ルーンロオド Review

Unexpectedly fun =3




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = CLOCKUP team.DYO

Scenario = ORU (Black Rainbow and clockup stuff)

Artist = 今中光太郎 (Other clockup stuff), 睦弦 (???)

Genre = Fantasy madness epic scale fighting mecha romance

What’s so special = Linear storyline, 燃える!,  Decent ending, Nicely designed world


Mmm, didn’t expect anything out of this eroge to be honest but I got a pretty nice surprise. It had a really bad first impression, but improved after some time which made it pretty fun actually.


You start off as Seigi (Literally Justice btw), an extremely dumb protag who is really simple minded at best.

Going to school every morning, rushing off to buy anime/eroge goods and going back home.

One night though, he forgot his stuff and went back to school to get it. Well bad timing, cause there’s a giant robot battle in tha middle of nowhere!

Added bonus, Jizel is the one controlling one of the robots! What would happen to him now!?

Too lazy to write anymore since it’s pretty much very whacky from this point on.

There are a few things to note about RuneLord. Number one on the list is the extremely subpar starting. The writing was, in my opinion, almost complete rubbish during the parts where Jizel pulls Seigi into her world (this ain’t much of a spoiler srsly). The whole part made no sense at all. The only possiblity of that happening is that Seigi has a brain the size of a nut, which doesn’t really make it any better.

The story does get a lot better after the initial stumble though, a lot better. Makes me wonder if another writer was used for the starting part because of the huge disparity.

Which beings me to my next point, this eroge is more or less a shounen genre type. Fighting through waves of impossibly strong enemies with a few people, shouting skills when executing them would be much faster, not very intelligent protags always winning the fight. Still I got to hand it to them for making this into a pretty fun story to read, especially because of the climax and ending, since I totally did not expect that one bit.

This storyline is also linear. Which means there are no separate routes, well no actual ones anyway. There is the date chapter where you get to choose who to “date”, but it has no effect on the story whatsoever.

The immense focus on fantasy and mecha would be either a turn off or turn on. If you don’t like robots fighting, then this title wouldn’t have that much to offer you.

So all in all this is a pretty decent shounen mecha story with the usual explosions and dumb “I will win all” protag. Despite the initial disappointment, the rest of it delivers well and is pretty much an enjoyable ride.


鋼 正義  (Hagane Seigi)

A very…… unique protagonist. In other words, he’s probably one of the most brainless protagonist I’ve seen yet. He’s incredibly simple minded, thinks that everything would go well, even more so than Shiro. Somewhat blunt and moves in a straight line I would say. How can girls fall for him is still a great mystery but I’ll put that aside for now.

ジゼル=オリンピアダ (Jizel Orinpiada)

Nuclear, gravity defying boobs. Has a serious personality usually, but gets embarrassed very easily. I wouldn’t say she’s tsundere, but she ain’t very honest with stuff that’s for sure.

Aggressive when angered.

ゲルダ=ゼセブラント (Geruda  Zesebrant)

Carefree and a little badmouthed. Pretty self centered too. Has a lot of confidence when doing something even though she may absolutely suck in it. A character that moves in her own pace.


アネット=ガブリエル (Annet Gabriel)

Loli chara. Bright and simple minded (Nowhere close to Seigi). A little clumsy and panicky at times but always manages to pull through.

She looks better with her hair down srsly.


Since it’s linear, you don’t get that many choices that actually matter. The whole interface feels a little old and outdated compared to most other engines and it seems to respond slower too. Other than that it’s pretty ok.

CG and Animation

The cgs in this eroge are very anime looking, shading and sorts are not as prominent as other styles. But there are a lot of cgs so I guess I can overlook that. The cgs are kinda contrasty and mostly focused on one color theme. In this case it’s blue.

Now I have a very very huge problem with the 3D that is present in this eroge. I know, maybe I’m just being an ass when it comes to this, but the quality of the 3D models is crap. I can see the edges of the polygons without even needing them to turn on polyframe. The really unimpressive textures doesn’t make it better either.

I’m not requesting them to make something like Muramasa, which is really awesome 3D quality btw. Making low poly models, shitty textures and they’re all stills is just a no go. There wasn’t even an animated shot of the robots fighting. The hell is the point of making it low poly. Skimping so much on quality.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s continue.


Music is very typical. It’s not bad but you could practically guess the next note because of how typical and boring it is. It gets the job done fine, but I wish they could have something special, or at least have it at a higher quality as you could hear the lack of it.

H scenes

There are a total of 3 H scenes for each character. Most with the usual choice of in or outs. Nothing extremely hardcore but some of the characters do hound after Seigi like a sex depraved animal. Would have liked better voice acting too since I didn’t quite feel the emotion in the words while in the H scenes. Other than that pretty decent overall.

Last Word

I did enjoy RuneLord despite the 3D characters which were a huge eyesore. The fun is only limited for one run though, which is fine considering it is absolutely linear so everything you play the first time would have no repetition. You gotta like mecha and be able to tolerate the dumbass protag though, so do note these two important points XD

10 thoughts on “ルーンロオド Review

  1. No comment on Makka Na Chikai eh, well played. Mechs are the best since mech=war=love, however if the mechs were not eye candy enough, it’ll not achieve as good as an effect. I think the next question would be are choices in the game a reflection of the brain of the protagonist. PS yay review! haven’t seen one in so long.

  2. Welcome back! You’re gone for so long and I thought that you were being kidnapped lol…

    Anyway, thx for the review! Have you tried playing Koi iro sora moyou? It’s a pretty decent game that just came out lately. The plot wasn’t that impressive, but I really like the pacing and characters. Should give it a try!

  3. Wow, really gravity-defying, those globes of hers. This comes across as a shounen game with H mixed into it for fun.

    I read somewhere that you don’t actually end up with any of the girls. LOL

  4. Well, I tried playing it today, and like you said, the initial impression is kind of disappointing. I found the beginning really boring and very poor written. I didn’t even bother read it ’cause the words hold no meaning to the actual plot…well, at least they convey characterization…

    Anyway, gotta stick with it a bit more, and see how it progresses…

  5. A friend of mine received the game a few days ago, and I had the occasion to read bits and parts… It doesn’t seem too bad, but I must second your vote for the “most brainless protagonist ever” award.
    Why do they do that ? Impotents, cowards, idiots, scaredy cats, goody two-shoes, why do many VNs (and anime / mangas for that matter) have such horrible protagonists ?
    Also, I didn’t really like the graphics ; the megane loli is horrible… (though Jizel somewhat reminds me of “Bridget Satellizer” in Freezing, the manhwa – lolname btw)

    I ordered 月光のカルネヴァーレ, if I recall the main character seemed quite good in that one – looking forward to it…

  6. “Why do they do that ? Impotents, cowards, idiots, scaredy cats, goody two-shoes, why do many VNs (and anime / mangas for that matter) have such horrible protagonists ?”

    Because its a big “YOU SUCK” to the otaku who is identifying with the character.

    Or its just that they are trying to make a protag that is identifiable with the target audience (weak, impotent, scaredy cats etc.).


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