幻月のパンドオラ Review

Poking fun at PSP is the best part of this eroge.

That is one really bad song




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Q-X

Scenario = 茉森晶 (Other Q-X eroges which I never played before)

Artist = 亜方逸樹 (Same as scenario writer…)

Genre = Fantasy magical game romance

What’s so special = PSP pokes, Real incest (yes REAL in the game sense), some hilarious stuff, I have no idea whether to consider some H scenes NTR or rape


This eroge focuses quite some lot on the ero. Though I have no idea whether to classify it as NTR or not. I mean it can even be considered hypnotism… GODDAMNED.


You start off as Fumiki, a normal guy with really good imagination.

Going to school with his friends and just being overall a typical student, making dumb jokes and all.

But this year it’s different. Fumiki wants to join a new club and he’s interested in a club no one takes much interest in, one focusing on games.

He manages to join in the club, with his sister tagging along with him. That’s fine and all.

After that though, uni and Fumiki got into a small accident and ended up with uni lying on top of Fumiki.

But then the unimaginable happened.

The floor erupted with red liquid bursting out. A girl appeared from the water, takes his DNP (His PSP ripoff) and connects it to somewhere in his body.

Fumiki blacks out. He then wakes up in his classroom. But for some reason it’s at night.

There, he met with Elidue (wild guess on the name here). She orders Fumiki to collect the data of desires, which would then allow her to travel to the human world. Being cornered, he agrees. What would happen now?


Now now, it should be fairly obvious that this eroge is very heavy on the ero content. The fact that the plot set up is practically for more H scenes is painfully obvious. I’ll explain, Fumiki has to get into the “minds” of these people, play a game with them and have sex with them (So called virtually) so that he could collect their data. Simple?

Now if there was one commendable point about this eroge, it would be the humor. There was a lot of those and even though the story isn’t exactly the most interesting, the humor did manage to make it fun to read.

That however, doesn’t cover the fact that this eroge could be considered to be NTR. Not to mention it only has 3 heroines with sub-par route contents. I wouldn’t be dumb enough to say it lacks realism, but it certainly isn’t giving me the impression that the story has any real meaning to it.

I mean sure, the whole “let’s rip off the PSP and making it into a weapon of sex” seems hilarious for the first 30 minutes. But then the advancement of the story is slow and the protag seems to meet with troubled, unstable girls every other day and has virtual sex with them. The idea gets old.

One of the main draw factors to this eroges for some though, is the fact that it contains true, yes TRUE incest. His sister is 100% blood related and yes, there’s a route for her and H scenes just like any other heroine. I know some of you dig this stuff a lot, so yes you get a nice slice of it. Shinorin’s route focuses a little bit more on the mental factor of them actually being together though. There is a bit more depth and decent thought in the writing for her route, but the way it ended was just /facepalm.

Another thing I’ll like to point out is how heavily it seeps into fantasy. Due to the set up, they could invent anything, say anything and it can be possible. Which is why you get some really whacky stuff like bullet shooting vacuum cleaners with bombs to boot. I liked the idea because of the hilarity though.

There is also one painful thing to point out, there are only 3 routes. As an eroge with a decent amount of characters, 3 routes is just, retarded. Seriously. I wanted a Chihoko route, Touna route, heck even a Uiro route.

Personally, I don’t really see the story having enough worth to spend time reading through it unless you just want some laughs. Or just want to fap ._.;


相坂 文樹 (Aisaka Fumiki)

Fumiki is a gamer and aspires to be a writer (never managed to finish writing anything). Nothing much except that’s he’s the I’m so kind and everything should be the correct way kinda protag.

鬼切 真姫 (Onikiri Mahime)

The mysterious girl that appeared from the erupting fountain. Cautious with everyone but seems to be interested in Fumiki. She’s small, but ended up in the same class as Fumiki. Doesn’t know much about games. She’s a lot stronger than Fumiki that’s for sure *rolleyes*

She’s like a small little animal =3

相坂 詩乃鈴 (Aisaka Shinorin)

Yes, it’s time for the sister. She’s hyperactive, has a really tinny voice and pretty wilful. Somewhat childish too. But she transforms to someone totally different when outside, wearing a fake mask of a well brought up girl. She loves eating a lot and she’s finding ways to diet, and eat at the same time.


甘泉 uni (Amaizumi Uni)

The head of the Denge club, which is the gaming club. Also the head of the student council. She’s understanding and firm, abeit a little short tempered. Oh did I mention she’s like the ultimate game freak.

I need to learn this keyboard balancing skill


And sooooooooooo

Nothing too special here. I like the logo, it looks really… fun. (Yes, that’s how I describe images)

Config. You can’t change much, but then again there’s nothing to change so it’s fine I guess.

Text boxy. Nothing too special here, low opac solid. I did find it a bit clumsy with the huge buttons but it worked out pretty well so no problems.

CG and Animation

Hmmm actually I like this guy’s art. It’s really clean and shading is more to the sharp side. Detail in the cg isn’t as much as I expected.

Now one thing i don’t like though, is how he drew eyes. Especially those eyes you could call yandere eyes. They look way way way way way too close to the original. I don’t want to squint to try and catch the minor shading difference in the eyes thank you very much.


Music is somewhat generic eroge tracks. Nothing that really caught my attention and the quality wasn’t really good as well.

H scenes

H scenes rampage this eroge with 20 H scenes, 6 which aren’t from any of the heroines. Now there are rather… heavy stuff such as SM and bondage. Only two scenes though. I would like to stress though that all of the 6 non heroine scenes are NTR and NTR haters (looks at a particular person) shouldn’t play this.

All in all decent voice acting and unexpectedly interesting angles for the CG.

Last word

Being busy is just crappy. I lack my dosage of 3D and 2D.

Anyway, if you need humor or something that’s a little bit heavy on the ero side, Gengetsu no Pandora would probably deliver. Other than that though, there isn’t much worth to go out of your way to play this.

8 thoughts on “幻月のパンドオラ Review

  1. Grats for being free again 😀
    My semester just ended 3 days ago too, and it was just a succession of presentations and exams for the last 2 weeks X_X
    Time to play some games!

    Although this title doesn’t belong to them hehe.
    Your review tells me that you were not so impressed, and it doesn’t sound like anything except a couple of ero-scenes *yawn*

    • There’s more to it than that; honestly, while the game isn’t amazing, it’s not that bad anyway. Certainly far from being okaz.

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