シェイプシフター Review

Meh, now I kinda know what to expect from phi-age now.




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ファイアージュ

Scenario = CatBox (No idea), 鬼畜人タムー (Kimi nozo, muv luv alt)

Artist = たけ(´¬`)ちゃっと (no idea), others

Genre = Fantasy parallel worlds battle

What’s so special = The costumes, jokes


I wouldn’t say this game is bad, however it’s not interesting enough. The extremely linear type of story doesn’t seem to help either. Owarinaki was better in almost every aspect when compared to this. Seriously.


You start off as Yuuma, the usual, woken up in the morning by his childhood friend and just being an all round nice and normal student. But all that is about to end when walking back home one night, he saw…

Two girls fighting. He first thought it was just for film or something as the movements were impossibly fast. But then he realized, the golden haired girl was protecting the houses behind her.

Then one of the spinning discs flew towards Yuuma. By some miracle, the golden haired girl managed to save him. She orders him to run for his life, which he did promptly.

But being the kind and dumb protag that plagues 90% of the eroges, he goes back, never leaving a girl alone to fend for herself. Reaching her though, she was already cornered and right about to lose. All hope seems lost when…

Yuuma turns into a sword. No really. So obviously they won. Rule of this game, the one with the bigger weapon wins.

Anyway, the golden haired explained to him that he was what she is trying to find and that he probably has the power to take over the universe. Or destroy it. Or whatever.

So when she asked for his help, of course he agreed. Then she said…

Please die

So…. what would happen to him now?


Now, I feel personally that this story is pretty pathetic. Parallel worlds are fun and all, but there isn’t any depth in this. It’s more or less an attack -> fend off -> attack -> fend off -> Boss cycle.

I mean sure, fights are interesting while they lasted. But it seemed really… typical, with the idea that the last battle would contain some extremely powerful weapons that miraculously appears to save the day. TBH it’s like power rangers all girls edition. Then again, I was never a huge fan for this genre so maybe some of you may find this more of a turn on than off.

Another really funny point is that they have this. Yes, it’s a gigantic spaceship. Oh but wait, they don’t have any robots, nor do they actually have any space fights or even a decent ship which can destroy planets. I mean come on, when you have the tech to build someone as huge as this which supposedly holds tens of thousands of humans, you can pretty damned well build something that destroy planets like killing ants.

Some things just don’t add up that well in this eroge.

The one thing they did right though, was the jokes. Bottom line, it is a fun ride to read to the end even though the story was somewhat shallow.

The one thing that leaves me more or less unsatisfied with this eroge is the repetitiveness. It is almost exactly like sugar coat freaks, the actual story ends and then the individual character arcs begin. So apparently who you love does not affect the entire universe after all.

Ahes’s and Youko’s route will be unlocked after the first run through.

All in all, this eroge is 121% focused on the characters and the moe factor of girls having weapons twice the size of their body. Owarinaki was kinda the same character centered story but it’s a pretty big gap in terms of script quality. It may just be me and my slice of life personality kicking in, but this just really isn’t my cup of tea.


赤城 優真 (Akagi Yuuma)

The protagonist who is the epitome of kindness. He’s really weak against girls and pretty much more on the timid side. Hardworking though.

ナーティア・アガトラム (Nadia Agatram)

Princess from a parallel world. Not well equipped with knowledge of the outside world, she doesn’t understand quite a lot sometimes. Very straightforward and do what she believes is right. She is still a princess though, so she’s much more calm than most of the other characters.


イルダーナ・ラファーダ (Ildana Lafada)

Ildana is wandering throughout worlds trying to find her parents. She steals from time to time to keep herself alive. Carefree and optimistic, she causes quite a lot of problems every time. Also very interested in ero.

Wonder what’s better, the fact that she’s in her underwear or that she’s reading ero books

アレサ・モール (Aretha Moll)

Saved by Yuuma when she was dying of hunger. She’s a very sharp tongued loli, equipped with really painful words. A huge eater, she carries that neko machine thing around with her which has the ability to produce food anywhere. Very childish, not very different from her looks.

Like I said, it’s more or less size wins all

アーエス・カーニュエール (Ahes Kanuel)

Their enemy, Ahes is a aggressive and persistent foe who assaults Yuuma and gang. Cute but misguided. Very much like a normal girl. Has the ability to shoot lightning bolts, but it’s not really stable in Yuuma’s would so she prefers to use weapons up close and personal. Happens to be my favourite \o/.

Hides behind a mask of silence and solitude

高階 耀子 (Takashina Youko)

Youko is Yuuma’s childhood friend. As usual, she’s the type that wakes him up every morning, takes care of Yuuma and has jealousy moments when Yuuma is being nice to other girls.  A little more on the violent side, but still overall a somewhat emotional cute type.

Pretty strict on Yuuma too


Choices are really straightforward. It’s normally either a choice between two characters or just plain right or wrong. There’s not really much possibility of you going off track unless you want to just for the kicks.

CG and Animation

The one very prominent thing about the art is definately the color choice. The whole palette is full of bright and saturated colors that just makes everything look really…. colorful. The style though, involves the usual pointy end chins and rounded faces though in this it’s not as round as most others.

Hair designs leans heavily towards anime styled stuff.

The characters in the eroge blink btw, and their mouths move while they talk. Interesting, but I’ve seen that enough in Owarinaki and this isn’t really a good story to be made into kinda a movie styled eroge.

The SD CGs however, is hilarious. They captured the features of the characters really well and the style is awesome.


No music mode, but the music is Boo. It sounds like a generic old game with not much interesting tune or anything. Sound effects were pretty blehhhh too, way too overdone. Metal hitting metal shouldn’t be that high pitched.

H scene

H scenes are pretty decent, with 3 for every character and some contains content that are more than just insert and explode. Still, the H scenes are cramped into the last part of the story, making it just a H scene block in the storyline. Didn’t find the H scenes terribly interesting since the setting has already made me lose quite an amount of interest,

Last Word

Shapeshifter looks pretty fun at first glance but declines steadily as it goes along through the story as there is a huge lack of depth. It’s mediocre IMO. I have always believed that eroges takes more than just a lot of characters with different moe points to do well.

Oh and I prefer Owarinaki to this. A lot more.

12 thoughts on “シェイプシフター Review

  1. I actually quite liked Owaranaki (a lot more than you apparently did, anyway), but it’s clear that phi-âge was working on these two games in parallel, as there’s very little overlap in staff. Really, just about the only thing the two games seem to have in common is the engine, despite the fact that Owaranaki was in widescreen and this is traditional 4:3 (though at 1024 x 768 for a change). In terms of the tone and style of the story, the two works couldn’t be any more diametrically opposed. So I guess it’s more to say that, for future works, it’s not simply a matter of looking at the brand to know what to expect, but we have to consider the specific staff involved as well.

    • I would have liked owarinaki more if I didn’t marathon through it I guess. It was a little too dry for that.

      True about the staff, but there is usually a specific image for a brand, unless they try to move out of it for once which doesn’t happen a lot. Take for example Nitro+ or littlewitch. There are huge differences like W.L.O vs Gsen in akabee, but those cases aren’t as common.

  2. Phi-age is probably setting a marketing scheme: Appeal art first to grab as large as an audience, then show story at later works to keep them. Hence the mediocre story, though that’s just being optimistic and speculating.

    One thing that drove me away was the transformation scene they keep doing, every single chance they get. Ugh.

  3. “.. just insert and explode.” Lol, you make it sound so erotic..

    At least the SDs are cute and the art is great, heck even the man looks pretty good this time.

  4. Hm, I’m not sure if its just me, but I feel that your reviews are getting more sarcastic lately. I enjoy reading them even more :3

  5. well Moriken i also played the game and how can I put this its not that good in terms of presentation just like the disease or owarinaki however the linear story is still the same climax dies fast <_<

  6. “I mean come on, when you have the tech to build someone as huge as this which supposedly holds tens of thousands of humans, you can pretty damned well build something that destroy planets like killing ants.”

    Anime-related priorities. Bigger=Better applies to handheld weapons, not ships, apparently.

    Moriken, wait until Accany reviews a game he considers amazing, then the sarcasm level will drop.

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