interested in looking at general reviews for. It’s enough detail to generate more interest, but not enough to spoil the story (though I can’t judge a game from a review either, and a review in English right now is the maximum of the story in English I can read.)

    On a random note, when I went to Taiwan for vacation, I wanted to buy a select few visual novels or artbooks there since I know some stores actually sell them. I didn’t find what I was looking for, due to limited translation companies (no idea how the system works there), but I did see that PULLTOP game Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no at the computer store and recognized it instantly since you blogged a review on it. I happened to have read your review of it at earliest a month before I saw the box of it. I elected to buy it since I knew your review made it sound interesting enough to purchase. So yes, thank you for that effective review (I can’t think of any other ones that are in English off the top of my head.)

    Also reading a select few blogs tells me how small this world is … er I mean small niche market is. It’s very enjoyable to read more visual novel blogs which denote more information that I may have otherwise easily missed. The contrasts and different perspectives also help see different points of views regardless of bias. Though, the variance on visual novels aren’t that high, meaning if the base game was indeed good (or not), usually the pros and cons are about the same.

    Thank you Accany. It was quite a joy reading your blog, various reviews and adventures.

    I do hope people don’t relate eroge to porn instantly, at least not in that sense (sadly you can’t really deny eroge is comprised of porn because technically it almost always is.) It’s one of those weird terms that have a lot of facets and categorization that due to its strange little world, it can contain literally any type of content, so you can’t pinpoint the market as a whole, and yet the relevant eroge are usually ones that have what people really want: a good story. However, due to the nature of branching routes, route branching strength is difficult to maintain, and sometimes the split effect changes many mechanics.

    So yes, indeed it is refreshing to see your blog which has the component of eroge that I enjoy the most. The basic system that is contained in fun eroge that vary on story but aren’t really the porn based ones, and therefore have features I would want to see in a game more often (good characterization/plot/etc). It also pinpoints what makes some eroge more interesting than others (Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no seems like it’s more under the radar since it doesn’t stand out superbly, and yet I have not seen anyone say anything negative about it either, for example.)

    It’s also too bad that most eroge that get animated (making it … be known to another medium who would have otherwise have had no idea it existed I bet) have a large truncation and tons of adaptation decay. Therefore due to other mediums themselves, the impression is never that high. Even if interest in the game occurs, a medium length game takes between 30 – 50 hours to complete if you’re doing full completion.

    The way eroge exists, itself, is a dilemma. Not to mention translation to English is a pain (whereas to Korean or Chinese for example, is more feasible due to the grammar structure). It’s own limitation and niche market makes the pool of games low, as well as the analysis. Due to spoiler prevention, you’d have to play the game itself to enjoy it to the fullest. Thus I enjoy the parameters and structures in eroge, but since I can’t read most of them, I can’t really say either in most cases unless I increase my other language fluency.

    The info you provided was enjoyable. If you’re still blogging for the next 0.5 years, I will still love to read it.

    • Nice to hear you like it =D

      But truth is people DO relate eroges to porn. At least when you’re not in Japan. Or maybe it doesn’t even make a difference where you are. I mean if people only focus on the ero and look nowhere else, of course they’ll only see porn. Which is what always happens.

      The main problem eroge turned anime is that they can only show one route. The strength of eroge is the fact that it has multiple routes. Take that away and all you get isn’t much. It’s the process of ending and starting over knowing there are other ways to end the story which keeps you going. I doubt it’s ever going to work well unless they’re adapting 1 route eroges.

      • I can read Chinese, but not to absolute fluency. traditional is easier for me to read. To be honest, reading that pulltop game is extra slow because when I checked with a friend’s mom, she told me that the Chinese that’s appearing on the game are ones you would find in a book/novel/encyclopedia. Certainly it’s to great detail but it’s anything but simple (fortunately it’s easy to guess but it’d be nice to read it. I like word play and detail, since the basic basic plot is relatively predictable/guessable.)

        I was lucky the visual novel worked, because in Taiwan if the software spawned from Taiwan, it wouldn’t work on an American laptop. I knew the base game was Japanese, so I doubt there would have been coding changes regarding computer compatibility. I mean, since my computer is on Japanese locale, the shortcut menu to the game doesn’t show up correctly (due to it being Chinese). The game works fine, to the point I don’t need the CD now. This is a fine way to introduce to other friends and install on other computers. 😀

        I’ll take your suggestion Choux. I haven’t seen the Chinese side of things though (I’ve seen Korean though lol.) I’ll look around or inquire you directly.

        This also gives me greater incentive to check on arbitrary Chinese text (ones that are very uncommonly used, and there are quite a number of them.) As far as Chinese words I should know anyways, I should get myself back on track for that too.

        Yeah, I need to expand my own visual novel enjoyment before slowly spreading it.

        Can’t blame people for relating eroges to porn. It’s the simplest conclusion and is generally accurate.

        Ah, I was about to get into another analysis about the fundamentals that comprises the novels that makes them literary. This isn’t the correct post topic to do so.

  5. Good for you Accany!I really like your reviews and i will continue to read them when possible…oh,and are you going to the army?I’m glad that i already passed for this…too old for that now…at least things are less complicated in my country…

  6. Congrats! (On the hits thingy)

    Well army is like a phase in life that most guys in our country go through… you won’t enjoy it, but it’ll most likely open up new perspectives in life, you’ll have some unforgettable experiences and there’ll be new buddies to make. Plus always the ORD to look forward to!

    On a side note.. looks like lotsa games coming out in a week’s time. O.o I’m like nowhere near clearing my backlog of games.. do keep us in the loop which are the better ones to try out! Thanks!

  7. I really enjoyed reading your reviews Accany, it’s obvious that you put a lot of work into writing them =) Now that you’re going away for 2 years, I’ll need to find other blogs to lurk.

    I wonder how many eroges you can finish within 6 months… I’ll be counting.

  8. I think I know why Micchi is the top referrer. People like Hemi and m3rry don’t exactly put an obvious link to you. e.g. m3rry’s sidebar has a small section which directs to Micchi and Hemi, plus the others who don’t blog so much.

    Anyway, congrats. Even if it’s late.

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