Dere dere action overload

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Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ゆずソフト

Scenario = 天宮リツ (Natsuzora Kanata, Tenshin Ranman)

Artist = こぶいち (Snow, Natsuzora, Tenshin), むりりん(same as the other artist)

Genre = School life dere dere romance

What’s so special = Lots of dere dere action (typical Yuzusoft), a variety of characters, hilarious


I can say one thing. Yuzusoft definitely improved over time. Braban is more of the typical school life eroge with cute characters. To me, that’s pretty bland. Then again, I liked Natsuzora Kanata more than Tenshin Ranman =/.


(Renamable protag)

Today is a day unlike most others for the protag. He’s going to school, his new school as his old one was abolished. Together with him are his childhood friends. They reach their new school and everything went well. For now.

Another thing is the protag is in the brass band club in his old school. But now they face a problem.

The brass band have nowhere to go due to the current school’s brass band not wanting them in their club. Or should I say their advisor doesn’t want them there. But they won’t go down without a fight.

So they have a competition. Whoever who gets the most votes for their performance held 1 month from now would be the winner. The survival of the club is at stake. The club which wins stays while the other is disbanded. Who will survive?


Hmmm. Now this story here is a lot more average than anything Yuzusoft produced afterwards. It’s hideously average. The theme itself is way too old and typical. An eroge in a school with a club in danger, now that sounds really interesting >_>;

Now one of the most interesting factors would again, be the humor. Technically every eroge has this as a fallback option in case their story fails ._.; There’s quite a lot of this and it saves you from the few routes of boredom.

Another thing would be the whole chunk of dere dere action you get in the story. It can actually degrade to be absolutely boring though, since they have a pretty long stretch of this and if it’s characters that don’t appeal to you, it’ll translate into boredom (like it did to me).

I’m not saying the story is horrific, rather that this is more focused on the characters themselves. Meaning you’ll only find it fun if you like the characters. The story is quite bland.


主人公 (Protagonist)

Overly kind and nosy. Well liked by most people because of his kindness. Closer to the blunt side and a little lazy. Changes when determined though.

中ノ島 妙 (Nakanoshima Tae)

A calm and reliable girl who happens to be the protagonist’s childhood friend. The 2nd in charge in the brass band club. She takes care of the protag quite a lot and supports him. Extremely obvious she has feelings for him but she doesn’t step out for some reason. Also really simple and some may say naive.


海老原 みなせ (Ebihara Minase)

Minase is an extremely energetic freshman. Moodmaker and just a ball of fun to be with. She causes trouble sometimes but everyone just forgives her. Likes eating sweets. She is called Ebi due to her name and well… she doesn’t like it (ebi means prawn).

She’s isn’t very bright >_>;

今宮 紀子 (Imamiya Noriko)

More of a strict character. Looks at things more on efficiency and order rather than emotionally. Hates to lose. Because of how she does things not everyone likes her, but she does command a certain amount of respect since she is efficient. The protag relies on her suggestions quite a lot.

She doesn’t seem to use any of her “skills” in romance though

雲雀丘 由貴 (Hibarigaoka Yuki)

Princessy, close to perfection character. Proud and sometimes not very sensitive. She’s the head of the other brass band club. Demands perfection from others as well. She looks at the protag as a rival on the same level. She’s a tsundere.


御影 須美 (Mikage Sumi)

Timid and silent Sumi. Because of her nature, she’s bullied. Members blame her when something goes wrong. Part of the brass band of the other club. Other than that though, she is born with a really great sense of rythmn.

Hardworking too


Title screen with animated sakura petals. Nothing much here…

Config. Decent amount of options. As there are no gameplay elements except for the music playing thing so… no biggie.

Simple translucent text box with most of the options you need already as buttons. As usual, character portraits are on the left of the text box.

Performance mode. This is a mode where you point out the problems in the performance. This affects the game apparently so choose and listen wisely. You can listen to the “perfect” performance and then the current performance again to pick out problems.

CG and Animation

The style sticks very close to the anime kind, with every feature of the characters looking as though they could be easily animated. Clean shading with a not so saturated color choice. Not bad but this is getting pretty typical (then again it’s an old eroge). Backgrounds are decent, couldn’t find anything awe striking though.


Typical eroge music. It focused more on the orchestral instruments for most of the pieces but the music themselves weren’t amazing so… You get like saxophones, trumpets, tubas etc. Nice ideas but they need to actually write better music for it.

H scenes

Total of 3 H scenes for every character. Nothing too extreme IMO though Micchi would totally vouch for the bathroom scene. Decent acting all around for the VAs and quite a decent amount of dere dere in the characters while in the H scenes.

I tend to ignore H scenes nowadays though, seen too much I guess -_-;

Last Word

Decent character based eroge all around. I would place this as a moe-ge too since it does seem to have all the required types. Play this when you got nothing else to play or when you want moe action I guess.

Oh and if you’re wondering why this review took so long, I just completed Mass Effect 2…. twice. I needed to know about Jack ;_; Oh the temptation.

10 thoughts on “ぶらばん!

  1. えびいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいい!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I should go replay her route. Riverbank scene. Shower scene. Deredere bed scene. All of it!

  2. “An eroge in a school with a club in danger”
    But Accany sir, that sounds just now one of your top eroge recommendations *cough*suiheisen

  3. well i liked bra-ban haha its really something when it was yuzu-soft’s debut game which i did took in mind when i played ExE and their other recent games and looking at it Yuki’s surname is apparently named after a city in japan XD haha ahh those tsundere times I had when I played her route

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