シュガーコートフリークス Review

R.I.P littlewitch.




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = リトルウィッチ

Scenario = 飯田和彦(Quartett!, Catagara)

Artist = 大槍葦人 (all of littlewitch’s stuff)

Genre = Fantasy school life hilarious romance

What’s so special = Old western theme + fantasy, the art, gripping and addictive plot, Malie is just \o/, littlewitch’s last eroge ;_;


;_;. Depressing that this wonderful company is going poof. At least we’re graced with their last product I guess. Sugar coat freaks is actually one of littlewitch’s better works ignoring quartett whose scores depend from person to person. Everyone agrees cute princesses in a western themed scenario and awesome art would always be awesome. Well maybe.


You start off as Haru, a overseas student currently studying in Luparia’s Royal School.

Today, there’s a parade going on in the streets. Crowds filled the streets as the parade passed by. The princess of Luparia passed by too, waving to everyone.

Then, the wind blew and he caught a glimpse of a girl in one of the parade pieces passing by. She looked straight at him and he her. That is the start of everything.

A few days after the parade, he was heading back to his room in the inn when.. he met with the girl.

She is Tama hime (princess) from his country and she orders him to be her guard while she’s here. His life would never be the same again.


The one thing that may have caught your attention (and that’s the exact thing littlewitch always does) is the theme. It’s again a european theme but this time they threw in some Japanese elements, the characters. Very nice.

The gripping plot too is awesome. It starts off fairly slow, then speeds up near the end. It seeps into fantasy a lot near the end too, so get ready. It’s kinda like slice of life in the starting, actioney in the middle and fantasy action at the end. Very interesting combination.

The “character route” though, is the last chapter of the story, therefore the character choice you made doesn’t affect the actual story itself, only the final character chapter. I’d like to point out though, that this made me think that it lacks variation. Since if the character you take notice of is different, something different SHOULD happen in the story itself.

In terms of comedy though, there’s no question about how hilarious Sugar coat freaks is. Jokes are littered everywhere in the eroge, the character’s lol traits helps a lot too.

In terms of routes, you have to play all 3 routes before being able to unlock Tama-hime’s route. Which happens to be more interesting than the others in terms of content as it even goes into the protag’s past.

All in all, interesting story which won’t let you down on most accounts. Not to mention it’s littlewitch’s last eroge. I mean seriously. I can’t stress this point enough.


九藤 晴

Haru is a all around nice guy who gets swept away by the flow pretty easily, cave in to girls pretty much all of the time and also the character with the most common sense. His good buddy is the prince of Luparia (who happens to be a doujin artist). He’s hiding a few secrets. Also, freak when he’s determined.

珠姫 (Tamahime)

The princess of the east, Phoenix country (yes wtf) who is invited to come over to Luparia for the ceremony because of her powers. Due to the dangers and that Tama-chan wants to experience a normal life, she enrolls to the same school Haru is in but hiding her identity. Acting as Haru’s little sister. Loves eating a lot. As she’s a princess closed in a “palace” forever, she doesn’t know a lot of things and causes trouble pretty often. 天然。

She’s like just out from kindergarten

ジル・グランシルト・ルリタニア(Jill Gransyrto Ruritania)

She’s the princess of Luparia. Also a student in the same school Haru goes to. 1 year younger than Haru. Tsundere with lotsa pride, being a princess and all. But she doesn’t really look like a princess so… well things happen. Blond twintail. Wait, can you consider this twintail… Hmmmm

Her troubled look is \o/

マリー・ロウランド (Malie Lawland)

The head of the student council like body in the school. Extremely playful. But friendly so everyone is friends with her. She’s the most cheerful girl in the game at least, but that may not always be the case. Malie \o/

Incoming nosebleeds!


Another guard who is assigned to protect Tama-hime. She’s very skilled with the sword, but is kinda a natural airhead and she’s not exactly very bright. Goes at her own pace a lot. Very pure, believes that the world is filled with nice/good things.

Really fun character all around


So I decided to change the system section since it seems rather pointless to write about the text box. So it’ll just be about the choices and what not. If need be, I will go into the actual systems if they impress or epicly fail to impress me.

So here’s the choice system. It resembles Giga’s choice system where you have the character portraits on the side and you choose the location. Extremely straight forward, keep choosing a particular person and you’ll get into her route.

Seems as though this eroge was made with the same engine as Suiheisen because the config is wayyyy too similar. Can anyone confirm this?

CG and Animation

I don’t think I need to say much over here. Art is as unique as ever, amazing coloring and blending. A very hand drawn feel. Don’t think any words can describe this so just… excellent.

What I really like this time round though, is the ridiculously cute SDs. They’re so amusing and just so… awwwwwwwwwwww.


Probably one of the few eroges where I would say the soundtrack is awesome. Classical european feel but has a touch of new age. Piano and the lot. Wonderful soundtrack with a good mix of different pieces for different moods.

H scenes

The usual 3 H scene per character. Nothing close to maniacal. The H scenes aren’t terribly interesting though, going through the usual dere dere phase, penetration, expulsion, end. VA did do pretty decently for the acting, though Tama-hime sounded a little….. bored.

Last Word

It is very unfortunate that littlewitch is going to be on halt. This eroge shows that they do still have the skill to impress and interest people with their eroge. All in all a good eroge to choose for the new releases. Nice art, interesting storyline and fun characters. What more do you need?

15 thoughts on “シュガーコートフリークス Review

  1. Hey look on the bright side, they might one day come back again.
    Other than that, littlewitch is memorable for the red swollen phalluses… well for me anyway.
    Oh and I notice 大槍葦人 draws his/her boobies properly(i.e. affected by gravity)

  2. On Jil’s route now…Dere dere overload~

    The only thing I dislike about this game is that you can’t go for tamahime from the beginning (TwT), beside that, very enjoyable read.

    Hope that Littlewitch will come back! I love their games.

  3. The art is so good… I’m nearing the end of my first playthrough (surprisingly Jill, I thought I’d go for Mari first but I changed my mind because Jill is so <3…), and it's been quite fun – though the whole monument part got me a little bored.
    I just wish there was a route for each characters – it's much better that way, in my opinion…

    I wouldn't say the soundtrack is as awesome as you wrote though ; it's quite good, but it's pretty short so you tend to hear the same tracks A LOT. There are a few nice vocal songs though. The "crisis" theme is amusingly quite close to some kind of Final fantasy battle music too…

    Definitly recommanding it for the art (it's just so colorful and vibrant and original) and the story (though some explanation parts are quite confusing is your japanese isn't top notch).
    The humor is quite good too ; many funny little things also, I especially liked when Makina sheds her maid uniform for more "fitting" clothes…

    • For an eroge, the music is pretty good compared to most of the junk out there. Reusing music is how eroges work anyway, unless they have a very short story in which Sugar coat freaks doesn’t actually.

      They should have a Makina route.

      • Ha I actually agree that it’s better than most ! It’s just I wasn’t really impressed ; I like it when there is more of an orchestral feel (think Sekyen no Inganock “battle” theme). Plus we still get some of the usual clichés, such as the music-box lullaby-like song (which I hate). But it was definitly good – I just wasn’t blown away :p

        I’m not too sure about a Makina route… But since she’s quite sadistic (I mean, water torture ?), that would make for pretty hot H-scenes I guess ! Or is it the maid cosplay that you prefer ? 😀

          • I’m doing Malie next ; well her route I mean.
            She doesn’t get much screentime if you don’t chose her though, I think I have like 3 CG with her (the one in which she kicks that other student is hilarious) ; I’m quite interested in what her story will be, since she seemed kinda removed from the main events.

            Otherwise, Malie definitly has the best swimsuit… (what’s with Jill’s seriously ?)

  4. i have been looking everywhere to find this cg set that’s compatible for me. are there any download links that have “zip” instead of “rar” ??

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