airy[F]airy(エアリィフェアリィ)~Easter of Sant’Ariccia~ Review

The disappointment of the month. I blame the writer.




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = RococoWorks

Scenario = J-MENT (Katahane, Volume 7)

Artist = 笛 (same as J-ment)

Genre = Fantasy village romance

What’s so special = The village theme, the very decent starting and the cute characters


Meh. I had average expectations of this after what happened with volume 7. I did not however, expect it to be such a huge letdown. It ends at the most inappropriate times which just doesn’t make sense. What happened to the awesomeness that was Katahane?


You start off as Elmo, a guy living alone in a shack in the outskirts of town.

He’s the caretaker of the cemetery nearby, cleaning the graves up and tidying the place. That is his job, or should I say one of his jobs.

He’s also the gatekeeper of Tuesday, protecting the existence of Tuesday every Tuesday night where a card battle that spans through worlds start.

So he happened to be walking along the lake one fine day and he saw…

a girl lying beside the lake. What would be the changes, now with this new mysterious girl?


Now, the story does seem to be interesting right? Right! But you know what went wrong? They didn’t even tell the story. Or finish telling it I should say.

One beeeeg problem here, is the fact that they left too many things hanging. They said this whole bunch of interesting things that should have meant something, but it did not appear again to prove the point. What happened to the 七曜の王?  What about the truth behind everything? What about Arumand? What about… Well you get the idea.

This eroge’s pacing is also more towards slice of life and the slow side. So some may find it to be more of a bore. I do like slower stories though so =>

Enough of the bad things. The setting and theme of the eroge is something that’s pretty intriguing. You have fantasy characters, such as Ottorino and fairies. It’s set in early europe, with grasslands and mountains. It’s an interesting mix. Oh and this eroge has a slightly european feel to it too, the way people act and so on.

For the routes, you have to finish all 3 of the routes to be able to get to Sarah’s route. Oh and I warn you, even though it might look like a true route, it does not solve anything. At all. Yes. Retarded.

That concludes the story section. I found the story to be the weakest thing in this eroge, which isn’t a good thing as this sure as hell wasn’t meant to be a ero fest. It could have been soooooo much better =/


エルモ・コスタ (Elmo Costa)

Elmo is a boy who was found beside a lake one fine day and was later brought up by Arumand, the caretaker. But for some reason, Arumand disappeared, leaving Elmo to take over his place, fighting to not lose Tuesday. He’s also the extremely kind protag type, who’s 鈍感 and attracts girls without noticing. But he has a sensible streak in him, which makes him bearable.

ヘレン・フォルト (Helen Fort)

The girl that Elmo found beside the lake. She happens to be a relative of Gaspare the village head, so she’s currently staying at his house. Bright and pure, she does things in her own way always with a smile. A little hyperactive. Sticks to Elmo quite a lot.

She’s a pretty simple girl overall

コレット・マレ (Colette Marais)

Colette is Elmo’s childhood friend. She’s has an illness so she’s weak and moves around in a wheelchair. There are two fairies following her around, Jalapeno and Taberuno who is pretty much a 漫才 combi. Colette is slightly tsundere and it’s pretty damned obvious she has feelings for Elmo.

She doesn’t really look tsundere here though

モニカ・ラング (Monika Lang)

Monika is a travelling street performer who came over to the village to ask about Arumand. She brings around with her a donkey and a pink monkey. Has quite a bit of pride and does what she thinks is right. A little softhearted but doesn’t lack in common sense. Also wears the tall hat for some weird reason.

Juggling pro

サラ・デュラン (Sarah Dullin)

The only child in the Duran household (which happens to be rich). She was the one who found Elmo when he was lying beside the lake. Also a childhood friend. Her relationship with Elmo is pretty tangled up since her mother tries to object Sarah to be in contact with Elmo. But Sarah likes being with Elmo. She’s more of a shy and silent character.

She’s cute in her own way


Choices are straightforward, nothing too roundabout. Quite a decent lot of choices though.

CG and Animation

Well the artist’s style doesn’t seem to have changed one bit since Katahane (actually it may have degraded).

Characters have a more circular face compared to most other drawings, and his choice of colors seem to be a notch better than average. Still, it’s not entirely unique with the classic anime shading style and the not-so-wonderfully done backgrounds.

Some cgs are really really simple though. I would have preferred them to use SD cgs if they weren’t going to bother with the detail too.


Music has a touch of medieval. Pretty nice, better than most average eroges out there. I liked the ed song too, but the OP song had way too much guitar in it to get the feel out right IMO.

H scenes

The H scenes were actually pretty….. bland. Let’s just say it wasn’t something that will make you continue playing the game. It’s simply just… H. The most they went was like typical positions. They did have 3p though, which brings me to the other point.

Some H scenes has to be unlocked by other H scenes. No rly. It’s Katahane all over again, except Kata had some stories and this doesn’t. What’s more, they only put in one scenes for Sarah ( I don’t consider the 3P scene as Sarah). What the hell. And she was like my favourite character.

Last word

I know all of you are tired of me saying this, but I’ll say it again. This eroge had the potential to be so much more. This time round though, this eroge really had the potential to be EPIC. The writer just blew it. Srsly.

This eroge is a very huge letdown all around, with the story being the worst element in the game, which just kills the entire thing. Best to avoid this. I can only hope they’ll remake this or something. Just… don’t play this.

11 thoughts on “airy[F]airy(エアリィフェアリィ)~Easter of Sant’Ariccia~ Review

  1. “Now, the story does seem to be interesting right?”
    You mean besides the “Fight for Tuesday” in a Yu-Gi-Oh! manner? :p
    I downloaded the game but am still clearing through a pile of backlog. I’ll see if it’s really as bad as you claim.. in err 2 years? That ought to brush up my moonspeak.

  2. Sounds rea~lly wonderful…I only read a bit of Volume 7 by that writer and it bored me to death, so I dropped it x-X
    The scenario looked very cool though…

  3. I already put airy [F]airy in the ‘maybe’ (from the ‘I’ll get this for sure’ pile) after the story + character list was finalised, and moved it to the ‘nope’ pile after the reviews started coming in. Nice landmine, Rococo. Next time don’t try making a game without yuri in it =P

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