Light novel blog

In case you guys were wondering why the heck was I missing for so long, I was busy with army life and trying to get into the university I want (and failing to do it).

Anyway, since I don’t get to touch eroges much now, I started reading light novels. So I would do reviews for them too! Welcome to

5 thoughts on “Light novel blog

  1. Expecting 219373259823 reviews from you soon. :3
    On a serious note, what university are you trying to get in anyway? 😮 NUS?

  2. don’t give up trying to get to the university if you’re sure that’s your way. But, if you think you fail because University isn’t the way in your life, maybe you should rredirect your path

  3. Hi im curious from what anime or say eroge is that main image banner in this web is xD! I mean the guy with the blue hair and eyes and girl with a blond hair with green eyes in school uniform with red mini skirt kissing xD im curious! BTW ! NICE website 😀 bloggy xP
    but keep up the eroge’s though! 😀

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